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Haha, why? Not made by me but i have some new purchases by septieme largeur, patinated how are you doing?
Where can i get a chain like this?
Winter is coming guys, i have recently acquired 2 gloves from my recent trip to Rome, yellow and red sermoneta gloves and my old loro piana gloves. post your gloves and can someone advice where can i get a pair of GREEN gloves?
No one to take photos today ]
Yep, you'll have hard time finding a person to know what is SAS (a chain of supermarkets i Yerevan btw), let alone know its emblemWhy? Don't you like it?
Not SAS but i had mandatory military service, i just really like the writing on it, sorry to anyone who will get offended about that I believe white?
Eddie is back, 10 kilos lighter, and a hundred times sexier!
hey guys, i'm new to this part of the forum, i'm mostly hanging in the classic menswear part, but now i think that i need to update my streetwear wardrode a lot right now i'm looking into some camo and denim jacket jackets, i fell in love with those but unfortunately they are used, i don't like buying used clothing so i came here with those photos and hopes that you, guys will help me find something similar but new i like the first one a lot, could you suggest a brand...
Okay so I've found an answer to my question, jsut gonna post it here in case someone searches for it, this scarf is exclusively made for Al Bazar by some artisan. You can only buy it there, there are also some more interesting pieces by him!
The picture sucks, but i couldn't help posting this fit
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