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True dat.  Uniqlo has some really good items that have incredible value like their socks and their OCBDs that regularly are on "promotion" for $19.  But wouldn't touch some of their stuff like outerwear and sweaters.  
I like how a lot this analysis starts off with, "I don't know anything about this BUT" and then it goes from there.
Wonder what the new virgils will look like when they drop, and if they will bring back the heel stabilizer or not.     It's interesting how underwraps some of these japan brands keep things.  Like nonnative...there is literally no information on aw14 and the lookbook has been out for a while, and somehow no one has decided to put it up online.  I've only found a few blurry pictures here or there and several of just the cover.  
Ryden we need some fits
 I dunno, probably works in like...Japan.  But, really can't wear that around here in California just bc it looks like a really flashy and awesome crips or bloods gang jacket, might get shot lol.   
^ But I think ssense had it for like $175 and that was before the drop that led to it selling out...
Pretty stoked that anture.jp is getting in some items.  It means it's close...   Don't think I'm going to re-up on the zipper blazers, but will take a hard look at the richard jacket and pants.  I really like the design this year.   Definitely want the surface tshirt.  Probably the dark green or if they have a grey or maybe purple.  
pocket look a little big?  like it's tacked on?  also, how does the zipper interact with the surface when you like...sit down?
The invested aspect of watches never sat well with me. If you have 20K to spend on a watch, you can probably find a real way to invest that money. It always just sounded like a simple way to rationalize a big purchase to me.
My jacket had a micro pebblegrain 0_0
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