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Looks like some aw14 releases first week of august.     Who else is interested in the solid color laramie-folk?  It appears to be exactly the same as the ss14 ones with the hand-painted dots...does anyone have those and can comment?  
Yea, m&s said that they couldn't sell visvim online either and that there wouldn't be any sales (hopefully sales eventually...)  I think partly bc ss14 was the first season they had it.  I think visvim wants to see if you can sell the product without heavy advertising and/or discounts.   Doesn't seem to be an issue since m&s mentioned a few times about how much product they were moving and how good the margins were...like someone would just come in and look at the pants...
Common Projects - Vintage High Suede Black - 41 + Bought new from tres bien shop in FW13.   + Very good condition, worn sparingly (see pictures, including insole).   + Priced to sell.   + Paypal only + Free shipping in US.  Will include dust bags and extra laces, but no box (to save on shipping).  
Imo, the best place to get them for consistently a low price and full size runs is TBS during a 10 15 or 20 percent footwear sale. You already get 20 off for vat and free shipping
random thought.  sepia is pretty much the perfect color for denim.  
From my experience, the slim oxfords are different than the regular shirting in just a few ways.  1)  there is no box pleat, so there is less material and 2) the arms are slimmer.   I am an S in uniqlo, but can't wear the S in a slim because the arms are too small.
AFAIK, save yourself the trouble, it's an uphill battle all the way.  Largely, it's going to cost you way more money (way more) than you think to start it, that is assuming you can get "SF brands" to even consider supplying to you.  
How did they know, did they read the PMs?
Btw, anyone know how to get extra laces for the virgils? Mine only came with the leather ones and thought they included the round ones as an alternative.
You know, I think it works. I was a little unsure how the whole "visvim" modern cowboy look would mesh with geller and especially the small hems on the type D denim, which is basically all I wear. I think with the virgils they somehow slimmed down the concept of the work boot but also maintained a really nice overall balance in the shapeHere's what I'm wearing today (tencel bomber) and I also liked them with flight pants.. [[SPOILER]]
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