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I'm more interested in it now knowing its a substantial material--the pictures have always had the appearance of a lightweight jacket.    Any comments on the strap when you don't fasten it?  
Damn i guess no amount of lighting can capture that coat
 I was thinking of the looks where the lounge pant were a darker muted color, in a range of dark blue/grey, which I think is the one on ssense.  It looked like it had a slight sheen too, which would make sense on a french terry.  
Hm so those lounge pants from the show are french terry? Hm
Wasnt geller selling that leather shearling from his own personal collection? I dont remember the size...but he's on the bigger side amirite?
whenever an item is sold that many times...there always is a terrible secret    SS17 looked really good, can't wait to see more...just like can't wait to see AW16 in stores   Anyone else always think that the very very very very very very very last fit of the show is always the best?
Dries pretty much blows everyone out of the water and its not saying much considering Geller has said many times over he would like to one day end up in a place where Dries is now
^ you could just mention it to them, they could give you a coupon or discount or something small, you never know.   Also, for those that have the rg cp bballs from this season and reported that the shoe feels bigger, rest assured, just keep wearing them.  I have been breaking them in and they get more and more comfortable as you go.  I don't really even zip them up all the way and there is no heel slip...it just gives way to them feeling really comfy, which is sort of...
I have the boucle suit and its damn fire man, the material is the star. Have it in the charcoal but would kop the light grey if available. Only thing, it pills like a mofo. Like I wash cold and tumble dry low all my geller stuff (not jackets) and the boucle was the only thing so far that I will wash by hand now. Literally a tennis ball of the material was in the lint trap and shit its already pilled just as much as before since then. Having that, the pants are the...
Is that the olive one thats like kind of overdyed on cotton twill? If so, have that one and the black one. Believe its fw13. The black one is the item that got me into Geller in the first place. Saw it in person at Acrimony SF and it was like a "holy shit"' moment
New Posts  All Forums: