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Bro's wedding today
Well yeah i kinda agree with you, you can't be really on the fence about this pair, you either hate it or you love it (More people hate it actually...but anyway... ).I do usually wear them with jeans and jacket but today i decided to go a tad crazy, i liked it, but won't be doing it frequently
Haha, why? Not made by me but i have some new purchases by septieme largeur, patinated how are you doing?
Where can i get a chain like this?
Winter is coming guys, i have recently acquired 2 gloves from my recent trip to Rome, yellow and red sermoneta gloves and my old loro piana gloves. post your gloves and can someone advice where can i get a pair of GREEN gloves?
No one to take photos today ]
Yep, you'll have hard time finding a person to know what is SAS (a chain of supermarkets i Yerevan btw), let alone know its emblemWhy? Don't you like it?
Not SAS but i had mandatory military service, i just really like the writing on it, sorry to anyone who will get offended about that I believe white?
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