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hey, im just saying if you are lucky enough to buy a house, then by all means do it, it'll be the best thing to put your money...as opposed to what we do here, which is probably one of the worst things you can do with money (buy expensive clothes).     Sure, you need the actual money to do so...but I was initially responding to the thought that you had to live there for 30 years.  You don't.  
and it recovered, fail again in 2009.  where is it now?  through the roof.   its easy to point to something like that as a rationalization to continue to what is easy, which is help pay your landlords mortgage while he sits on all that equity.
Well, my premise is that you're living in an area where real estate appreciates over time, without fail...like California.  It probably is a harder decision in other places.  
You know when you move you can...sell the house.
Bought the "heavenly bed" from Nordstroms awhile back.  I think it's just a renamed sealy or simmons.  It still might be the best thing I've ever bought of all time.  Best thing is that I can go and return it for a full refund no questions asked in about 15 years when it craps out lol.  
R&B has solid stuff.  It's just overpriced.  I've bought 3-4 items from there and had them for about 4 years now and it's like they are still like new.  I'm moving soon, so they definitely fall within the "keeper" stuff.  I can see one of the dressers lasting like 50 years easily, no joke.     BUUUUT... will I buy another R&B item?  Probably not.  I found that there is a middle tier that makes stuff just as nice for about 50-60% of the cost.     Steer clear of C&B,...
Normally I would put this in the Geller thread, but you can only have so much bomber love in there at one time.    San Francisco.  The city of the light jacket.  Light jacket year round.  Here is my story.  So, about a year ago, we caught wind that Bobby Geller was reissuing his favorite jacket--the cadet jackets from like 5 years ago.  The green one.  The one with the straps.  We were stoked. 14SS, he releasing the tencel bomber.  It's a exact replica of the cadet jacket,...
Same imo. Socks are the bomb, casual shirting like ocbd on promotion are a steal, ULD is completely functional and good for the price, lots of denim types and if you find the right one for you its really really good value, merinos are really good value. Steer clear of all outerwear, unless u get some collab on sale
Hey, does anyone know where I can get extra leather pull tabs anywhere?  I got a "new and unused" item from Y!J that didn't have the pull tabs...surprisingly, the pull tabs makes a difference...
No seriously, that cord looks legit nice. Damn.
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