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This is awesome.  maas and stacks don't have it online, but they carry visvim.  They keep it in the back room.  No virgils though; they say it's pretty much a Japan exclusive at this point.  Really have to see the product in person to really get it--at least for me.  Didn't know that the skagway lows were built on a goodyear welt and then covered with this rubber.  So, it basically feels like a dress shoe (has the extra height too).  Stuff like that is really cool.  As for...
Yea, no regrets      
When you need a light jacket Robert Geller tencel bomber x 2   When you are going to somewhere social at night and you'll be indoors Robert Geller zip blazer x 2 nonnative casual blazer   When you are going somewhere social at night and you'll be outdoors Robert Geller peter coat TOJ 4 zip moto   When it's cold out and you have to be outside W+H utility coat W+H foul weather bomber Robert Geller hooded bomber Uniqlo ultra light down jacket
Well, the remorse has passed lol. I'll reserve judgment until I actually see them. I wanted "lt. Brown" and thats what they are but they just look darker in the blurry pic...we'll see
dope piece and possibly one of my favorite jackets 
Size down if you can.  46s still feel pretty big and I'm a 48 in the denim.  Wore them on a flight, good time was had by all.  
Tencel is pretty "breathable".  But I'm not really comfortable in them when its hot.  
I stopped checking this thread a while ago, is there still a cordovan shortage?  I feel like i should part with my unionmade kirkwood ravello cap toe boots b/c I just don't wear them
Been wanting to get one for a while now and now that the hunt is over..sort of feeling buyers remorse   I guess we'll see when it gets here.    
Is it possible that jacket didn't have that rip when they put it on the rack and since it's so small, someone tried to hulk into it...
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