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in that one off leather shearling geller listing?  Apparently a lot of ebay fraud comes from those states
I dunno but your neck has to breath
Send it to me when it doesnt fit pls
I think the delays have overshadowed a much more important subject. The question never used to be when you would receive your jacket..................but whether or not it would...... ....fit
That's disappointing, I thought that they were supposed to last decades
The material is a lot thinner. Like leggings. The material on the skinny tapers is really nice. Soft but crisp and has the stretch for comfort.
The questions of quality always creeps up when you know they spend craploads of money on marketing, payroll, rent and everything else that goes with being a large corporate company. How much of that $150 is related to the making and materials of the actual garment?
Ummmmmmmm tell me more about this m65 bruh
I believe they did that 25% off quite frequently last yr
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