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Not seen in pic, black cap toes
I designed them, drew them and a local shoemaker made them for me, wait for some time I've got 4 pairs being made at the moment although not all of them are so daring, nor do they contain exotics but they are also awesome, i drew them too
Good sick, or bad sick?
I just bought 3 meters of python skin, just trying to use it.
Don't be sorry, the most important thing is i like and enjoy it very much, and i get complimented from women too
I don't disapprove of hunting, as you've told to each his own. I just don't like doing that myself, cruel or not killing is killing and I've already told my point of view on killing, regardless human or animal. Well yes, the idea of slaughterhouses and animal abuse is torturing me, but i don't see any solution, if they were killed, not buying that meat will not stop it.Hmmm... that actually is a pretty good idea!
Well i don't like hunting that much, may be because of that i don't understand it. I occasionally go to forests, may be even stay there overnight, i enjoy outdoors and enjoy nature, but I bring my food with me. The point of hunting in short is to kill an animal, and people are making a sport out of it (the trophies as you've told). Don't get me wrong, I was almost 8 years in Martial Arts, I was quite cruel when fighting and i quite enjoyed it, my teammates were even...
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