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I have reservations at a "fancy" restaurant tonight for valentines day. I wear a suit to work every day, but am still young enough to not be comfortable with the etiquette. Am I supposed to wear my suit jacket while eating, or should I take it off?
Given the context, any prudent individual would have queued in to the fact that I was unknowledgeable with regards to suits and suit care. When asked my jacket size I responded, "I don't know." That should have been a pretty good giveaway.
I never blamed anybody for me ironing my suit. I simply brought up the idea that when you buy a suit of quality, the sales people should probably offer a higher degree of customer service than a place of business that sells lesser quality garments. Not everyone has years and years of suit care knowledge. All it says on the tag is dry clean only... Why would I think its harmful to iron clothing if I otherwise had no prior knowledge? Not sure why I would think that, as...
Thanks for all of the good insight. You would think that the staff at Brooks Brothers might mention that to me, seeing as I am 24 and might appear less than well-seasoned in suit care. Oh well, you live and your learn! Is an old t-shirt suitable to use as a press cloth, or would you recommend purchasing a specialty product?
I recently purchased my first suits and made the mistake of ironing one of them, and now it is shiny... It wasn't a cheap suit either. Does anyone know if this particular product is good for pressing suits without giving them the unsightly sheen yielded by metal irons? http://www.amazon.com/Singer-CSP1-Magic-Steam-Press/dp/B00006IV4K/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_t
These seem to get good reviews, and I like the styling. Any opinions? One review said they are too casual to wear with a suit??? http://www.zappos.com/florsheim-veblen-limited-brown?zlfid=111&recoName=zap_pdp_cross#additionalReviews
Yeah, thats what I figured judging solely on price. I would not like to spend more than $300. I do realize that it is probably better to invest in a quality pair of shoes, but they are quite expensive for someone making 45k a year.
http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/us/en/zara-us-W2011/130507/454544/BROGUES I just started my first job out of college, and I need shoes and suits! I have a pair of the Allen Edmonds Strand. Does anyone have any knowledge on how these two shoes might compare to eachother?
I recently started my first job out of college, and am required to wear suits every day. I made the mistake of buying a black suit, and my only other suit is a navy pinstripe. I am looking to buy new suits, but my major qualm is long rise pants and jackets with low arm holes. Anyways, I want to wear tweed for the fall and winter, but I feel as though I need to transition into those. How can I improve my wardrobe to achieve this?
Papa Johns peperoni pizza... Don't ask me why.
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