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visvim ballistic 22L     edit:  my bad, i thought you said high end
got one of these to replace toj daypack and its like oh shiet   
I don't know who buys visvim at US$ retail, but the pricing for it at retail in Japan Yen is more reasonable and I would say on par with what you find on SF for a lot of brands.  
I continue to buy visvim because I can't find any alternatives to the virgil or brigadiers.  materials, shape, design.     doesn't even have to be handmade, which I don't think even makes a difference in construction, but is just decidedly visvim.  
gitman way more boxy
Type in kngr virgil
How did you guys size the black boots?   http://www.attachment-ec.com/products/detail.php?product_id=228
Damn, that actually looks really good.,,
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