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Posts by Dbear   pretty damn cheap in 44.  i mean, i got mine for like $225 from notre final final final final sale and yes the wool pills (like someone has mentioned), but shit, its pretty cool.  it pills and fuzzy and kind of lends to the way the jacket was designed, wouldn't have the right look if it was a thinner and more finer wool, anyways.  Plus, don't get me started on some of this stuff acting in a way you wouldn't...
Prob still a good deal, but I bought those in the past and keep in mind those are like the small sized tape dispensers. 
No other company does the same style of backpack in a better way, bam, why its popular   if there is a better jansport look a like, please let me know so i can buy it
Yea japan retail so not $700, got the black one with the textured embossed suede, 22L, throwing it around everyday use the suede is the same and the ballistic nylon is softer, inly difference between the 22 and 20 is the 2L pouch inthe front and no umbrella thing, i said jansport bc its the comparable?
I use mine everyday and crack a smile almost everytime I reach for it whether you want to pay more for something that a jansport can do is up to you
Reminds me of 2 seasons ago when they did the richard bomber
Boozwah, you typically a 50? whats your specs?
Some more items popping up. + ssense carrying both colorways for the CP x RG bballs. + revolve/fwd getting in the washed dock pants in "brown". So, it appears the bomber on ssense is the same as NMWA "khaki" colorway, which is like an olive. Brown is really like "khaki". This is pretty consistent on how they have named stuff. + fwd getting in that onesie, its nice
OH MAN PLS @LA Guy   Get a hold of that sample stuff and sell it here online, or have someone come by and sell it here.  We will buy.  Trust.
I have a 46 (mustard) that I could part with, maybe.  
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