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Fok, have you tried the recent ballistic models with the articulated shoulder straps?  this was explained to me as a recent redesign and it basically distributes the weight better; there is no pulling.  
from the looks of the type of backpacks you want   the visvim will be more than enough
The extra 2L is just the front pocket.     I just like the look of the 22L better and the 20L I believe has these umbrella holder straps on the side that I would never use.  But the 20L is incredibly popular too, so it's quite subjective.   Use mine just about everyday, can't foresee any durability issues.  
Yea I meant the sweater reynolds is wearing
measurements would mess you up on the bomber anyways.  it's ever so slightly padded.     all measurements i saw had something like 19" shoulders and 24" chest on a 48, except when I got it, it fit exactly TTS.
At first glance the sweater looks like the multi knit crew   https://www.shopacrimony.com/products/robert-geller-multi-knit-crewneck
get the virgils man.  If there is still something available in your size, get it man.  it's a really nice makeup they just released.  not sure how you don't have a pair already, considering your collection...
How do you guys size the fbt lhamo?
How was the thilo?
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