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can't decide if this is cool or dumb...
fuckin' genius man, thanks.
Anyone have any idea when Barneys' second markdowns usually are?
i think ballers don't care, they just cop.
what's the first markdown for the barneys sale? 30%?
All items are in new or nearly new condition. Please add shipping and 4%, thanks. 1) Silent by Damir Doma Sword Ferns Pant (Current Season) /// Vintage Black /// M Sold Out everywhere for a while now. Condition: 10/10 Tried on once and kept in storage; been wearing the Palouse pants, so letting these go. Price: 123 (firm// price I paid at Forward) 2) Odyn Vovk Cure Tee /// Black /// M Condition: 9/10 >>> Tried on several times, but didn't work out so...
on eBay>>>>> get it for cheap! http://cgi.ebay.com/Undercover-T-shi...item19c4d38fdb
Wanted the rick monkey boots, but can't afford right now... Planning to spray-paint the sole/stitching black "ervell style" y/n? other suggestions for monkey boots? thanks.
>>>>>>>>70 offers welcome
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