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New stuff at forward, including all the footwear
People just have different meaning for the words freedom.  For some it's the freedom to buy what you want and go where you want (travel), by working for the man.  Others it means not having to work for the man.  
If its the blue greyish one with the grain texture that they have at barneys its pretty ugly imo. I'm not even against texture as my only leather has a small pebblegrain on it, but the one they had was uneven with large grains on it. Also, did not feel like a nice hide.
That's what it looks like inside?  I walk my dog past Grace Cathedral almost everyday...
doesn't that just feel a lot better than wearing MC all day?
^ pretty solid lineup you got there
I think the difference is the size of the lens.
more ssense stuff up.  some tatras stuff.   i didn't realize that they are doing a collab with randolph engineering.  i have 2 of the same sunglasses from RE because it's the only thing i wear and i like it so much.  i actually ordered the P3 from them (for only like $140) and it was great except a little too small and you can't customize them to be bigger like the other ones (yet?)
Pretty tts i guess. 39" chest and generally a 48.
It's really dope. I had reservations when I got it but it's one of my favorite things to wear right now. The pics dont do it much justice. I almost never wear it zipped up or with the buttons done all the way up. Worn open, the collar falls really nice and the brass button detail is a nice visual touch. It feels tailored up top and the arms are slim but then it opens up through the body and drapes really well. The material is light and sort of hugs you, the pocket...
New Posts  All Forums: