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Quick sizing question: I wear a size 2 in Thom Browne would size should I get for Geller shirts 46/48? What's the fit like on Geller shirts? Thanks in advance.
can't decide if this is cool or dumb...
fuckin' genius man, thanks.
Anyone have any idea when Barneys' second markdowns usually are?
i think ballers don't care, they just cop.
what's the first markdown for the barneys sale? 30%?
All items are in new or nearly new condition. Please add shipping and 4%, thanks. 1) Silent by Damir Doma Sword Ferns Pant (Current Season) /// Vintage Black /// M Sold Out everywhere for a while now. Condition: 10/10 Tried on once and kept in storage; been wearing the Palouse pants, so letting these go. Price: 123 (firm// price I paid at Forward) 2) Odyn Vovk Cure Tee /// Black /// M Condition: 9/10 >>> Tried on several times, but didn't work out so...
on eBay>>>>> get it for cheap!
Wanted the rick monkey boots, but can't afford right now... Planning to spray-paint the sole/stitching black "ervell style" y/n? other suggestions for monkey boots? thanks.
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