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I'm looking for a pair of Ferragamo Pregiato loafers in walnut brown. I am looking for sizes 8.5, 9, 9.5, or 10 in regular width. These loafers are still made in black and hickory but - as far as I know - are no longer made in walnut brown. I would prefer a new pair of shoes but am also interested in well maintained pre-owned shoes. Price is negotiable and will depend on the condition of the shoe. Thanks! Brett
Any ideas for suits in the $300-$800 range that typically offer notched, narrow lapels, high gorges, and soft, unpadded shoulders? I realize many suit makers offer multiple lines, but am looking for some direction. I bought an Austin Reed suit that meets my preferences, and am looking to buy some more. Charles Tyrwhitt seems to offer but I haven't had the opportunity to try any one in person. Any ideas?
Thanks for the reply - maybe "tight" and "Euro fitting" aren't the appropriate terms, as I realize that any suit could be close fitting given the size. What I'm looking for is a suit with unpadded, soft shoulders and conservative lapels, as opposed to the roomier and more angular fit common of Americain suit makers. I'm really not seasoned enough to explain my preference further. Any ideas on how I could better explain what I'm looking for? I prefer flat front pants...
First post, here goes: I'm a young banker, looking for help finding a stylish, but affordable suit. I favor conservatively patterned three button "European fitting" suits due to my build. I'm 5'10, around 170, fit with a trim waist, big chest and wide shoulders relative to my waist, but altogether lacking the thickness of a true "athletic" build. That being said, I've recently been promoted and need to wear a suit everyday. I've managed to amass a terribly...
gorgeous coat! i wear a 38-40 jacket - do you think this would be too large?
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Have either of you guys ever had a really hard time gaining weight that you've overcome, or are you just generalizing your own experiences? Seriously, there are lots of guys who claim they can't gain weight who really just aren't eating nearly enough. Maybe even most guys who claim to be hardgainers fall into that category. But there are people whose bodies just really, really don't like putting on muscle. When...
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