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gitman way more boxy
Type in kngr virgil
How did you guys size the black boots?   http://www.attachment-ec.com/products/detail.php?product_id=228
Damn, that actually looks really good.,,
Yea, I'm sure once it drops, we'll know more, but it's the one piece that stands out for me...at this point.  Have enough bombers, richards, zip blazers, etc...   ...I wonder what the fit is like and the material on the sleeves...not leather....  15aw was supposed to have more relaxed cuts...based on how the shoulders look big on the model, might need to size down...we'll see.  
I'm pretty interested in the varsity jacket from the 15aw show....   ...anyone have any insight on it?  
I was going to post that tencel bomber link here, but didn't want to blow up someone's spot.  I figured anyone that really wanted one would find it.   Those ran a little large imo.  I'm a 48 in most geller and went with a 46.  There's been a black one size 44 on b&s since forever, and I suspect that will fit someone that is usually a small.  Still my most worn jacket.
after the countless posts about not having your jacket and the life blog we got from you the few days it was in transit you finally got it and you you never posted a pic or a fit and you said it was perfect except for that you wanted it more tapered in the body and now you want it shorter.  nothing wrong with that but jus sayin
Drop to $279
Drop to $310
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