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Got the charcoal one in from 7 store. Its gud. That is all
I idea of ordering a leather MA1 right now and possibly receiving it in 7-10 days is crazy.  so tempting
I tried on Vibergs and it looked like a tank of a boot and the last and extra stitching that protruded out from the sole made it looks really clunky.  It was certainly built to last (like a tank), but it was unwearable for what I wanted.   visvim shit is really comfy and light and just feels good man.  The way it looks from above (when I look down on my shoe) is really really nice.  It's slim but completely rounded.  It's a slim down workshoe that works in different...
its not visvim is it?  It was the first thing that came to mind, but then i said..."naaaaaah couldnt be"
Not sure how much the RG x CP combat boots on crepe sole retailed for 2 years ago for AW13 but I remember getting mine for something like 5 bills on discount from Forward and it was the last one.  So I have a feeling retail has been like that for a while now.         I had asked the SA at Acrimony why the price is higher than normal CPs and asked if it was because both companies are taking their share of the margin, but he said no it was because of the higher quality...
my "charcoal" one is enroute  
Union LA
Can anyone provide a frame of reference how big that STEPHAN SCHNEIDER D2 double-sided scarf is?      Or a picture of something comparable from past seasons?
Yea, there are sales, but it comes at the very end and anything good has been long sold out.  
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