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liked how he referenced styleforum    also liked how he is wearing the same outfit from his show   whenever I get a new geller item, i basically try to live in it
Nah man, Kyle is wearing a 48 only because that is the sample.  He said he would normally get a 46 in those.  
I think a lot of the prices are fabric driven. Not that its better fabric but just more expensive
There seems to be lots of different bottoms with the ribbed cuff, in some nice muted deep colors, nice man
Initial impressions:     really dig the color palette. moodiness got me in the feels.     well done in his haider ackermann pants
Whens the show?   As for the barracuda vs julius, afaik, there is also a difference in fit.  I've only had/handled/triedon the barracuda and it fits like a solid 48 medium, might a hint on the slim side.  My friend said he tried on both and got the julius because the barracuda was "significantly slimmer".  Based on some of the pictures, I can see how that may be.   As for the collar, there is nothing bad about it, unless you are somehow against the stand collar.  It...
Is that a 46? Sell to me
Anyone who got, seen or tried on the James Varsity can speak about it?     It looks sort of relaxed fit, and cropped and the wool looks possibly like it will pill a lot and not sure about the ballistic nylon material.  
Nomad stuff up.  Pigment dyed hoodie is like woa    http://nomadshop.net/collections/vendors?q=Robert%20Geller
Is it grey or charcoal
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