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hahahaha, database.
Sound the alarms! fuzzy knit sweater alert at East Dane
it's real  [[SPOILER]]
Wouldnt mc be actually hemming them to the right length? Right now just looks like a bad compromise
No end in sight, visvim sand virgils
Round 2, got another pair of virgils in this time in sand and in an 8 to follow Fycus' sizing advice and I have to say these fit a lot better. Like the lt. Brown color marginally better but these will do
Acrimony put up their 2nd delivery online.  Seems like they went with the fitted look on the richard ;)
Yea, I'm torn. Maybe it's just not for me. Have you seen it stretch much over time?
Dropped by acrimony today to check out the richard jacket (and pants). Really wanted to like it, but left overall unsure about the sleeve length. This is a 48. Can't tell if sleeves just look sloppy long or cozy warm sweater feel good long. Sizing down didn't seem right either. As far as I can tell, the material is very similar to past seasons. Pants were cool too, hard to make out any of the paneling because its black. But if the richard pants are your thing, no...
W&H is partly how I found SF and came in right around the end of 2010 and got the utility coat and loved it and was like wow so this is what real quality shit is like.  Anything I don't wear 100%, I sell, and I've sold a lot of things but I still have that coat. Then in 2011, I picked up the tiger fleece hoodie with the scuba neck and these nice black riri zips and have been wearing that for yeeeeears as a pure comfy hoodie to lounge in, still do, shit i'm wearing it...
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