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You can buy online and then bring it to the store for them to alter for free, but it is a bit of a hassle, but then again, I've done it like almost 10 times now and it all adds up.  Plus, they do a good job and match all the threads, etc and if they mess up, it's on them, you can get a new one.  
Got in the stretch "tapered" cargo pants.  wow.  fits huge.  not tapered at all really.  size down down if you want to try them out.     Also, got in the "miracle air" skinny fit tapered denim.  Meh.  Just feels like a less nice, thinner version of the regular skinny fit tapered for the same price.  returned.     Browsed the store after returning the stuff and came across a couple of pairs of the urban sweats cargo pants at $19.90.  daaayam.  thought they were long...
My thought was Geller until I saw them post on IG about how awesome the FW15 show was...which it was...
Maas & Stacks is sort of near me, it is by far my favorite store.  It appears they are pretty successful.  Their model is definitely to cultivate a customer base.  I am like the opposite type of customer they want.  I am extremely price sensitive.  The only time I've ever bought anything is because it was pretty much an exclusive item and/or something was like 40% off (which was still more expensive than if I would have gotten it from Japan).   The thing is I just feel...
Shiiet if i had 1500 to spend it would def be that parka wow
Love how it looks lived in, dude just rolled out of bed for his NYFW and everyone is looking to copy it
So, if you're using a different name, different designs, different patterns, what exactly are you buying from Drew? 
Forreal? I live near there think I will try it out tonight for dinner..
never ever ever buy the lesser version.  you'll end up spending double
Yea, that's how I acquire mine, but they sell out very quickly.  They never go on sale and so there is no point in waiting.  Retail is what everyone pays and so when it drops...it sells.  but no complaints, usd is killlliing the yen right now, so all good.  
New Posts  All Forums: