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Hm, anyone have a 46 in this season's charcoal richard that they would like to sell/trade?
Haven't seen this in a long time.  Someone get this...   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Robert-Geller-Himalaya-Jacket-Size-52-/172061907856?hash=item280fb05b90:g:oukAAOSwT~9Wlzmy
This is still by far my favorite thread on SF.  Although we can go several days without any posts, so here is some stuff. This is the washed cotton barracuda from this season.  I think a lot of retailers got the julius jacket version of this...the one with the hood.  Retailed around 4 bills, which is great, because it's lined too. So, on sale, you got yourself a deal.  This one is TTS, fit a solid 48.  It's soft, but it's structured.  It's great man.  It's like when you...
It's always been really slow for us west coasters.  I believe they ship out somewhere pretty far east.  New Jersey or something like that.   It's always 1-2 days before it ships and then a solid 5 business days.  So, if you order on like Wednesday, and it ships like on Friday.  Then you might not see it in 7 days, so Friday if you're lucky and then prob even the following Monday.
They're all different fabrics and different shades of blue grey and black they all get worn
Not weird i have something like 15 pairs of the skinny tapered denim now
how much is the new price for a black lamb ma-1?  decisions decisions
its good stuff
uhh if you don't take advantage of your credit card then your'e doing it wrong.  they certainly aren't extending you credit based on goodwill.   the price protection and return protection and all of that is there for you to use.  from experience, it all works as described.  and the money doesn't come from the retailer.  
Geller Geller Uniqlo visvim    
New Posts  All Forums: