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 People all laughed when I said this before, but no funds?  EMS isn't cheap.   Would be the same reason why they can't refund you on the spot.   Restaurants are a money sink.
Well, that's certainly where we are today but tomorrow is another chapter, ohhhh the intrigue
This is really the best thread on sf, can't wait to see how it ends!
I applaud them for picking up the neoprene jacket but would have preferred if they used those funds to buy the surface tee in every color
 Oh nice, they even almost sold out the jacket that I can't seem to sell for the love of god at 2x the price
one of the parkas is just a shell.  i think it's the mountain one.    velcro too.     like with 95% of uniqlo outerwear...pass
Plus dunno why it not good to wear your TOJ with a collared shirt. It's not like wearing it with a white tee is some magical fit. dark brown goat after about a year of wear.
The struggle is real here just offering a reason that hasnt been discussed here Personally im just glad that for some reason my june moto order arrived well over a year ago, otherwise would be in the same boat
lol, my guess is that they're probably having a bit of a trouble paying for EMS.  They probably have tons of jackets sitting around and no good way to ship it.  At around $40 a pop (or more?) to do express service across the world adds up when you're looking at...50, 75, 100? jackets.   The cost is real, especially considering that restaurants rarely turn a good profit in year 1, and they had to do wallets/daypacks to raise funding...which, if you think about, isn't that...
I wonder if there is another virgil drop anytime soon.  Doesn't really look like it.  There are a million virgils in US9 on second hand market, but very little 8s or 10s.  Would love a kangaroo virgil.  
New Posts  All Forums: