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oversized drop should coats you say?  even geller is doing fuller cuts and drop shoulder, from fw15  
 this.  best thing ever.  has stretch too.   not the slim stretch.  not the legging jeans.  the skinny fit tapered.
That one is really nice, but size down imo.  toe box is nice and roomy and you want it to fit snug because it'll give.
I don't think there is going to be a olive, navy or sepia
I still remember the day they opened in san francisco, there was this huuuuuge line that went around the block and down the street, but I was so excited that I just went to the front where they were letting people in and said something like, "i am so excited that you guys are open i'm just going to stand here until you let me in" and they just sort of smiled and then I just went in when they let someone else in, it was surreal, I bought maybe 30 things that day.  mostly...
^ true if when you say rabbit hole you mean money tree, then yes 
No i meant they're larger than the smaller newer ones
The first you linked are my favorite, they have this shorter/smaller collar that goes well with casual shirting imo. Colors are good too with the dark grayish blue one and the brown one being ones you don't see very often. I don't know about the second link but I think the third link are the older ones. If its the ones I have the collars are larger and have white buttons while the ones from the first link have darker buttons on the darker color ones which I think looks...
and prob that ace hotel x wings & horns robe there 
For asian hair...i gave up on product a long time ago.  Instead of spending money on product, just have to spend it on frequent haircuts.     Short on side, as high as possible without the carrot top look, grow out the top/bangs.  Blow dry, no product, looks great for about 2-3 weeks max until it grows out and its awful until you get the next haircut...
New Posts  All Forums: