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Anyone have any experience with this "stretch tapered cargo pants"?     http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-stretch-tapered-cargo-pants-135733.html#56|/men/bottoms/pants/cargo/|
^ i think you might be right lol.  that feeling when your items sells within 15 mins...  
zipper so shiny
 If you mean the olive hooded bomber...no. But if you mean this khaki spring bomber...why yes, yes i am...  it sold..but i'll leave the pic =)
Yea im just playing devils advocate here, from drews perspective. How does paying someone to let people change their orders a year and a half down the line really do anything for him from a business perspective? Its money out of the pocket, extra work, and can lead to mistakes. Its easier to just take the stance of no changes and also no refunds
Let's pretend we are Drew for a second.   Why would Drew need to hire someone to do emails when all there needs to do is for the shipping guy (the role that Dan used to play) to look up addresses and ship product? Charly can't tell you when you're getting your stuff. Charly can't give you a refund. Charly can't sell your spot. Charly doesn't respond to you. Charly doesn't give confirmations. So, what exactly does he do for you? Sizing advice?  That's long over.
Geller had said in an interview that Geller fans are savvy.  The clothing nerds that know the garments down to the tag #s.  Maybe we're a little too internet savvy.  For most items, you can just wait until sales hit and get them.  What makes this worse is the yen being so so so low.  Normally, buying from Japan is a pretty large barrier of entry, but I think Geller fans are more likely to do it.     What would cause me to buy something at retail would be if it was an...
That discount 
please save your complaints for when you receive your jacket  [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: