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Is it possible that when people do receive their jackets they don't update the spreadsheet or is everyone very diligent in making sure that happens
Is it possible that the amount of people posting here are in the vocal minority and while 2 or 3 people that post each week about receiving their jackets is actually a fraction of the jackets that are sent out or does everyone live in this thread
For example people have said that he hasn't given a refund because he has no money. While that can be completely true another scenario is that he has the money but has no intent whatsoever to issue a refund. If one person gets a refund and posts about it imagine the landslide to follow.
Just playing devils advocate, giving different points of view
Ok someone go contact the FBI and CIA
Jackets sent incorrectly should be dealt with on an individual basis. Same as wrong specs. The other side of that is that jackets had to have been made and sent for it to be wrong. You can't lump in people not receiving jackets with jackets made incorrectly. Refunds were never an option.
I have no skin in the game. I waited for my daypack and moto. Never complained and or requested a refund or messagedCharly at all and received both. Im just responding to the guy that said he should be motivated to make jackets asap bc it makes him money.My response to you is that there really isn't anything to do but wait or just go through individual avenues like chargebacks. Refunds were never an option for mtm, he is making jackets and still sending them out and...
Except drew already made his money. There is no incentive to speed up production except to prevent the overall vibe of this thread to go downhill, which we all know how much that is worth
TOJ is incorporated in Delaware like most other Corporations. In fact, their annual shareholders meeting is a week from Tuesday, I suggest we have someone attend that
Isnt that his son?
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