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not 4est obvi, but based on japan stockist, that robes gonna be over 5 bills.  buuuuuuuuuuuuut, i've noticed that nmwa somehow manages to have a retail price lower than other stockists....so we shall see.
woa, I think @conceptual 4est just dropped the word that NMWA will be carrying Geller starting with aw14 ! 
Yea man, reminded me, bought this from Zissou like yeaaaars ago and it's going strong. Changed my life lol, let me hang my keys in back pocket without it being all bulky.
MA-1 looks great.  Kind of regret selling mine.  I think it's because I got several jackets delivered that week, including my moto that was ordered in June'13 (same package as the wool ma-1).  This was September of last year...
$575?  is that the new going rate for indys? =/   so many options at that pricepoint
Do you guys have any favorite/preferred stockist to preorder drops from?     I preordered the aw14 101 from JP_harajuku.  They don't have a website or anything, they're primarily on the social networks, and I'm sure they're legit, but I'm not 100% sold on their customer service.  There seems to be a lot of competition for these visvim resellers, so anyone have a favorite they have used in the past?
Express USPS with signature
jacket dood doesn't live in the same country as drew dood.  dood has no email or internets, he just lives in a 768 sq ft apt sewing your jackets one by one by hand, eats ramen and takes long ass national holidays leave him be
I dunno, if you got to chop off two inches from an uniqlo ocbd to wear untucked, what brand can you wear OTR untucked then?
I have all the ocbds collected over time. These were the casual bd collar shirts in broadcloth or efc or whatever. They're for work worn untucked, pretty crucial pieces. Washed tumble dried and worn these type of shirts endlessly and like them a lot. Granted if i was going to pick a shirt outside of work, it wouldn't be these
New Posts  All Forums: