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Boozwah, you typically a 50? whats your specs?
Some more items popping up. + ssense carrying both colorways for the CP x RG bballs. + revolve/fwd getting in the washed dock pants in "brown". So, it appears the bomber on ssense is the same as NMWA "khaki" colorway, which is like an olive. Brown is really like "khaki". This is pretty consistent on how they have named stuff. + fwd getting in that onesie, its nice
OH MAN PLS @LA Guy   Get a hold of that sample stuff and sell it here online, or have someone come by and sell it here.  We will buy.  Trust.
I have a 46 (mustard) that I could part with, maybe.  
Interesting.  It would be weird for ssense to call theirs khaki and it wasn't khaki on the tag.     It would just be an odd name to assign to the garment.  Maybe there is another colorway that is "light brown".
What's the actual name of the color on the tag for the one on NMWA?  If it's not khaki, what is it?
anture is still carrying geller.  put some stuff up in their usual dim lighting shot far away with 480x240 resolution
mauve fisherman is back in myhabit in a S.  it's my return.   it's really really good if you want a chunky sweater.  it was slightly big on me and I'm usually a 48, but sometimes 46.   it's the same one in the light brown color as the guy was wearing who interviewed robbie geller on apple AFAIK
Got the cross dyed sweater in possibly fastest shipping of all time. Thing is anazing saw it in 2014 but was prohibitly expensive. 2 yrs later its finally here
speaking of james varsity, here is the olive one.  curious about the pilling mentioned above.  it's a fuzzy/furry wool, which lends well to the casual nature of the jacket.  we'll see how it holds up   with the green metropolis tee, and tencel flight pants   the body color of the varsity looks pretty muted here, but outside, man, its full on.    
New Posts  All Forums: