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waking up on thanksgiving and nothing to do but lounge around and play with the kids in geller, we killin it fam   cutoff hoodie dipdye richard pants surface tee (no vis)  
 Geller x4
anyone with the new CP sidezip can comment on sizing and/or show a top down shot ?
acrimony additional 40% off sale.   been waiting forever to snipe richard pants...only place still in stock.  just wanted a 20%....but 40%....wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowoowowowowowowowowowo
Nice, how about the geller vest?  TTS too?
The original preorder on the garment dyed bomber showed the grey to be much lighter.  Is this "dark grey" the same (due to lighting) or a change in color?   Also, measurements pointing me to size down, but I'm thinking is it a relaxed TTS fit?
I'm more interested in it now knowing its a substantial material--the pictures have always had the appearance of a lightweight jacket.    Any comments on the strap when you don't fasten it?  
Damn i guess no amount of lighting can capture that coat
 I was thinking of the looks where the lounge pant were a darker muted color, in a range of dark blue/grey, which I think is the one on ssense.  It looked like it had a slight sheen too, which would make sense on a french terry.  
Hm so those lounge pants from the show are french terry? Hm
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