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Yea, and you trust dat dude?? 
he never said he would update us on styleforum, someone else implied it
Always liked the placket on the RO
Honestly, ain't nobody going to be happy with any update, and will just lead to further questions and his words are picked apart.
Damn, 80 new posts in a few hours and nothing.   As for the costs, IMO, Fumma's estimate of $200 is a bit low for his cost of goods.   He has mentioned a few times that a square of NZ lamb costs $4 and each jacket is about 50 squares and that his margin is 50%.     This is around when the base jacket was around $650.  So, if the raw leather for the jacket was like $200 + $15 for the zippers and +$5 for everything else (lining, etc) + $70(?) to pay the sewer per...
Dont even get started on EP talk about some overpriced shit driven by groupthink, more evident when they started carrying vass and touting themselves as the only na supplier and tried to price gouge their customers only to quickly lower the prices when another na stockist (affiliate) had them
Jackets used to be a little north of 5 bills and the quality was the same now that was a bargain
Not sure but, IMO, the bottleneck is the shipping.
There has been plenty of times in the past where people complained and it lead to "this is why we can't have nice things"   He even made that one downfall video because someone said his OCBD was going to be too fancy, lol.  Best thing ever btw.   LAguy probably knows more than all of us, and if you read his posts, it's pretty clear what he thinks should be done.      
New Posts  All Forums: