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Did you get the waist taken in on that?
Did people really stop going to that thread bc some dude posted some OT pictures or did people stop going because they found out that their construction was total bullsht?  hmmmmmmm
u really got to try it on (with option to return) bc posted measurements online for denim or whatever you're looking at can be incredibly misleading
what you paid for them is sunk.  can't make decisions going forward considering that.  it's worth how much it is now.  if you start wearing them and then really don't like them later, they'll sell for even less.  
If you keep dropping the price someone will buy it lol Im probably the worst to ask because clothes i dont like or dont wear are worth nearly $0 to me
SS15 dip dye....hoodie   http://instagram.com/p/quaj8GmWT7/
Really dig the black suede but not the two tone
Ocd waste
Anyone have any info on this new Geller "made in the usa" denim program I'm hearing about?
Holy shit cool story, been looking at hender scheme and nopa is hands down my fav restaurant, never heard or seen this to go box tho...never have leftovers lol, will have to google
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