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green breast wallet? 
yea, must be a bad pic, but the rippling in the back of the neck and the tapering (can he zip it?) makes it appear too slim.  5 zip is still my favorite silhouette, still dont know why that fit can't be replicated.
Yea, I mean, I agree, I wasn't responding to you, but to those that were searching for a reason why charly would continue even without being handed a paycheck
or maybe, ya know, they're like, friends?
achse jkt.  unsure about the sleeve detail, but it is decidedly visvim.  i think its hand painted by someones off hand    [[SPOILER]]
"saint laurent with chucks on"  i dunno man, just me or pretty dope line by bruno mars
hey, im just saying if you are lucky enough to buy a house, then by all means do it, it'll be the best thing to put your money...as opposed to what we do here, which is probably one of the worst things you can do with money (buy expensive clothes).     Sure, you need the actual money to do so...but I was initially responding to the thought that you had to live there for 30 years.  You don't.  
and it recovered, fail again in 2009.  where is it now?  through the roof.   its easy to point to something like that as a rationalization to continue to what is easy, which is help pay your landlords mortgage while he sits on all that equity.
Well, my premise is that you're living in an area where real estate appreciates over time, without fail...like California.  It probably is a harder decision in other places.  
You know when you move you can...sell the house.
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