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Thanks! Special for you
new jacket and shoes
+35 Celsius, new linen pants and the only short sleeve shirt i own, pink mini-check.
The creasing is from the leather, you see i've bought this leather myself, and i've made already 3 pairs from that hide, so i don't have many good places to cut from, that's why i had to use veiny and creasy parts Yep i want to work a little bit on the toe also, i'll stop ordering for some time now until i have new designs.Anyway, thank you very much again
I shall dare and say that i like them, after a thorough shining they will look fantastic! Thanks very much, Mimo, i have considered many of your advises and have tried to make them work!
Wow! I can't say how much i appreciate that you've put so much energy and time into writing this response, thank you immensely!
My thoughts exactly! Thanks for being honest, guys!
These are the double monks I've been talking about, honestly i think there is a lot of place for improvement, what would SF say?
No, that's a flower, i got inspiration for it looking at old ornaments on one of Armenian churches Well, let's hope for better, because a few decades ago it was radically different.BTW, as you brought it up, how do you like the medallion?
Well, honestly no, Armenia was very famous for its shoemakers in past, but in post soviet time many of the good shoemakers left Armenia, and nowadays most of the people buy expensive but crappy "Italian" shoes. I really wish it wasn't like this and i could see more interesting shoes, not those black atrocities that everyone wears.
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