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My thoughts exactly! Thanks for being honest, guys!
These are the double monks I've been talking about, honestly i think there is a lot of place for improvement, what would SF say?
No, that's a flower, i got inspiration for it looking at old ornaments on one of Armenian churches Well, let's hope for better, because a few decades ago it was radically different.BTW, as you brought it up, how do you like the medallion?
Well, honestly no, Armenia was very famous for its shoemakers in past, but in post soviet time many of the good shoemakers left Armenia, and nowadays most of the people buy expensive but crappy "Italian" shoes. I really wish it wasn't like this and i could see more interesting shoes, not those black atrocities that everyone wears.
Another new acquisition, absolutely marvelous in my opinion, but the flagship shoe is gonna be ready next week, prepare yourselves, it's gonna be legen-wait for it-dary! (Spoiler: It's going to be a double monk.)
Bespoke from a local maker, Armenia.
Another one of the 4 pairs I'm getting made, wholecut from oxblood Russian calf (Horween), photos don't do any justice, they are fantastic on feet!
Not seen in pic, black cap toes
I designed them, drew them and a local shoemaker made them for me, wait for some time I've got 4 pairs being made at the moment although not all of them are so daring, nor do they contain exotics but they are also awesome, i drew them too
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