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Dat waitress with huge boobs.
There are a few in here,but i usually don't eat there,because you have no warranty whether that meat was barking or meowing 2-3 hours ago near that truck.
Well i think they are quite nice and I'd wear them if i could get them for like 98-99% off But dang not at that price.I think i'd wear them with jeans.
Wow i really like this one http://www.marianorubinacci.net/esho...?id=225&lang=2
Well,it's great.But what will you wear instead of leather shoes?
"I like that - Ferragamo? I dont think I have ever seen one IRL." Yes.Model name is Eldorado,but i wasn't able to find it online,i think it's an old model.I think this PS was in shop since they've opened approximately 2-3 years ago,almost no one wears PS where i live so no one bought it and it was under sale and i bought it it cost me around 40$,they also had this one in lemon and blue,i think I'll get them too I've also bought similar tie but people here told that it's...
I love how my purple jacket shines when i Pimp Slap ma hoes.
I've heard about a PS with Naples map on it from Rubinacci,i tried to google it but couldn't find.Anybody has it?Or at least photos of it?Spoo?
Quote: Originally Posted by sonlegoman Sometimes I think I'm simply not using my iPhone to its maximum potential. Anyways, I make pocket squares. If anyone wants to try to match Spoo's collection, visit my signature link. Why wont you put your favorite ones in here? I really thought there are more people here who will have interesting collections.
Come on,that's all?I believe many of you have something to show!Here is my first PS ever
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