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It looks kind of naked without that smiley face
Yea, I decided not to unwrap my shirts when I got them because I heard about this issue, so I sold them to someone for a great deal!
It appears that illusion bomber is back on ebay, have it at it.
It's some sort of man-made fabric made out of wood pulp. It's durable and light.  It also breathes and drapes well.  
For suede and sneakers and such, I just spray them once with nanoprotector when they are new
^ was at archive a few days ago and the main thing that stood out besides that a1923 was the guidi horse backzip.  had a wow effect.
M&S, Frances May and now..... Assembly NY.  Between those 3 sites, there are 46, 48 and 50...for the black. Only US site I remember seeing the khaki was M&S.
Plus, I think they have a different markup structure over in Japan.  In the US, the markup is bigger, but they rely on the 20/40/60% off sales in entice customers.     In Japan, I think the markup is lower and things pretty much sell at retail.  Just about everything I want from Japan sell out within a week or even days of it hitting the shelves.  
The color is a lot nicer in person than it appears in stock pics imo
is it bad that after reading all this, i went and gave my jacket a hug
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