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Interesting! I think I will try a "Hendricks-Blanc" Martini tonight!
Old Overholt is a great cheap RYE for mixing drinks; under $20. Rittenhouse is bonded so it's at least 100 proof. I love Rittenhouse, but I find most people whom I make cocktails for, find it too strong for their liking.
Don't know if this is mid-tier, but my friends tell me that this place is also pretty good: http://www.lasvegas-sushi.com/
You're welcome! The only other sushi place I went to that was decent, was Sushi Samba in the Venetian. I'll ask around for some other recommendations. Bmac
That Oliveto looks DELISH! I will have to try that! There's not many folks who like to use Egg Whites in their drinks! Use it in my Whiskey Sours.Bmac
Caipirinha's this evening as it is hotter than dog shit!
There are two sides. One side is Teppenyaki/Hibachi while the other side you can sit down at tables and order sushi...which is very good. The big draw is the great food and the show that these guys put on. I HATE comparing these guys to Benihana as it is on a much higher level; both on quality of food and atmosphere. Hope this helps!!!Bmac
Probably a little late, but you might want to try Musashi's. Very casual and It's off the strip, but only a 5 minute cab ride. Make sure you ask to sit with Tiger. I went to grade school with him and his place is LEGIT!!! If you can, try to get him for Tiger Hour!!! The last time i was there with the wife, I was 2 chairs away from Joe Montana!!!
Sittin on the back porch drinking some Uncle Val's Botanical Gin on the rocks and smoking some brisket for dinner tonight! Life is Good!
I think I'm going to watch "Titanic" tonight...I always love a good cry.
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