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another drop 
Not sure but they sure seemed like it when I tried it on. Like a thin legging material. The skinny tapered jeans at $20 more is a much better option imo. Material is much better and you can that nice taper too
teenage dreams shattered and put together and shattered over and over again
is that your sock
I'm a 31 in all uniqlo stuff and tried both the 31 and 30 in the PBJ loose fit jeans and the 30 was the way to go, but still didn't keep it because, well, liked the skinny fit tapered denim better, but yea...it's the PBJ have a nice loose top block and high rise and a sharp taper and I think a lot of people look for that...
 Have that twing of regret for selling my wool MA-1 like a year ago.  Weather is just starting to dip and it was so soft and cozy, wearing a fluffy cloud description was spot on
someone tell me why this isn't selling.  is it the price?
Get the leather ma1 thought the thinness was when you order the "charly special" which also included shaved down leather
Does CAPITALIZING certain words in a sentence really get your point across?  serious question
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