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The ICT stuff is ridiculous.  Indigo or mud dyed virgils for something like.....225,000 yen?  AND it's sold out?  Hmm...
This threads kinda dead at times, so dunno if you guys are all that interested, but my friend @cyc wid it took my lt. brown virgils off my hands because they were too big and then the only ones I could get my hands on were sand virgils, which are really cool in their own right, but I really like the lt. brown color.  There were no virgils available in lt. brown in the whole damn country of Japan or Korea or Hong Kong or whereever, and no releases of virgils on the horizon....
100% silver zips on any colored leather 90% silver zips on black
DR is for the skinnys
Daypacks are a few months overdue, I don't think any of you guys know what it means to wait that long for something
Yea but we're talking about not having to be lucky or quick, full size runs of white achilles can always be had at the beg of the season for -20 vat and -15/20 coupon which brings it to well under 3 bills free shipping and excellent service
We mean good styles in normal sizes theres always that pink cp in a 44 on yoox
That has to be a stock mistake
well....that's pretty much a game changer, isn't it?
does grailed still pay the paypal fees or was i dreaming that up?
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