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Quote: Originally Posted by hamlet We were on the main flr. If I hadn't pushed the button it would've gone back up. That's why I posed this q? It's a Larry David moment. One of life's little dilemmas. Do you know if he was going more floors from the main floor than you? I.e if you were going down 1, was he going up 2+? If so then it may of gone down to be more efficient, even though it was told to go up first.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt We had to memorize that as fraternity pledges. Was it meant to be ironic?
I've never seen an elevator that reverses direction, except on it's main floor (usually the first). So for example, you get in the elevator and hit the button to go to a floor that is up, next guy gets in and hits it for a floor that is down. On the main floor it will do whatever was hit first, or whatever is most efficient (depending on the elevator software). On any other floor the elevator is en route to its main floor, or was called from its main floor to go up or...
is shirt #3 white or blueish white? it's hard to tell from the picture.
I've never owned a pair of timberlands, but have always heard they are poor quality. If you do buy them check over how well made they are, especially along the bottom seams since that seems to usually be where leaks develop first.
standard service 15% or a bit more since I tend to round up before I calculate the tip. good to excellend service, or a large group is always 20+% crap service 5 to 10%, depending on how crappy. really crap service, less than 5%. outrageously bad service, $0 to $1 (this has only happened a handful of time). I tip delivered food based on how quickly it arrives (if it arrives in under the quoted time the tip goes up), and I always tip take-out at least 5% if it's not a...
Funny how no one wanted citations for the original post about France which inspired my reply. Doubleplusgood.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano I'm no expert on French politics Indeed. Last I saw French workers were among the most productive in the world and were more productive than American workers. They may only work 35 hours and take entire months off at a time, but they're still getting more done per person than we are. As far as their economy goes, the last I saw their economy slightly outperforms ours if you remove the wealthiest 1%...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton The gay jokes, they are tired. I think we should move on to making fun of Republicans and cancer patients. Are there any Republicans with cancer to make fun? Preferably closeted ones for the trifecta.
why is this funny?
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