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I have all the ocbds collected over time. These were the casual bd collar shirts in broadcloth or efc or whatever. They're for work worn untucked, pretty crucial pieces. Washed tumble dried and worn these type of shirts endlessly and like them a lot. Granted if i was going to pick a shirt outside of work, it wouldn't be these
Used to fuc with all the expensive shirting brands on here gitman, epaulet, etc, but nothing beats uniqlo. Kopped 9 button down shirts online for under $200 on their promotion, kept 5. At $19 each, amazing value
^ oh god tikwid....   ...but I did email them...    hope they're still not asking $128 
There's a BNWT 48 flight pant for a really good price on BS ... someone should kop. And if anyone has a lead on a 48 Metropolis Tee ... please let me know 
I still crack a smile every time I slide on my goat jacket.  jus sayin
How does the brigadier feel when worn in comparison to the virgil, since it doesn't have a heel stabilizer?  Did you size the same?
Haven has a picture of ss15 (I think?).  The boots in front and also in the very back look really cool.  I'm in the market for 1 or 2 more virgils (pretty much in love w/ them), but too bad there just isn't any stock.  Are we expecting them to pretty much do a single spot drop sometime in the next few months?  
 This is pretty key, and I think where the disconnect lies when people are trying to endlessly slim the thing down
Best place imo is TBS when they get a full stock in and do the -20 vat and the a 15 or 20 coupon.  It comes out to like 260 or so free shipping...with a full size run.  Bought mine at the beginning of the season and never looked back.   Anytime you wait for it to drop below that, it's likely going to be sold out in your size.  Everywhere else with stock is still at full retail.  
Forward put up some stuff, including long plaid in grey
New Posts  All Forums: