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Are you implying that low level humor is somehow inferior or of less quality than whatever high brow stuff you enjoy?
I like thin leathers that feel like shit. Don't tell me that it aint quality because its totally subjective bruh
Slow your roll bruh
I tried on a knit blazer in my normal size and the fit was good, just keep in mind that it's cropped.  pretty cropped...
5 zip has a dropped shoulder.  intended fit.  sleeves length looks good.
[[SPOILER]] Long past looking at w+h, but I still wear the tiger fleece scuba neck hoodie from 2011......like all the time. At home.
looks like visvim 101. 
I stop at uniqlo.  Save the monies for shoos and jakets
, Idaho
I really like how you can filter stuff.  Then save the filter.  Then just load it up every so often and check out goods within a few seconds of getting your phone out.  
New Posts  All Forums: