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And of course... (for suits, shirts, coats and tuxedos)
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow I wish I had your problem... I feel like over-dressing when I have nice shoes, cotton pants and a shirt on. The other day we had a meeting with a lead engineer from one of the biggest companies in the world. As he walked in I almost felt delighted, because he was wearing a nice fitting shirt (seemed to be a BB OCBD), but then my eyes traveled down and I saw his dirty tennis shoes and the reality of my field slapped...
- Usually a wool suit would be better (the "keep it simple" advice is a good one, specially for job interviews) - Avoid wearing shirt and tie without jacket
Quote: Originally Posted by Blurv Even if you only had one arm you could still use that to hold a nice briefcase or sling a leather messenger bag. IMO both far better options, even when going for a more casual look. Yes, there are many kinds of nice men bags that combine well with a suit (specially a briefcase), but deffinetely not backpacks.
Cream dinner jacket would be the right choice. However, it is most commonly worn without handkerchief. Harrison Ford's picture was a nice example, here's another one: the always elegant Bryan Ferry wearing a shawl lapel cream dinner jacket (in a very 80s music video...) IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted on these forums. By clicking the link below you agree to view content from an external website. We can not be held responsible for the suitability or...
Better to wear a jacket. I also wouldn't recommend wearing a shirt and tie without jacket. A navy blazer or a linen sporcoat will work. You can combine them well with chinos. And brown shoes are acceptable too.
Dark grey, dark blue or black would be a good choice for your first overcoat. Also, some % of cashmere would be nice. You don't need a 100% cashmere overcoat, there are quality wool fabrics with 30% cashmere. Regarding the fabric weight, 22 to 28 oz should be enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow It's a very basic color that goes well with almost everything. Steer clear of black or very dark shirts and you can have almost any combination you want. True, a suit with this fabric and design is not very difficult to combine. White shirt will always look great, and there are dozens of tie combinations that will work. Try with a dark tie, to create some contrast.
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint For a student I would recommend this list: 2 suits for summer (super 100's or higher)(charcoal and navy) and 2 heavier for fall/winter/spring. 3 sport jackets; 1 super 100's for summer, 1 tweed & 1 tan cord. for fall/winter/spring. 6 dress shirts with spread collars- 2 white, 2 French blue, 2 white pencil stripe (or 1 of each at least) 1 dozen pair of dress socks- 6 Navy, 6 Black 10 briefs & 10 undershirts 1...
Navy is a nice choice for your linen suit. This season many customers are choosing linen fabrics, specially in dark colors such as navy, dark brown and even black. Some people will instantly imagine white and light cream suits when they think about linen suits, but there are many other possibilities. A navy linen suit is more versatile, you can wear it in more occasions (even work) and still enjoy the benefits and comfort of linen.
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