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I am also a Bradford and I second the nomination.
1967 Breitling Top Time until i can get more!
glashütte original thursdays..
1967 breitling top time.
hello gentlemen from the l.a. area, i'm in need to repair/reline a couple of neckties but i can't seem to find any previous posts on this matter. there are new york ones i've read on here, but not l.a. would you happen to know of any necktie repair shops in la?? thanks in advance~
I've had some work done recently at alandale's in culver city. Good tailoring.
Spot on sir
so many italians lately here's a little german engineering, glashütte original cheers~
There's a light blue double breasted e. Tautz on the sale section at mr porter
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH You want the proprietor to love you? Pay with cash. nothing says 'i love you' like cash
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