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is there a FW15 thread?  is it too early?
Uniqlo on sale for $15
would love to visit FIL or one of those ICT pop up thingies.  yes, and drink that cloudy cloud cloud coffee thing.  You have to pay?  Damn.  Thought it would be free.  
^ you mean the ICT?
I know some of you guys got in on this deal as it looks sold out now.  Mine came yesterday.  Lt. brown ones have about 40 weeks of wear on them.  The brown is really rich.  Was kind of on the fence because of the pink calico design on the heel, but honestly, like the blue one, it really makes no difference and sort of disappears when you have them 
Temple of Jawnz Daypack (TOJ).   Used sparingly, still in excellent condition.  There really is no difference between this and a new one, but I've used a few times, so I dropped the price.  Please look at the detailed pictures.   There is nothing wrong with it (zippers are working perfectly, no rips, etc).   Shipping is $10 for USPS Priority Mail in the US.
Anyone know how much I should sell a pair of Alden Cigar Cordovan beales that have been brand new resoled by B nelson?  unworn since, on crepe.     I am having trouble trying to price it...any help is appreciated.  PMs are cool too.
Um.  Just a PSA.  So summer-store has a few of more of the suede brigadiers for an ungodly price.  Seriously was debating on getting the brown suede brigadiers from theNextdoor.fr for a ridiculously low price, but then found them miraculously from summer-store for much cheaper(!).  I mean, they even took it even lower bc of VAT.  Maybe I'm missing something or that'll be dinged for customs but it came out to be under $350.  I have the lt. brown suede ones and it might be...
Uniqlo skinny fit tapered uniqlo marled sock and uniqlo slip ons Broke my "buy only baller footwear" rule but these slip ons turned out to be pretty nice for 35 bucks, will pick up the navy one when it goes on "promotion" go with cp size
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