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I've really gotten away from soda drinking in favor of water/tea/kombucha these days, not really much of a sweet tooth left, but when I do drink soda I have to hand it to the guy's at Reed's. Virgil's rootbeer is the best I've had, and the Reed's Extra Ginger Brew is so gingery it's amazing. The next best thing to biting into a ginger root.
The Magic Castle is an incredible spot. I grew up with a now-retired professional magician as a father, and every year or so would attend for a sunday brunch. I still have yet to go during the evening following my 21st, but I can definitely say this is the kind of place you want to go, at least once. I'll echo that the parlors are where the magic happens (pardon the pun), my dad still goes often and says the talent in recent years has been up and down but the closeup is...
Pea protein is by far the cheapest whole protein that contains all the necessary amino acids. Much more bio-available and more easily digested/utilized than any of the protein isolates. My recommendations for actually efficient protein powder sources are: pea protein (green, chickpea), hemp, or albumen.
Here's my routine. For reference, I went out on a 94mi bike ride in 102 degree heat yesterday, and today I'm feeling perfectly fine. Depending on the kind of workout, there are several things you're going to need to watch for. You were sweating heavily while running/biking/lifting/yoga. It's probably a good idea to make sure you get a solid amount of water, but also sufficient electrolytes (sodium chloride, potassium, magnesium all are electrolytes). I'd recommend a...
Keirin for days!
Hey everyone, I recently picked up a pair each of Allen Edmonds Warren in 12D, and Hampstead in 12E off forum member distinctive. Lightly used, both in great shape, the sizing did not work out for me, I wore them each once and decided they don't fit well enough to work into the rotation. Warren: Hampstead: Looking for: Warren 50 shipped Hampstead 60 shipped Thanks, James
How would fit for a Strand compare to a Back Bay in 12D? I would be interested in Walnut Calf if those are available.
Hey, I was there too! Missed my start for the TTT due to a wrong turn while pre-riding the course with our teams, ended up doing the TTT then starting the road race 5 minutes later. Pro tip: Don't get embrocation you're allergic to on the back of your knees during a road race, makes it difficult to, uh, bend your leg (ie. pedal). C's crit went well until a crash occurred on the last corner of the last lap, ruining our leadout train.
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