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for highly overpriced niche market jeans, yes.
Missed this.  You mean at Uniqlo specifically?  The only drapy thing I've seen from them are the Pure Blue Japan tees and there really is that grey one that is good (the beige one totally is ruined after about 5 wash and drys while the grey one still looks new).  I thought it was kind of a rip off to get 2 tees from them for $40, but in retrospect, would buy more...if the grey one was only in stock.  Think it's completely sold out.  The striped ones are just as good,...
What you said is both completely new and interesting
The be fair he never said wallets were to be delivered in April, thats when people ordered. Not that June is any better but jus sayin
^ yea he replied to my questions pretty quickly
Lol if i was drew i wouldnt keep much more than a dime in any linked paypal acct, likely why it takes so long, got to transfer funds in first and wait for it to clear
He can only issue a refund if there is $ in the account no?
Like 20 bucks
Damn, if had funds, would really want to buy a spot for a leather MA-1, damn damn damn
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