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didn't you get this at mr.porter for like 250? lol
Hey guys, any of you have any experience purchasing from chrono24? The vendors on the site seem to sell watches at a much lower price...from what I gather, the site + its premium/pro vendors are legit, but was wondering if anyone actually bought from them. Let me know, thanks!
fakeeeeeeethe stock size for every pair is 300++looks shady as fuck
Corner code doesn't seem to be working for me...
thecorner code no longer working?
They look closer to the max cash
http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/jacket_cod41352522nc.html http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/jacket_cod41351040pl.html i found two links from the older sales on my browser
Why is their dispatch date for silent items so late?
They sent me an e-mail telling me it's fine since I'm usually a US customer.
I ordered from ln-cc using the cyber monday code...(i'm located in Asia) the order went through....do you think it will be cancelled?
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