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I think you might mean the stretch slim fit vs the skinny fit tapereds
I doubt people getting their jackets now are updating it either.
Nah man, tucked in tee makes the proportions bad. It cuts you in half bc you prob have your pants high to tuck it in, not a good look if the jacket hits the belt line there.Also, a black tee does the opposite of what you are saying. Its harder to distinguish a black jacket over a black tee while a white one draws attention to just the jacket
Wonder what the ss15 tees look like Random elevator fit bc its getting cold enough to bust out the hooded bomber
Yea I get it, it's quality stuff. I'm not a designer or pattern maker and I doubt I can turn one of their biker jackets into something with a modern fit just by slimming it down or simply saying "I want 17" shoulders or 20" chest". The fit, finish and design makes all the difference. I don't see how you can expect them to make jackets for police officers and also turn around and be good fashion designers
Passed by johnsons leathers several times its down the street from me. Never realized it was a serious leather jacket store. Had the wilsons leather vibe with stuff on sale and nobody inside. Stuff looked like leather daddy stuff from the outside
Melatonin has been a wonder drug for me.  Been taking it for almost a decade now, sleep like a baby.  Can have a cup of coffee at 8pm (yes I do that), pop one at 9:30 and be sound asleep at 10.  Basically gets me really tired after 10 minutes.   But also has 0 effect on a lot of people I know.  Think it's great for traveling too, changes your body clock and gets rid of jetlag.
I'm not sure why "ordinary" is used to describe the wallet and daypack in a negative light.     I want my daypack to look completely "ordinary" but made with quality materials.  I don't want people to stare at me when I walk down the street.   The daypack is clean and it's made out of nice durable suede, so I can't help but crack a smile every time I pick it up.  
Now we are all reminded of why so many people ordered TOJ in the first place
Are you implying that a complaint-only thread would somehow not be annoying? and distob what did you ever do with your first jacket?
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