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Thanks for the feedback, armholes are just too small, 101 probably not for me, going to let it go.
visvim - 101 SS Blue JKT from AW14 - BRAND NEW WITH TAGS   SIZE 2.   Preordered this and it came in it's just tried on, brand new.   Length - 64.5 cm Shoulders - 43 cm Sleeve - 59 cm Chest - 105 cm   $15 shipping in US.   Paypal Only.
Got the 101 in. Do you guys know if the shoulders and chest will loosen up with wear? Its pretty tight across the chest and back and the armholes are pretty damn high. It kinda ripples in the back of the neck bc it's so tight. I've tried on a bunch of stuff in a 2 and pretty sure that was my size and this one is a 2, does the 101 fit small, should I have sized up?
Shiiiiiiet, in love w/ the skinny fit tapered denim, bought two more.  Hoping they put out more fabrics soon, would like one in a brown shade.  
new sepia denim in 46.  hardly see these pop up   http://www.ebay.com/itm/SS13-Robert-Geller-Sepia-Jeans-Size-46-/121410383659?pt=US_CSA_MC_Pants&hash=item1c449f6f2b
Pretty sure you can wear it every which way.  buttoned, unbuttoned, layered under something, layered on top of something.  he nailed the fit on it, it's really up to you.   But yea, it's definitely out of my personal comfort zone, but I still admire the design   photo is from nomad's instagram
not 4est obvi, but based on japan stockist, that robes gonna be over 5 bills.  buuuuuuuuuuuuut, i've noticed that nmwa somehow manages to have a retail price lower than other stockists....so we shall see.
woa, I think @conceptual 4est just dropped the word that NMWA will be carrying Geller starting with aw14 ! 
Yea man, reminded me, bought this from Zissou like yeaaaars ago and it's going strong. Changed my life lol, let me hang my keys in back pocket without it being all bulky.
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