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I tried on a knit blazer in my normal size and the fit was good, just keep in mind that it's cropped.  pretty cropped...
5 zip has a dropped shoulder.  intended fit.  sleeves length looks good.
[[SPOILER]] Long past looking at w+h, but I still wear the tiger fleece scuba neck hoodie from 2011......like all the time. At home.
looks like visvim 101. 
I stop at uniqlo.  Save the monies for shoos and jakets
, Idaho
I really like how you can filter stuff.  Then save the filter.  Then just load it up every so often and check out goods within a few seconds of getting your phone out.  
new arrival but basically sold out?  dayam.  tell me more about these
Don't think any nonnative stuff got marked down.  It was just bags and ... folk.
Everytime I take the kid out and hand my wife all this stuff to put in her purse, I say, "don't worry, I'll carry all this stuff when I get my daypack"   and every time her reaction is the same, "ah ha ha ha ha ha ha" 
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