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^lol at those poses it would be a lot easier to assess the fit if you took a photo standing straight and forward
Can someone tell me how SL/06 mids fit? Searched the thread, couldn't find anything... I'm a CP 41 mmm 42 con 8.5 do i need a 41/42? thank you.
you won't find one on sale
anyone know what shoe sizing for undercover is like? i'm a us 9 / 42 not sure if i need a size M or L
only works for items in the promo selection (click link on main page)
Doesn't have to be the same size, but it does have to be same color/model and in stock. They also don't deduct VAT, they only price match the listed online price.
same size doesn't have to be in stock for price match; it just has to be from a reputable retailer. price-matched a pair of eytys for 96 last night
Don't think they ship to the US. I kept getting errors as well until I changed the shipping country (Korea) and checked out fine.
Aspesi Parka y/n? also, can anyone comment on the quality of Aspesi? (never handled any before...)
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