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Shiiiet wasnt expecting you guys to pick up a tee, already have that one wouldve kopped from you guys if I knew or if it was a different color
Yea im dying for them to come out with another batch of the skinny tapered
Is it possible they arent checking every single address and some are checked for a reason
Gilt japan is pretty awesome, just hard to check and have to proxy. 
I don't know about any of the retail prices, wasn't it only a really good deal when it was on deep discount and you just waited for stuff to be returned so you can get it at like 60% off
I just mean that the intended fit has the shoulder seam hitting lower. The shoulders will measure out to be bigger than what you'll expect in relation to the tagged size and chest but it's just how its designed
5 zips have a dropped shoulder wouldnt pay attention to that measurement 18.5 would probably be like a 46
I sized down one, could even probably go two lol
I dunno man, didnt drew post some pictures on IG of racks and racks of jackets and saying its just one room of many? Wouldn't you call those finished products awaiting to be shipped?
The ICT stuff is ridiculous.  Indigo or mud dyed virgils for something like.....225,000 yen?  AND it's sold out?  Hmm...
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