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I forgot, if wearing a turtleneck with a suit was faux pas or not P.S. yeah i gained 5 kilos, that's why the suit fits bad
Saturday attire Wearing: Cutteridge beanie, Boggi overcoat, Boggi shirt, H&M sweater, Indigofera jeans, Sermoneta gloves, Crockett&Jones boots
Deets: Hat: Borsalino Shirt: Dan Roma Overcoat: Boggi Suit: Suitsupply Shoes:Carmina
So, found this pic of my recent visit to St Petersburg, i really like what i wear here, despite all the creases because i was wearing this for half a day before the photo haha, haven't posted in quite some time and decided to let you know that i am still alive
Some good Armenian stuff, old Soviet Armenian 20 years Nairi Brandy and Avo
Recently stocked uo
Bro's wedding today
Well yeah i kinda agree with you, you can't be really on the fence about this pair, you either hate it or you love it (More people hate it actually...but anyway... ).I do usually wear them with jeans and jacket but today i decided to go a tad crazy, i liked it, but won't be doing it frequently
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