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Is it overkill to keep sneakers with shoe trees? Anyways, can anyone suggest any shoe tree manufacturer that's high quality/not too expensive, or does it not matter...
Florsheim Veblen in Bone...y/n? Can anyone comment on the quality of Florsheim Looking for a wingtip/brogue in white(ish) color...any other suggestions? Thanks.
Hi, Saw a leather portfolio online and forgot the name of the brand, was wondering if anyone can tell me some information on it. I'll try my best to explain it... It was a leather portfolio with a flap that tucked into a brass bar (like an envelope). The brass closing can also be used as a carrying strap if you slide your hand into it...I realize this is extremely vague, but maybe you guys know what I'm talking about...
Looking for Raf Velcros in Hi or Low size 41 BLACK + Silent by Damir Doma Sweat pants / shorts / t-shirts in sizes s or M show me what you got, thanks.
Hi, Can anyone help me find these Silent sweats in a size S or M? Black or Grey... Thanks.
*************************************************** Price Drop: 400 *Perfect Spring Jacket for current weather *Accepting Reasonable Offers
they're available at forward... http://www.forwardforward.com/fwd/Br...Doma&pageNum=3
anyone anything?
Quote: Originally Posted by bob99 So just to confirm, the current-season Margiela leather jackets are using YKK zippers? Has anyone bought one recently, and can you comment on the quality? Just debating used vs. new, since I don't seem to be able to find any NOS sales of black jackets from the previous season. I have the black 5 zip with the blacked out YKK zippers from the recent FW collection. The zippers on the sleeves and opening operate...
Sizes: S or M Condition: New(ish) Send me what you have, thanks. Looking for sweat pants + basic shirts (long and short sleeved)
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