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It seems like somewhere down the line, everyone went next level on here.  still working on the basic stuff       Uniqlo tee and jeans and visvim footwear and some leather jacket maker i'm sure none of you guys have heard of
If anyone cares. Asked for a partial refund and they said if I returned it they would have to sell it final sale and I could re-buy it if I liked (since it's all sold out).  I asked how much.  They checked.  They said $19.90.  I said hell yes.  Laughter ensued.  Good times for all.
Finally got the cargo sweats from the urban sweats collection in ... in a medium.  Fits perfect, love it, but it was a return and has a pretty big hole on the inside.     Debating whether or not to keep it.  Will likely ask for a partial refund or just return 
The only way to get it is through the slow-restock of returns or however these one-offs are added to the site.  It's how you got the old J+ stuff at the ridiculous prices and how you get stuff when it sells out.   It takes a lot of checking though.  I check probably twice a day and I've been able to get the cargo sweats several times in different sizes (most recent one a medium) to try on.  They come back but usually in very low units.  Same with the sold out PBJ tees,...
iirc poly
He'll respond if it's a question he can answer.  I had a response.
Uniqlo built their empire on socks
Get the goodyear welted man.  You're going to law school and worrying about $60?  drop in the bucket.
Brigadiers are really nice man.  I was drawn to visvim by the virgil, but I think I like my brigadiers slightly more.  I think fycus might have that exact pair, so he would know.  I have the suede ones and they are so nice, in fact, I'm wearing them right now.  
another drop 
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