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The struggle is real here just offering a reason that hasnt been discussed here Personally im just glad that for some reason my june moto order arrived well over a year ago, otherwise would be in the same boat
lol, my guess is that they're probably having a bit of a trouble paying for EMS.  They probably have tons of jackets sitting around and no good way to ship it.  At around $40 a pop (or more?) to do express service across the world adds up when you're looking at...50, 75, 100? jackets.   The cost is real, especially considering that restaurants rarely turn a good profit in year 1, and they had to do wallets/daypacks to raise funding...which, if you think about, isn't that...
I wonder if there is another virgil drop anytime soon.  Doesn't really look like it.  There are a million virgils in US9 on second hand market, but very little 8s or 10s.  Would love a kangaroo virgil.  
$650 final drop.  It is what it is
didn't it go away bc someone got butthurt that something was said in the thumb comment and since they can't moderate that, they took it away, why we can't have nice things
Not that great.  I was there Friday afternoon.  They had most items (I think) but it looked kind of sparse already.  I would say they didn't have every single sweater or cardigan, but they had a ton of shirts though.  It was just basically the first floor in the back left.  That area.   I tried on the stuff and it seems to correspond pretty well to standard Uniqlo fits.  Nothing is really wortth retail though...just my opinion.  Except maybe the pants that everyone is...
I might go in a few hours or later tonight...
whys it so expensive =/
Ive seen all three colors in person and I have to admit, the navy/purple one is the winner. I ordered a few sizes from NMWA and I really wanted to keep the navy/purple one but in the end the fit just didn't work for me, I'm in between sizes bummers. 48 was just too big overall. Not slouchy just like oversized on me and the 46 was like wearing a baby cardigan
It was actually the same thing I was thinking.  Thought it was a serious question
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