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whys it so expensive =/
Ive seen all three colors in person and I have to admit, the navy/purple one is the winner. I ordered a few sizes from NMWA and I really wanted to keep the navy/purple one but in the end the fit just didn't work for me, I'm in between sizes bummers. 48 was just too big overall. Not slouchy just like oversized on me and the 46 was like wearing a baby cardigan
It was actually the same thing I was thinking.  Thought it was a serious question
Its cheaper and better than gap
2013 DR 
It's prob not...
I've had a few of the 13 virgils and I tried both TTS and also my CP size (size down 1) and the CP size was much better.  My feet are pretty normal width tho and I like my boots snug.  YMMV.  
That the only place?
Anyone selling that navy/purple richard jacket?
Do people really think that looks good?
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