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Anyone comment on deckhand sizing?  Should I be sizing up on this one?   There looks like a pretty dope one coming out soon.  Is all that shearling on the inside or just the collar?    
Mine are grey.  Think the blacks sold out first.  I had to stalk the website to get mine from returns.  Harder now...they don't even have an urban sweats page anymore.
Oh.  I just like to wash and tumble dry my stuff like normal.  You know.  Wash cold, tumble dry low.  I hate buying expensive stuff on here and then be all like, "hand wash only" man.  I mean.  Like, I spend 4 bills on this shirt and I now have to hand wash it??  WTF MAN?  For that price, should be bullet proof, amirite? So yea.  I just mean, it went through the wash no problem.  Still feels good, didn't fall apart, get all warped or anything (some uniqlo stuff does).   
ALSO.  picked up two of the stretchy belts.  $19 each.  one is more casual, other a little more dressy.  They are nice.  One size fits all.  They are stretchy.  Makes it comfortable.  I'm embarassed to say how much I've spent on similar belts from SF approved labels.  These feel better made too.  Damn.  $19?  Feels goo man.  
Dude, so the "urban sweats" cargo sweats are like pretty awesome man.  I can see why they sold at $49.  At first I thought it was ridiculously expensive for a Uniqlo item.  Sweats.  But damn, after wearing them and nuking them in the laundry for a couple of weeks, things are great.  Wish they had more in stock.  Would buy full retail.  I'm comparing them to W+H sweat pants and Robert Geller sweat pants...and they're way better for much cheaper...and I think it's well worth...
Ask your parents
are you using your phone to take the picture or posing with it just wondering
Can anyone comment on the sizing of the Kilgore?  Would a size 2 be good for 39" chest?  Some of the shoulder measurements they give are impossibly small.  
The product itself is what made TOJ, not some crap about history and tradition that lends itself to a hefty markup.
Know theres a lot of TOJ hype up in here, but I have to say that harris tweed is some real marketing bullshit
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