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IIRC, durability
^ negative, ive only seen m&s and one japanese retailer even pick it up Btw, Did you get those track sneaks in?
0.25" varies just by how you measure it
How do you guys feel about hender scheme and their homage collection
Anyone know how nonnative footwear fits or can speak about them in general
Robert Geller Lazslo Belt - Khaki - size 36 Hey, so I got this belt and wore it for a few times before realizing it's pretty much the wrong size. But I liked it so much that I rebought it in my size. It's got a mix of leather and elastic, which makes it very comfortable to wear (main reason I got it) and it just looks nice. Check out the pictures, the belt is in great shape. It measures 36" to the middle hole. It is from this season, SS14 and I got it from Japan. I...
Cant tell when youre serious lol Is it strictly bc of the material? or is it the design
  casual enough to pair with jawnz?   material is a cotton poly army fabric
Did you go w/ your normal CP size?
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