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Daypacks are a few months overdue, I don't think any of you guys know what it means to wait that long for something
Yea but we're talking about not having to be lucky or quick, full size runs of white achilles can always be had at the beg of the season for -20 vat and -15/20 coupon which brings it to well under 3 bills free shipping and excellent service
We mean good styles in normal sizes theres always that pink cp in a 44 on yoox
That has to be a stock mistake
well....that's pretty much a game changer, isn't it?
does grailed still pay the paypal fees or was i dreaming that up?
Looking less and less likely we'll see different color tees, I just even sort of wonder what they even look like. This looked like a tremendous season based on the runway, but the whole waiting to see who picks up and really having a lot of things not produced really kind of sours things
Yea his 5 zip is pretty big on him but he's a skinny du so it works Dont think itll have the same effect on a 52 or 54 or something
Holy shiiet that buttero sneaker boot is actually pretty dope
damn, is that a light colored fur for the women's bomber?  nice touch.
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