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plus, I believe they are trying to infiltrate the market for runners.  right now, runners don't have much to choose from...they have garmin watches that they use, which none of them really like and they range from $100-$200 to up to $500 each.     the watches are going to be aimed at that market for now.     I remember I lived and died by my garmin GPS in my car, but never bought another one after my iphone 3GS finally became fast enough to use as a GPS while on the...
it's marketed as people that can buy that as easy as you and me buying some SF-approved shoes (which other people think are stupid expensive).  also, just think of it as luxury branding.     for anyone else, they're plopping down $349.  or in the realm of what they would for a phone.
damn, was hoping the bomber would be closer to 100,000 JPY.  that, plus the fit pic...might deter me.  Will have to see.  
http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-oxford-slim-fit-long-sleeve-shirt-127993.html#37~/men/tops/casual-shirts/oxford-slim/~   this version is where it's at.  small collars.  slim fit.  nice muted colors.  $19 each.  most sizes in stock.  get all five for less than a price of a single shirt that SF deems worthy.  good beaters, washed and tumble dried each one at least 10x now with no issues.
True.  The Gitman Vintage overdyed oxfords are $165.  I had a few.  But we're talking about $165 vs. $19.  The differences are subjective, you have a large collar on the gitman, but also a box pleat that causes the back to poof out.     Difference in pure weight, the gitman wins, but as for construction and buttons?  no difference imo.
yea....pretty much the only picture I've seen.  But you gotta blow it up.  Looks awesome though.  Perfect actually...
new slim fit oxfords are dope as hell $19 is a steal, buy every color for a bill, better than spending $150+ on some bullshit oxfords you see all over on SF and from affiliate vendors   keep in mind, i'm pretty biased I guess, I'm wearing one now...wore one yesterday...
Pretty dope man, add in some headwear and its pretty much a runway fit
can easily find the post but dont want to dredge up bad memories
except the shapes are totally off, but a white sneaker is a white sneaker amirite
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