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Quote: Originally Posted by pendragon I was surprised by the price myself. I priced it high, because I expected to go through the usual SF scenario of drop... drop... drop... low ball... haggle... flake... drop... Instead it sold for the full asking price within days. That probably says more about the value of the watch than all the opinionating here. Your last statement somewhat contradicts your first. You priced it high so you can self...
So hot. I wish it was in brown...
An example of an amazing restoration, but does this come with a termite protection plan? I see a great advertisement for Sentricon.
Quote: Originally Posted by bradley_802 Is this equivalent to a movie theatre projector? lol Actually, yes. It is the smallest or one of the smallest DLP projectors. I think these are targeted for the very wealthy home theater system or mini-theater. Perhaps it is time for me to upgrade my 27"
These are designed as front pocket wallets. While I love Makr and have had one for two years or perhaps longer their current prices reflect what happens to a cool product makes it in a few issues of GQ (or insert cool blog name here). With That said when mine gets completely town up I'll buy another one. What can I say I'm a sucker for cool American (and local for me) made stuff.
I want to post some positive feedback. Just received glasses (received in two days) and were exactly as described. Seller was honest and fast to ship> I hope you post more stuff for me to buy...
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer thread was probably deleted b/c he wasn't actually selling anything. if his thread was "Ritz Carlton Boston room @ $199 / night" that's ok. if it's "I'm a travel agent who can hook you up" that's not ok. same thing happened in B/S before. forum rules say you need to state a price. and a product. he had neither. he may very well have been legit but it's against forum rules to just use threads as...
just tried to PM him and got the "no username" error. Looks like he got banned and deleted
Can you post or email some more photos with better resolution? Head-on, back, and perhaps a side photo. I'f you've only had it for four months and don't have papers where did you get the watch? Thanks
I realize I have a low post count as well but can you provide references? Lots of shady wine resellers unfortunately.
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