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$260 is as good as it gets for white achilles.  TBS also has the best price when they do their 20% off footwear early in the season where there is a full size run.  $400 x 80% (VAT) x 80% (discount) = $256 shipped.   You can wait for them to actually discount the item (as opposed to a code), but then it'll be late in the season and it's much more of a gamble for you to get your size.     Of course you can get this stuff cheaper, but we're talking about like that green...
Robert Geller.  I'll admit a lot of his stuff doesn't show well in product shots.  But you really have to see it in person.  The details, the fabric, the fit.  His style really walks the line in between hard and "cool" but also soft and "romantic".     For example.  The Peter Coat from I believe AW13.  At first glance, it's this shapeless blob with an uninteresting dull color.       So, AW13 was this amazing season.  He really knocked it out of the park.  There were...
The velcro throughout on the mountain parka kind of killed it for me.  Plus, it's just kind of a shell of a jacket.  Felt cheap.       Best of +J preview...   http://www.uniqlo.com/us/mplusj.html   Is that it???
AFAIK, it's that shape where its slim and fitted up top and more relaxed throughout the body.  /  \  
it's a robert geller dip dye?  you don't say...
It looks exactly like the product photo.   I think what is messing you up is that they have folded the lapels very deliberately to have it sit in a certain way for the picture...
That's kind of the fit.  It's like an A.  /  \   It's pretty fitted up top and then the mid section is more relaxed.  
no, you post sales.    otherwise it'll be constant begging and asking for codes
Synthese made the bball jacket popular, most didn't realize his jacket was a 52 or 54 and tried to squeeze themselves into a 46/48.     Definitely size up.  It's slim as shit, coupled with the high arm holes and shoulder design, sizing up is the way to go.  Plus, it looks better relaxed.
Cyc its not friday tho?
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