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can't see pics!
thank you guys! finally i ordered 10.5 here at epauletshop NY: they are on sale now, not a hot deal but still a decent saving.
yes and what about leather? does mountain light have relly better leather than light IIs?
from one pint i would fell more comfortable ordering a TTS 10.5 BUT ebay seller who was helping me with sizing information says insole measures ~290mm and the outsole is 330mm. where is 40mm difference?! is it thick leather? or measurement is wrong? 330mm for 10.5US is way to much i think. i'm using all the sources cause i need these boots fast and with no mistake, sorry if i bother you guys
i'm planning to wear it with both regular and thick sock 50/50 time i'm in non-city place now so can't measure it with brannock. i have only a drawing of my foor - it measures 285mm. new balances insoles are the ones that can be taken out measure 290mm i'm very surprised cause was expecting opinions like 10 or 10.5 but not less!
how sure you are? i have a reply from danner's support and their advise is 10.5. it's not enough, i need more opinions. i really NEED opinions cause the time to use boots hard is coming..
guys, i need your advise! i want to buy danner light ot danner light ii but not sure with thes size. i don't own any aldens or AE but can say what i can compare with: red wind chukka and wabasha - size 10 US, regular i think new balance 670 and 576 - size 10.5D US ll bean boots classic 8" - size 9D, quite tight but they don't have 1/2 sizes clarks desert boots 10UK fit me fine as far as i remember can it be enough? all hope to experienced users
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