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The picture sucks, but i couldn't help posting this fit
Hi guys, i've asked in questions thread but no one helped me, i fell in love with this scarf Lino Ieluzzi is wearing at Pitti Uomo, anyone knows who makes it and where can i get one for me?
Anyone knows who makes this scarf Lino is wearing?
Thanks guys, yep those are camo double monks, honestly i haven't figured out how to wear them though Btw i've bought six new suits, a tuxedo and a morning coat (no idea where to i'm going to wear it though), but all of them are at my tailor at the moment, so expect a lot of new posts in a month. Also I will order septieme largeur double monks with custom green/emerald patina in a few days, anyone can comment on quality?
Thanks! Special for you
new jacket and shoes
+35 Celsius, new linen pants and the only short sleeve shirt i own, pink mini-check.
The creasing is from the leather, you see i've bought this leather myself, and i've made already 3 pairs from that hide, so i don't have many good places to cut from, that's why i had to use veiny and creasy parts Yep i want to work a little bit on the toe also, i'll stop ordering for some time now until i have new designs.Anyway, thank you very much again
I shall dare and say that i like them, after a thorough shining they will look fantastic! Thanks very much, Mimo, i have considered many of your advises and have tried to make them work!
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