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Negative, I think just that navy/purple, charcoal/grey and the black
Anyone have any leads on the surface tee available anywhere outside of Japan in any color other than charcoal?   Tempted to get it from anture, but their pictures are so awful, it's really hard to tell.  
I don't understand why the TOJ database robot just doesn't send out the tracking
Only they would know but does it appear that there are less webstores and/or they are picking up less?
Would instakop olive or any earth tones or even if they released similar colors, would double up because its always slightly different
Shiiiet wasnt expecting you guys to pick up a tee, already have that one wouldve kopped from you guys if I knew or if it was a different color
Yea im dying for them to come out with another batch of the skinny tapered
Is it possible they arent checking every single address and some are checked for a reason
Gilt japan is pretty awesome, just hard to check and have to proxy. 
I don't know about any of the retail prices, wasn't it only a really good deal when it was on deep discount and you just waited for stuff to be returned so you can get it at like 60% off
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