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it's tomorrow
Is that really blackwatch? seems little bright on screen.  going to check it out in person and see
Lots of interest, but no biters makes me sads.     Tried it on day 1 very gently but If no one buys this soon enough, just gonna say F it and hulk out in it and wear it.  
I wonder what it was like to see look at that paypal account when 250+ orders came in within a 10 day period.   
wow, noticed that most are sold out in a 46 already, but this is still showing stock. http://man.totokaelo.com/robert-geller/linen-pocket-t-shirt/grey/N13B4D
Totokaelo has some stuff up, including the linen tees, which it seems like a lot of stockists have picked up (east dane, forward, m&s, rsvp).     It looks a little sheer, but m&s was raving about it and thought they would be the only one getting it...considering the price point.  I mean, it looks nice, and I get that good linen is expensive, but that at $250?  dayaaaaaam.
I actually find that girl wearing the boots and the black hat in front of the eiffel tower to be incredibly sexy, just me?
I think thats the 5 pocket skinny, which is what they have this season too, havent seen type d or sepia since aw13
If you put down the tag number, someone might be able to help
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