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Yea, that's how I acquire mine, but they sell out very quickly.  They never go on sale and so there is no point in waiting.  Retail is what everyone pays and so when it drops...it sells.  but no complaints, usd is killlliing the yen right now, so all good.  
and they are milking that product for all its worth.  it's actually priced really high in comparison to their normal offerings, and it just flies off the shelves. plus, since the technology they are using for it appears to be done inhouse and proprietary....shoot, the margins on it must astronomical.  just printing money.  
nonnative makes the best pocket tee, it's just too bad they are so damn hard to get.  
The $49.90 skinny fit tapered jeans are really really nice.  Not like tights at all.  The material is really nice.  It stretches out in the top block if you wear them a lot (but not too much so its sloppy), plus, the stretch makes it comfy and then you got this nice taper.  Pretty much the perfect jean.  Bought like 7 pairs in every color...to wear everyday.  Too bad they look like it's indigo based, so can only get the greys and the blues and the blacks (no earth tones),...
After you buy a house, you tend to buy a crap ton of other things just because, well, everything else is way cheaper in comparison 
They look pretty clean. You're just used to how nice virgils are
Anyone have any experience with this "stretch tapered cargo pants"?     http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-stretch-tapered-cargo-pants-135733.html#56|/men/bottoms/pants/cargo/|
^ i think you might be right lol.  that feeling when your items sells within 15 mins...  
zipper so shiny
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