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Like 20 bucks
Damn, if had funds, would really want to buy a spot for a leather MA-1, damn damn damn
Stylistic is legit.  No worries there.  Only worry is that his price is high, because he takes a high commission.  The proxy market for visvim is huge and they are always competing and undercutting each other, it pays to look around.
I dunno, I put in at least 3
Plus, got the "urban sweats" cargo sweats in......and I have to say they are almost worth $50.  Almost, but they are actually really nice.  Will be returning my S and hopefully get an M when it restocks (through returns im guessing).  We'll see.  
Stoked for you bro   Gonna be amazing in that soft navy calf
^ yes.  I wear an S in a lot of their stuff (outerwear, bd shirts)...but I get the tees in an L.     IMO, one good tee was the marled grey one from the Pure blue japan.  Beige one fell apart.  Grey one is so solid, would get more but I think all sold out.  Actually, would buy 2 more right now if I could.   Their supima tees are OK at best.  I mean, they are good for $12.  But doesn't really drape well.  But I am comparing them to like $100 tees...so it is what it is.  
Well, that's what I've been saying but of course that thought is ridiculous and "delusional". I still remember that time when Charly stopped doing emails and Drew took over.  It was hilarious to say the least.  Think it lasted a month before Charly was suddenly back. Don't think Drew is any better at filling out EMS sheets and trucking boxes on boxes on boxes over to the post office.
how loooww can you go?
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