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awesome. is that a japan only thing from ss14 or ... is it from a previous season?
Yes...dem.  Okay, I'll pass on the 48s then, thanks.
Lots of new stuff on Y!J.  even from aw14.  Lots of thomas jackets.   And they have the tencel bomber in a new color, except I think they just used a super super super super bright flash on the mustard one.  It's even labeled as "dark yellowish".
Saw someone in Japantown san francisco wearing black suede virgils the other day.  Looked great.  Was wearing sand suede virgils at the time, unsure if he noticed.  Missed connections, such is life.  
Hey guys remember that burgandy sweatpant from aw13 with the black pockets and it was cropped a little (I think), does anyone remember how they fit?  Normally a 48 in RG jeans but a 46 in the tencel flight pants...would rather it not be totally oversized in a 48.
Nice interview, looking forward to seeing what's up next.     The exact jacket he wears all the time (well, smaller size) was on ebay about month ago.  Was waiting to snipe it but fell asleep and when I woke up it was gone.  Sad times were had.  
And plus if you win, congratulations here is your $59.82 after lawyer fees
Dude Fok, mesas are right up your alley
What you dont like that its laser-cut?
New Posts  All Forums: