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are you using your phone to take the picture or posing with it just wondering
Can anyone comment on the sizing of the Kilgore?  Would a size 2 be good for 39" chest?  Some of the shoulder measurements they give are impossibly small.  
The product itself is what made TOJ, not some crap about history and tradition that lends itself to a hefty markup.
Know theres a lot of TOJ hype up in here, but I have to say that harris tweed is some real marketing bullshit
So many TOJ tags lol
Sales are a coming...   East Dane has some mark downs and an extra 25% (I think).   Still have only bought the Tee so far this season...   Really like the look/idea of that linen tee...but pretty much can't stuff sight unseen...never know how it fits...   Anyone have any insight on SS15?  What do the graphic tees look like? 
Y'all be trippin about the socks.  They sell a lot of types, but the ones that they are known for are these.   http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-color-socks-140445.html#06|/men/innerwear-and-loungewear/color-socks/color/|   The marled ones are especially nice.  Have like 10 of the gray ones.  
How'd ya preorder?
What do you guys think of the new gormergrat mid fiolk
They are the skinny fit tapered.  Best they have imo.  Got some stretch for comfort, nice crisp material.
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