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This looks great!!
^ what if the measurements didn't come out as expected     honestly i can measure something 3x and get 3 different measurements
Imagine how it is for online retailers?  You know most of the time they want the measurements so they can buy it elsewhere for cheaper lol.  
As a seller that's sold well over 100 things on styleforum...   ...when someone asks for measurements and I didn't already have them listed...   ...99% of the time you never hear from them again or they don't buy it.  Give them 5 measurements and it's 5 reasons why they won't buy it.  It's not worth the time.   "oh, 17.5 S2S?  I really need 17.7" thanks."   "everything is perfect but sleeves are a little too long"   When things sell, it's either (a) they know...
At least the wait indicates that the process isn't suffering. Pushed over the ledge I can see how it can be incredibly easy to lower standards across the board and ship out really crappy jackets just to shut people up
To go along with the parroting of shit we already know, I'll like to say that this thread was certainly a lot better when the jackets were $500 and there was little to no wait
Is it weird when you look at something for such a long time, stuff you thought were abysmally ugly in the beginning start to look really really good?  
I must be looking at visvim stuff too much because just recently the grizzly boots and FBT started to look really good to me.  
 They shrunk a little bit, as with all the cotton stuff.  But then it stretches out a little bit too.  
Good to know, thanks guys.  Having it be cropped is probably a good thing, considering I'll be sizing up to a 3.  But, kind of on the fence now if the material isn't that nice.
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