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Jackets used to be a little north of 5 bills and the quality was the same now that was a bargain
Not sure but, IMO, the bottleneck is the shipping.
There has been plenty of times in the past where people complained and it lead to "this is why we can't have nice things"   He even made that one downfall video because someone said his OCBD was going to be too fancy, lol.  Best thing ever btw.   LAguy probably knows more than all of us, and if you read his posts, it's pretty clear what he thinks should be done.      
Goat is awesome, light, resilient, sturdy, soft, tough, AFAIK, the picture is of glazed and I think glazed looks better, IMO.  
I just find it interesting that everything else can be perfect, but the sleeves are off by that much.
awwww jeah   
only $850?  shiiiiet, I never looked at the price, assumed 1300 or something like that bc of shearling
^ so.  Gunmetal is cool.  Of course.  I mean, TOJ was built on gunmetal.  Silver didn't come out until much later anways.     BUT.  Would higher recommend the silver.  Had them all, gunmetal, black and silver...and would say silver is the obvious winner.     It elevates the jacket from maybe something a biker would wear to a real fashion type jacket.  It has that wow factor where it catches people's eye and really goes well if you're already going in on the "luxness"...
save up and get that ridiculously awesome caravan shearling jacket that just came out.  could channel my inner rick from walking dead in that  
Thanks man, I'm really happy with it.  Can't say that about all the TOJ's I've owned.  Sold them all except for the moto.   Drew had previously mentioned that he thought the CM was one of his weakest designs (and the DR2013 being his strongest).  After owning two of them, I get it now.  It's some sort of compromising hybrid between a bomber and a moto.  It shouldn't even exist, but it fills a niche.     If you go with the CM, hopefully you picked brown and if you go...
New Posts  All Forums: