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Whens the geller stuff coming in HMMMMMM?
I keep forgetting about my daypack until I come back into this thread.   Of course, there are probably a lot of times I could have used it in the last few months (like everyday), but shiiiiiiet, I haven't come across anything remotely similar for under 4 bills.  I mean, nonnative makes a cool suede daypack but AFAIK it's more than double that.  
FYI post won't make anything go faster...............................................
CP white achilles by a mile, had both
it's tomorrow
Is that really blackwatch? seems little bright on screen.  going to check it out in person and see
Lots of interest, but no biters makes me sads.     Tried it on day 1 very gently but If no one buys this soon enough, just gonna say F it and hulk out in it and wear it.  
I wonder what it was like to see look at that paypal account when 250+ orders came in within a 10 day period.   
wow, noticed that most are sold out in a 46 already, but this is still showing stock. http://man.totokaelo.com/robert-geller/linen-pocket-t-shirt/grey/N13B4D
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