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random geller thought of the day. washed the aw13 sepia denim for the second time and the black really fades away.  it started pretty dark overall but the brown tones are much more prominent now...actually felt like it flipped from being black with brown tones to brown with black tones.  Like it either way.  [[SPOILER]]
Coverchord...yea, when you said their stock goes fast...you mean, sold out within a few hours.  They only had a small first drop and the items I wanted sold out bc I was waiting for the other drops to save on shipping.  Had to go through proxy for individual pieces now, but whatevs, i guess.
I gotta see a pic of toes outline visible
Been looking at visvim chinos ($600) and nonnative pants ($300) and some Geller denim ($200-300) and just said fuck it, went to Uniqlo and got 2 pairs of the slim fit flat front chinos and a gray skinny fit tapered denim for under $150 total and they hemmed all 3 for free. Feels good man.
anyone have any experience with the cupro pocket tees from ss14?
Anyone know whats up with the aw14 101 jkt? Is this the basic social sculpture jacket?
So, anyone have a way of buying this stuff from japan?  Some items I want already sold out from my preferred webstore =/
no need to spoiler tag that man, looks great.  hopefully i can replicate that with the aw14 richard blazer pant combo 
 AFAIK, you have to use a proxy as it likely just ships to Japan addresses.  Not 100%, but I just used proxies in the past.  So you have to factor that into the costs, proxy + ems...but it's nice when something is long sold out and you see it pop up there.
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