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There are so many p0rn threads gloves,ties etc. but no pocket square porn?Pocket squares are also very important so let's make a PS p0rn!Post pictures of your best PS!
It's actually in perfect condition i have examined it very good,armpits etc. no sign of wear at all.Nothing that would indicate that it's used.I'll definitely buy from him again,but this time I'll be more careful and will look for sleeve tag etc. I'm so happy that this jacket is SF approved hooray!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker That jacket has mad steez, brah. Its fierce. I knew this thread - http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=227235 will have a huge effect As I've already opened a thread about this jacket what would you recommend to wear with it?What shirt,pants?Help a noob.
Quote: Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon Definitely authentic. Sartoriale is a great seller and usually has some mind boggling bits. Yes,he had some nice stuff.I've actually found a link to him here that's why i trusted him.He delivered pretty fast though he was sending it to Armenia. What about used or not?the tag and unstitched pockets made me suspicious... Thanks everyone,i really like the jacket and it's very good quality.
Hello,so i've purchased this Brioni jacket on ebay which was my first ebay purchase and first Brioni.Seller has 100% positive feedback so i thought it's authentic and new(it was written NWT).I received it today,well i like it,but the fact that it has only one tag without model written on it made me suspicious,also there are no tags in pockets and pockets are NOT stitched.although there is no obvious sign of wear on it.Here is the ebay link to it...
Quote: Originally Posted by randallr Tycoon with a 28 inch waist I seriously doubt you ever laid anyone out. My girlfriend could probably smoke you. LMAO.Exposed!
I once almost got in the same situation when a smoking hot sales girl in Levi's was trying to sell cowboy style shirts,saying that cowboys look sexy...I almost bought them but came back conscious and realized that i'd never wear that...Be aware of that brah. But this thread is gold
Quote: Originally Posted by Seanallen Women love the Alpha-Male, the fact that you have alot of power, I always take that into consideration. Like last year my girlfriend bought me a moodring, it turned green when I was happy, and when I was mad, it would leave a red indent in her face. This one is awesome.
I think the only way to wear this is with its fly open and penis out.
I really don't understand what's wrong with people at Clarks...why do they make things like this?I bought nice wingtips from Clarks and i really like them,why wont they make stuff like that?That's a mystery for me,seriously.
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