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Melatonin has been a wonder drug for me.  Been taking it for almost a decade now, sleep like a baby.  Can have a cup of coffee at 8pm (yes I do that), pop one at 9:30 and be sound asleep at 10.  Basically gets me really tired after 10 minutes.   But also has 0 effect on a lot of people I know.  Think it's great for traveling too, changes your body clock and gets rid of jetlag.
I'm not sure why "ordinary" is used to describe the wallet and daypack in a negative light.     I want my daypack to look completely "ordinary" but made with quality materials.  I don't want people to stare at me when I walk down the street.   The daypack is clean and it's made out of nice durable suede, so I can't help but crack a smile every time I pick it up.  
Now we are all reminded of why so many people ordered TOJ in the first place
Are you implying that a complaint-only thread would somehow not be annoying? and distob what did you ever do with your first jacket?
They don't...if you mean LA.   ...instead of clothes they spend it on tats and plastic surgery.     ...unless you mean bay area, and you're right, nobody cares.  Anti-fashion.  Fashion is wearing new balance and a zuckerberg hoodie.  Careful, you might be called a hipster.
Although it would be hilarious to see a TOJ crop top jacket, 18" front length is laughable.  Doesn't matter how much you hike up your pants.  Surprised they let you order that.  What was the suggestion.     Plus, are you really going for the hiking up your pants with a cropped t shirt and cropped jacket look?     Drew's styling for his jackets is the complete opposite.  long tee and sagged jeans.  
The DR2010 was like the flagship TOJ item during the golden years.  Drew's best design before the DR2013.  But.... people thought it was "too busy" with the buckles.  Didn't realize that when you put it on, the buckles sort of disappear.     Out came the MDR.  "Minimalist" because of the buckle backlash.  People that were drawn to the DR swag level but thought they could't pull it off ....looked at the MDR and said "yes!".     But..unbeknownst to them... swag level is...
MDR is the weakest out of the 3 you named
They should pay for shipping both ways, since it's their mistake, so I wouldn't worry about costs.  But, yea, it's a pita.  
I'm curious too.  I might make a trip to see if they have them in store.  These will likely hit "promotion" too.   Plus, dying for a new release of the skinny fit tapered denim.  Wonder if/when they will do that.  Could use more colors.
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