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Looks like the ss15 show is today
same jacket - http://store.unionlosangeles.com/collections/visvim/products/ss-101-jacket-dmg-1
Lol all this time I thought it was a collab with PBJ
Oh yea, and the softness i am talking about are for the marled grey and white ones and the striped ones. The washed indigo one was nice but not as soft, just different
I guess it really depends on how you want them to fit. For example I take a S in the regular oxford and find the tees to be a little short. A medium is a little too short and tight, but it's probably considered perfectly fitted by some standards. So I basically size even higher to an L. It's long enough but it's basically like a tent in the mid section, which I'm cool with considering they shrink a little in the wash. Never tried on the S, but probably baby tee status
Fit like their current crop of supima shirts
Just got back from SF store, they had the whole collection there. Picked up a couple of the washed tees just bc they were sooooo soft and nice weight
ssense added a few more items, including the navy richard pants.  I like the color a lot.  The only thing about the richard pants are that the front pockets are almost unusable.  So shallow things are bound to fall out.  
well, it does look like ssense is carrying mainline at least for this season.  I think the past they slowly add more throughout the day, so I don't think it's just these 4 items for the 1st/2nd deliveries.   aaaand it looks like forward has item a few items from the 2nd delivery
Maybe barneys or ssense will have it?
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