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I actually find that girl wearing the boots and the black hat in front of the eiffel tower to be incredibly sexy, just me?
I think thats the 5 pocket skinny, which is what they have this season too, havent seen type d or sepia since aw13
If you put down the tag number, someone might be able to help
Sepia is pretty crucial just bc I haven't seen anyone else make that color and it goes with pretty much most of his collections
Damage is real bad man i would contact them
Personally, I used the size charts to make sure I wasn't going too far off the base pattern. Imo, you start asking to combine things from two sizes apart, that can cause a jacket to just look off. Just a personal preference.
Thanks for the feedback, armholes are just too small, 101 probably not for me, going to let it go.
visvim - 101 SS Blue JKT from AW14 - BRAND NEW WITH TAGS   SIZE 2.   Preordered this and it came in it's just tried on, brand new.   Length - 64.5 cm Shoulders - 43 cm Sleeve - 59 cm Chest - 105 cm   $15 shipping in US.   Paypal Only.
Got the 101 in. Do you guys know if the shoulders and chest will loosen up with wear? Its pretty tight across the chest and back and the armholes are pretty damn high. It kinda ripples in the back of the neck bc it's so tight. I've tried on a bunch of stuff in a 2 and pretty sure that was my size and this one is a 2, does the 101 fit small, should I have sized up?
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