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no need to spoiler tag that man, looks great.  hopefully i can replicate that with the aw14 richard blazer pant combo 
 AFAIK, you have to use a proxy as it likely just ships to Japan addresses.  Not 100%, but I just used proxies in the past.  So you have to factor that into the costs, proxy + ems...but it's nice when something is long sold out and you see it pop up there.
in forum view, click on the # of replies for the whole thread
Love it, will instakop a few items.  
True dat.  My experiences with seconds have been mixed and I'm pretty much would rather use the money to get the mainline tees or whatever, everything adds up.   AW13 tanks with the raw edges and two tones actually ended up being the most used of the bunch.  Washed and tumble dried a bunch and have held up good.  I sized up and it's nice and long and drapes well.  Just looks like a gigantic U neck tee when you wear it under something.     The barneys black hoodie...
Did you get the waist taken in on that?
Did people really stop going to that thread bc some dude posted some OT pictures or did people stop going because they found out that their construction was total bullsht?  hmmmmmmm
u really got to try it on (with option to return) bc posted measurements online for denim or whatever you're looking at can be incredibly misleading
what you paid for them is sunk.  can't make decisions going forward considering that.  it's worth how much it is now.  if you start wearing them and then really don't like them later, they'll sell for even less.  
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