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Hey, anyone have their denim shrink in length after a wash? Specifically the sepia, 3 yr wash and the grey...
^ no they didn't.  Actually, it appears only a handful of places got the tencel bomber in.  
dayam, 40% off, copped the type D denim a couple weeks ago after the SA said specifically that they would not go further discount and were very unlikely to offer any type of coupon code or flash sale.  my own bad for listening but still    anyways, nomad put up the rest of their delivery and the patch HOODIE looks really cool actually
dayam 8 bills?  the beatness of the laces tell a story
^ what do you do about...like...dress shoes
Im pretty sure they secure their supply based on actual demand (payments), so i dont think refunds are really in the cards, what mto places offer refunds?
Looks like forward has measurements.   http://www.forwardforward.com/fw/DisplayProduct.jsp?code=RERX-MO41&d=Mens
Well, it's cropped, but I think the model on the website could have went up a size.  That's sort of what it looked like when I tried sizing down to a 46, a little too tight and cropped, but the sleeves ok.     On the other hand, the acrimony model looks a little better in it, but the sleeves are a little long.
you look like none of those
Visited Barney's and check out some of their Geller stuff, some random thoughts.   + painters jumpsuit or whatever it is...is wild, SA said that OJ mayo came by and would of bought it if they had larger sizes  + the material on the geometric hoodie reminded me of the cross sweatshirt.  if anything, size up.  the 48 was pretty damn slim and the arms and forearms are especially slim.  the design didn't look as crazy when you had it on. + the bomber shirt fit a little...
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