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can someone help ID this last by #? thx
what is the meaning of "drop"?
Merchants should offer cash discounts, not charge you X amount if you make a credit card purchase under Y amount.
Quote: Originally Posted by nmprisons Yeah, it is the actual grip that you see on the handle straps on the 257 bag installed on the 256. Basically an additional piece of leather that makes carrying the bag by the handle straps easier. I had Crane's install one on my 256 and it was definitely worth the 20 bucks. ah ok thanks. seems like it would be useful but $20 for a small piece of leather =(
What does this mean on the Crane's website? "Handgrip available for $10.00, installed for $20.00 (this is not a custom order)" Every Filson 256 bag I've seen has the handle straps, is this something different?
5 star chick
The 2" cuff + high water pants is the gayest trend on SF; who does this shit besides SF?
Quote: Originally Posted by ESPNHD I haven't seen any other suggestions except BB. A simple suggestion would be, "go to bloomingdales, wait for X to be on sale". learn 2 read
feed the troll
Quote: Originally Posted by stimulacra Charcoal Grey Poplin Workshirt. Great fit This is the worst and least descriptive way to provide feedback about your purchase. It may fit you great but fit terribly for someone else.
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