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Hey man, I'm not sure if they ever had it in the 98/2 blend.  I checked mine this morning and it's the one with 27% poly.  It doesn't have any more stretch than the other ones.  In fact, it's more rigid, less soft. I suspect they needed to add the more poly content so it can retain that deep black color.  
The skinny tapereds do have better fabric.  Too bad they can only do variations of grey/blue for color.     They might be a little tight when you first put them on, but they will stretch a little bit and then they will further give bc stretch in the fabric.  But they still maintan the overall shape.  
15% of orders left is just a hair under 200 jackets if you believe what he said about $1,000,000 of orders at cutoff.
Afaik, he doesnt respond because he has nothing to do with the process of making the jackets. If he responds "confirmed" it literally means nothing. What they do is look at the email chain. If they see that you sold your spot, they will adjust it. When I say they, I mean whoever makes your jacket and facilitates the production end, which I think is Dan
^ that is a completely new, interesting, and effective thought
Work jacket.  I think I read something where they said Geller was moving towards more relaxed silhouettes for aw15.  Well, if so, this is a preview.  From the side angle, it looks slim.  From the front, it definitely has a roundish, relaxed shape.  This is accentuated by the drop shoulder.  This is even after sizing down to a 46.  The material is very nice.  The linen feels very lux/fine.  It is lined.  Looking at just the inside, it looks like a tailored blazer.  It is...
Can we get a picture of this?  Interested in seeing the difference between unglazed and glazed
Haven't had the chance to check out Geller stuff in person in a while--looking at the stuff online just isn't the same.     Have the aw14 richard jacket coming in the mail soon from japan.  Pretty stoked about that.  I think the 48 is probably too big for me (46 was too small), but I think I'm just going to embrace the comfy knit jacket thing with long jennifer love hewitt sleeves.     East Dane has a 25% off sale, so I took that chance to order the work jacket (looks...
Drew wearing a CWU and the other guy wearing like 5 TOJs at once
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