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He wants you to put it into the TOJ database and have the workers look into it at the TOJ factory.
Got the black dry tech sweatpants in.  I'm a 31 in their jeans and the M fit good.     The silhouette is good.  Nice and tapered.  Looked good.  The fabric was thinner than the windproof sweatpants and was comfy and was "dry tech".  It's not as crazy thick as neoprene.  It was like a foam.  I guess.  Hard to describe.     Would wear out to do errands, no problem, but not to anything social or to the mall or anything.     Was it worth $34.90?  Nah.  Returned it....
the selvedge is great if you like the cut.  honestly, for the value, it beats the crap out of the higher end stuff, which is a lot of marketing anyways
nomad has some items up.   http://store.nomadshop.net/collections/robert-geller?page=1   tees have a nice design.  can anyone comment on the new material, how it fits and if we should size up?  it says...slim fitting.
Anyone know when the show is or should i just check instagram
goats underrated.  soft but strong.  i feel like im wearing in my goat moto rather than wearing it out.
Does anyone know if I can get my money back on a pair of Ravello boots I bought from Unionmade a few years ago?  I know the market was good last year, but unsure if they started to make ravello boots again.  These were (at the time), the last ones I've seen for a while.     If the market is just OK, I'll probably just keep them, but haven't worn them enough to really justify it.    
his IG is still there, looks like someone got blocked 
I'm getting the dry tech ones in soon, will post a review. 
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