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On dat tee game.  nonnative x 3 and geller x 1
This is like the #1 thing ebay looks out for, as it directly effects their bottom line
You know, I tore a seam in both my tencel bombers and also the flight pants.  Sort of a bummer when it happened the first time, but there are actually two seams, so it's not like there was a hole.  I think the tencel material is too strong for the thread they are using or the thread is too weak..you know what I mean.  Patched them all up and can't tell the difference, but still.  
Almost never look at the model, unless you happen to look exactly like him...
The pattern just isnt very good on that piece, not surprised it doesnt fit right
Pretty much lived in the khaki olive tencel bomber this year so far With the 3 year wash type d denim
Where is that from? Nvm google searched it
If you can tuck it in, wouldn't it be a little too long to wear untucked.  
Don't sleep on the skinny fit tapered.  Might be the most perfect pair of denim I've tried on.  It's very comparable to Geller's type D denim, which is what I've been primarily wearing, but at a fraction of the price, it's a no brainer.  Got the dark gray one, and the hem, the knee, thighs and waist are pretty much perfect, and there is just enough of spandex or poly or whatever that it's comfortable out of the box.     Also tried on the ...    slim fit stretch tapered...
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