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You can't do wrong with nonnative   
can anyone speak about the new slip on sneakers?  sizing?  i'm a 41 in CP and I waited a little too long on the white ones and it's the only one that's sold out in that size.  
Are CP boots goodyear welted or glued on?
definitely fold my tees and put them in a drawer
Les do it
^ goes up to 12 if you hit the down arrow
no idea how much vans cost, but the 'qlo just came out with something ... similar.  
Yea, basically look like vans to me, but imagine if they were like $24 on sale.  Prices even, I would lean towards uniqlo anyways.  Got some "leather like material" on the heel too lol
uniqlo getting into the sneaker game, hold on to your butts
^ It's kinda cool.   Duders, so what's up with the new uniqlo FOOTWEAR?????  looks kind of awesome.  but it'll break my rule of not buying cheap shoes.  but damn, for $35?  I bet they go on sale too....anyone know how they fit?
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