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Having a nice Saturday just polishing a bit of the collection, a lot of Epaulet x Carmina in this batch
While I'm gone from the store for a bit I haven't stopped wearing EpauletTaken in VeniceMint Linen WaltsCarmina tassel loafers [[SPOILER]]
Went for a walk in the woods today with a friend, wore my Eisenhower jacket which I absolutely love - if you want one and have been on the fence, pull the trigger! Full photo here
They are the snuff suedes
Side note - I just want to give a thumbs up to the Tarrago protector, after walking through about 25 minutes of torrential Scottish rain my Salinger Monks came out dry as ever.
this, this is insane.
I saw the new sneakers in person the other day, they look insanely comfortable and nice. If you're thinking about picking up a pair... do it.
Perfect condition french blue walt trousers in size 30 from Epaulet - beautiful trousers but just do not get worn. Hemmed to roughly 41" outseam, plenty of material left to let them back out if they will be too short.
Not far enough, still have scoliosis
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