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In Japan I think. The stuff that makes it over are probably 30% more =\
Speaking of visvim, what about nonnative, quality good or a lot of hype?
 Are you a medium by chance?  Just wondering if mediums received their shirts yet.  I think I got that gauzy buffalo check...not sure tho, it's been a long time. Anyways, things have changed where I'm most likely going to put them on B&S when I receive them.  
^ flagship
Woa, that was unexpected. What about the materials. Standout or just ok?
IIRC, durability
^ negative, ive only seen m&s and one japanese retailer even pick it up Btw, Did you get those track sneaks in?
0.25" varies just by how you measure it
How do you guys feel about hender scheme and their homage collection
Anyone know how nonnative footwear fits or can speak about them in general
New Posts  All Forums: