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If production rate is constant, the wait for final orders (now) will depend on the rate of orders. If we assume a spikey rate (surging at cutoff) then its unlikely those that order at the end will have the same wait
2030 is wide as hell, i think people with more EEEEs will fit better
I don't know how many times I had an opportunity to try something on and declined because I had no interest (at the time) but then became interested later on. I handled three visvim footwear at maas and stacks, including the skagways (did not know that the sneakers were goodyear welted with some vulcanized(?) rubber over it to make the sole pretty cool), and didn't try them on...almost went back today to see, but no time
You get a refund the week your jacket would have shipped  
?  nonnative  
bigger image  
I thought omg, hell know...then after the spoilers..."I want the white one"
hope we get more jacket pics next shipping round.  action shot of dark brown goat, breaking in nicely.    
^ you know that's what everyone says.     I really don't know...I guess I want a really comfy boot sneaker.  
Been on the hunt for a casual non black boot.  Something I could even wear while walking the dog and running errands...in...like baller sweatpants and shiz, knowwhatimsaying?   Went from looking at... alden chukka to guidi ankle boot to visvim virgils to heschung chukkas and boots to OAMC boots to nonnative footwear...and really don't know what to get.  I really want the virgils the most (right now), but even getting those in the right size and leather would be quite...
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