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After trying on some visvim footwear, is it bad that I want all of it?  How did I get here.
Bro bro bro bro any update on daypacks?
I try to keep as small of a wardrobe as possible.  Most of time, in order for me to buy something, I have to sell something first to lessen the damage.    I just gave away my first ever SF purchase to a friend, a pair of indy boots.  So I've been trying to replace it.  Been trying to get a pair of Virgils, and been scouring all the JP proxies and auctions but no luck.  Finally, it seemed like they are dropping some ICT ones that look beyond perfect, but what's the price...
do you really want to be wearing a coat indoors all night long
Honestly, I dunno about you guys but I can measure my jacket 3x and get 3 different measurements.
What are the boots?
I like em
should be relaxed, stand up straight, not flexing
U aint sorry
fromjapan also lets you decide what they will put as the value of the item
New Posts  All Forums: