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KNGR virgils were the reason I got into visvim.  Could never get a pair.  Settled for a suede pair, really liked it.  Then got some brigadiers, which I kind of liked even more, but the KNGR virgils always eluded me.  I visited Y! Japan almost everyday for a almost a couple years looking for them, but no dice.     Then they finally did a re-release for AW15 designed the way I exactly wanted, including the sole, and I was stoked.  Fast forward like 8 months since we found...
Looks like almost sold out on East Dane, looking forward to more members of #charcoalbomberclubbb       I have a feeling the material will look nice as it gets worn in.  
 Fits TTS, measurements have shown to be on the bigger side because of the slight padding.  Arms/chest are fitted with a more relaxed body.  It's a decidedly japanese fit (imo) and I really like it.  It's fitted up top but also comfy, because, well, it's really light (lighter in weight than the tencel) but warm.    That can't be right.  Even the East Dane measurements show 45" chest for a 48, which is about 22.5".  Even the japanese place I got mine from had 46" chest and...
It's why we still have B&S
How come its only the "brickbombergang" where da CBG at??
I had that for sale for the longest time, it was bad ass too just too big for me. One problem was no pockets, I kept wanting to stick my hands in something but nothing
Got the charcoal one in from 7 store. Its gud. That is all
I idea of ordering a leather MA1 right now and possibly receiving it in 7-10 days is crazy.  so tempting
I tried on Vibergs and it looked like a tank of a boot and the last and extra stitching that protruded out from the sole made it looks really clunky.  It was certainly built to last (like a tank), but it was unwearable for what I wanted.   visvim shit is really comfy and light and just feels good man.  The way it looks from above (when I look down on my shoe) is really really nice.  It's slim but completely rounded.  It's a slim down workshoe that works in different...
New Posts  All Forums: