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They're basically copying everything under the sun and bringing the production inhouse using their own label to create higher profit margins for themselves.  It's a good business move, but only if you have the customer base that will buy into it, which it doesn't appear to be any problem with the amount groupthink they got going in there.     First it was the GATs Then it was the CPs Then they started doing EG stuff.   All pretty safe stuff, but when they came out...
Waiting for someone to take a front close up picture of the classic bomber in the background...   ...leaning towards the lightest color brown for the kngr virgils, but the darker ones look good too, damn...   ...and that shot of the PFD looks way better than the stock photo, wow.  
The only thing I got from your post is that any idiot can make and sell a company for $19,000,000,000. Mmmhmmm..
Anyone know how nonnative hoodies typically run? They look like they might fit a size large
Yea but the rate has to be a big part of it, no?
Another thing is that the USD is absolutely crushing the yen right, I'm thinking its close to +50% purchasing power since like a year ago. My question is...are retailers passing this onto the customers or keeping things more even to make up for when the yen was crushing the dollar Hmmmmmmm?
What I noticed is that things don't really go on sale in Japan and there is lower markup. Retail is what people expect to pay and you can buy right when it hits the stores instead of playing the sale game, which is huge in the US. But when a store in the US imports that stuff there is like a markup, but then you have to just wait until it hits like 30-40 percent off and buy and itll be like the same price as retail in Japan, which is where it sold out at also
So far I think the dominik coat is the stand out item.  I bet it's one of those where if you try it on, you won't walk out the store without it
impressed with that dip dye.     so who is this lucas fellow and whats his bomber like?
saying you have no control over pricing is a huge cop out
New Posts  All Forums: