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Yea, I was surprised how less substantial the material looks in the ssense pics vs the artishard
got the varsity in from myhabit yesterday.     it's a varsity, so i think it falls in the love it or hate it crowd.  it was the #1 item that caught my eye from the show and i held off until now bc of mixed reviews.     it's actually really nice.  let me think.  it's hard to do a varsity but overall it's just nicely designed.  the ribbing is similar to the sebastian bomber, where when you pull on it to zip it up, it gives, it's not stiff, it's soft, but then it has...
tencel bomber fun.  #mustardclub?  
East Dane got another item in, the coat with a print.  And FWD just got the grey richard in with the white shirt.     I just got the plaid shirt and varsity from myhabit.  It's this time where I'm searching for all things geller like 24/7.  Can't get enough, should just pump it through my veins.  
Seems about right, maybe he did the calculations on how much he needs to sell his stuff after you factor in all the marketing.  
Looks like the moritz stuff was picked up across the board, jacket, shirt, shorts, etc.  Wonder how it is   Anyone know how oversized that cutoff hoodie is?  I'm thinking of the S for like a regular fit.  Normally a 48.
liked how he referenced styleforum    also liked how he is wearing the same outfit from his show   whenever I get a new geller item, i basically try to live in it
Nah man, Kyle is wearing a 48 only because that is the sample.  He said he would normally get a 46 in those.  
I think a lot of the prices are fabric driven. Not that its better fabric but just more expensive
There seems to be lots of different bottoms with the ribbed cuff, in some nice muted deep colors, nice man
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