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dark brown goat, silver zips, about 6 months in      
Dig how Geller is still rockin that bomber   
Only in Milan for a few days, didn't find much to do there, so took a day trip out to Bellagio, was the highlight of the area, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself there.  
Visit the city of Bellagio, right in the the middle of Lake Como
Had a chance to check out everyone @ industrie denim.  I like the fabric on the silk tee the best.  
I hope people know what they are getting into if they are simply choosing the last one because it's the only 100% wool one, I mean the other ones are Schneider's fabrics after all.  1000g is really really heavy.  It's even described as "sturdy" "structured" and "beast".  
Wow, surprised to say the least.  I feel like there should be a story about this came about.  
Well, that didn't last long.
Anyone know any place outside of Japan that got the sneakers in?   Talked to a SA at Acrimony and they said that for aw14, they would be getting in the Chelsea boots and Maas and Stacks would be getting in the high top sneakers.
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