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I thought that particular one was made in Italy and in calf...is that not the case?
hows the fit, i hear its more tapered, would you get it in the same size as usual?
that should not stop you for getting it, especially at further discount. 
If youre thinking this hard youre probably expecting too much stick with what you like
^ was there any other versions of this jacket from SS13?  It appears to be the cadet / tencel bomber.  Tencel was SS14.  I could be all mistaken.  
It's been on ebay for several months.  Curious what the story is behind it.  It appears to be a tencel bomber but made from the new white sepia denim...or something like that...
So, does anyone know if the leather on this same model are all the same?  It's all lamb...but not sure if the same type.  They all look different...   http://man.totokaelo.com/rick-owens/stooges-jacket/black/P166B5 https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/product/rick-owens/black-leather-stooges-jacket/214203 https://www.antonioli.eu/en/men/products/ru15s4777lr-09#.VVI_0I5VhBd
Did not realize that Gentry carries Geller now.  Someone posted a 30% off outerwear code in the sales thread
Maas and stacks
Any places besides Barneys that sells that stooges jacket / bag in calf?  It looks like most of the places are carrying the lamb version or are they the same?   EDIT.  okay, maybe the one at barneys is also lamb...but more of a hammered/distressed/washed lamb?  It looks different than the other ones and at a different price point too (more expensive)
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