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Oh shiet, honestly, they look pretty nice.  Like nice nice.     Is it hard to wear bc of the black sole?
Yeezy is killing me about 90% of the #visvim IG tag is yeezy boost resale -.-
Lol wut? Havent even seen a good pic of them and Ive looked
Anyone comment or have pics of that new blacked out 7 hole? Haven't been able to find much
^^ hell yea man.  I stocked up on like 8 of those in every shade of blue/grey/black when those were out.  only thing i wear.   they just released some skinny tapered stretch selvedge denim for the first time and the grey one is nice, got that one.  better fabric than the $39 color jeans
didn't realize you could get the ma-1 in calf.   don't do any type of knee jerk reactions like sticking it in the shower the second you get it
Its pretty much the exact thing that TOJ fanbois been asking for for like years...if only they knee about it....but no need to add demand with no supply "Clean sf approved ma-1 in a tech fabric with only slight fill"
suede will be fine man.  i have that exact same textured suede one but in black on black and the suede part is just as nice as when I got it.  I use it everyday and literally just toss it around.  in fact, the look and feel of the suede on the bottom is what kind of drew me in
Fok, have you tried the recent ballistic models with the articulated shoulder straps?  this was explained to me as a recent redesign and it basically distributes the weight better; there is no pulling.  
from the looks of the type of backpacks you want   the visvim will be more than enough
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