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Thanks for uploading they look great! Did you have to coat them or do you just leave them natural?
Just an update I finally received my first shipment today after about 2 and a half months. Still waiting on the second shipment.
Belated response I know but you wouldn't have any photos of the M1904 marching shoe to upload yet?
I guess I should say something too, since I'm another who has yet to receive their some items. I ordered two separate lots from him and haven't received the second yet. Must be the Canada Post strike that has held up these shipments.
How is this suit? Are the lapels of this suit too wide? Could it be still be worn normally or is it dated? http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/6/5/4...75989805_o.jpg Thanks
I just joined today :P Happy Australia Day!
Chili con carne with rice.
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