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My firm is doing a party with a 1920s dress code and I'm going as gangster. Does anyone know where I can find an authentic hat of reasonable quality in London for less than £30?
I live in the UK and I'm looking to buy a desktop computer, since my current computer (which I bought in 2004) is falling apart. My monitor and speakers are in a reasonable condition so I don't need to replace them. My criteria are: - Must be £500 or less - Good quality components, esp. a good cooling system - I don't have A/C in my study and its gets dusty at times. - Reasonable customer service - Up to date, since I enjoy playing computer games. Any...
I'm thinking about getting some leather patches sown on the shoulders and elbows of my sports jacket to turn it into a shooting jacket. Can anyone recommend a tailor in London who could do this cheaply?
Does anyone know any other online retailers in the UK (apart from ebay) who sell "Bookster" type clothing (tweed suits, shooting/hacking jackerts) relatively cheaply?
When buying a hat should one err on the side of a tight fit or go for a looser fit?
I'm going on holiday to El Paso for two weeks. Can anyone who lives (or has lived) there tell me if "Western Clothing" (stetson, jeans, cowboy boots) is ok or make me look like a tourist?
I really enjoyed the film and though it was spectacular (even better than Spielberg's Duel) but thought that the ending ruined it. I also thought the subplot involving the Tommy Lee Jones character was so truncated that it didn't make much sense. However, after reading this thread I have to admit that the decision to omit the Vietnam back-story was a good decision since it helped the air of mystery surrounding both characters.
Quote: The clothes, of course, were all designed before the events of the past few weeks Understatement of the year. The London freesheets are now saying that all-white shirts are flying off the racks as City Workers try to tone down their clothing. I'm still wearing my monogrammed contrast collar shirts but that's because I'm in a less market sensitive part of the financial sector.
Does anyone know of any shops in London that sell reasonably priced (i.e. less than £100 preferably less than £50) vintage clothing. I'm talking about men business suits and tweeds (i.e. 'Trad') clothing.
I'm using an infra-red sauna which doesn't have steam (and is 120-140F as opposed to 160-180F).
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