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taupe common robbies   
Canvas bomber is good, nice weight on it, doesn't look as lightweight as pictured on ssense more like the pic where artishard is wearing it good stuff
Fits tts or size down? Was looking at it hehe
My understanding that khaki and olive are one and the same.
Kid woke me up at 330 am so checked ssense and sale was on, kopped the two things in my cart the common robbies and the khaki bomber and went back to sleep feels good man
It's more gray, and I'm not sure which season but its recent
Just got in the dip dye from ecole size 46
Richard pants where have u been all my life Tencel bomber Seconds tank Richards fw15
Here's the cross dye.  It's like, kind of subtle, I tried to capture the cross dye in natural light.    
15% from nmwa is kind of weak when they always have 10%
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