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you won't find one on sale
anyone know what shoe sizing for undercover is like? i'm a us 9 / 42 not sure if i need a size M or L
only works for items in the promo selection (click link on main page)
Doesn't have to be the same size, but it does have to be same color/model and in stock. They also don't deduct VAT, they only price match the listed online price.
same size doesn't have to be in stock for price match; it just has to be from a reputable retailer. price-matched a pair of eytys for 96 last night
Don't think they ship to the US. I kept getting errors as well until I changed the shipping country (Korea) and checked out fine.
Aspesi Parka y/n? also, can anyone comment on the quality of Aspesi? (never handled any before...)
can anyone comment how the Unis varsity jackets fit? (tts? boxy fit? etc?) thanks.
What's the most reliable japan proxy? thanks.
made in usa aa is an import for you not that weird at all
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