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I've had a few of the 13 virgils and I tried both TTS and also my CP size (size down 1) and the CP size was much better.  My feet are pretty normal width tho and I like my boots snug.  YMMV.  
That the only place?
Anyone selling that navy/purple richard jacket?
Do people really think that looks good?
Its the same man
Is it bad form to go into an affiliate thread and talk smack or does buying a thread on SF give you immunity to that stuff
Went to check out the helmut lang stuff at the SF uniqlo last night and ...   ... didn't see anything remotely good for the price.  But was surprised at most of it was almost completely gone.  Sold out.  It went fast.  Hype train is strong.
So, why are the collab footwear always 50-60% more expensive than their CP counterparts?     Is it?:   (a) both geller and CP taking their markups (so 2 markups) (b) better materials (c)  japan import fees (d)  hype markup   all of the above?  anything else I miss?   Don't get me wrong, I have the RGxCP suede combat boots and I really like them, but had to get them on pretty deep discount and that equaled to about CP retail...and we know CP typically isn't worth...
^ I believe so
goat leather looks great.  silver zippers really works on the blue, especially on the sleeves
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