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It annoys me when people quote Buy it Now Ebay listings as comparable sales. The ONLY pair of Lancier's that has actually sold on ebay in the last whatever days they allow you to search was for $250. Personally I like my RE's just fine and would argue the construction is top quality but I am no eyewear expert either.
I thought I knew a bit about nice things but wow, I didn't know man bags could cost this much. With that said I'd take it if I could afford it!
Too bad I have zero use for that toggle in Florida! Damn you global warming, bring on the snow!
OK. I am looking for Suits or Sportcoats in 44L or 43L. I am specifically interested in Oxxford or Southwick but if you have some tweed jackets I might also bite. I am currently a 38" waist, lets hope thats the largest I will require. If you have some Bill's let me know as well as I seem to have outgrown a few pairs. Aside from ebay if someone has shopping suggestions I would also appreciate that as well. Thanks.
Of course I can't find the article now but I remember reading that when a number of wal-mart execs came to tour some factories with the press they found no noticeable issues regarding labor for Chinese standards. Then some hidden video was released along with some memos from the factory outlining how the tour was all a sham and they simply hid the kids and sick looking ones when the foreigners came to visit. I would suspect this is fairly common and with China being famous...
Looking for quality new or used (slightly as I'm not paying for your mustard stains). I am interested in any color minus white. Interested in all materials except for the non-iron crap. I am 17/35 or 16.5/35 or Large XL is too baggy on me. I am interested in the athletic cuts but have found with BB and CT I need a longer sleeve to make up for the tighter cut. Anyone know if that would apply here? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by nerazzurri Los Angeles. Damn that would have be a long drive to FL for me. Good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by Jbreen1 Just started a rice cooker thread but I also need a blender. I'll be making drinks and rice every day while on a bodybuilding routine. Are the Vita Mix and Blendtec blenders worth it? And is there anything else worth looking at? I must say I have had a blendtec for awhile now and love it. For those that haven't seen this site it is some of the best brand advertising I have seen. Yes it is a real iphone and...
Just got your PM +1
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