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Hi Mr Stewart, I am writing here because i do think you subscribe to this thread. I do not want free shoes or anything what so ever. I just want to highlight my exchange with some of your sales staff online. And the troubles i faced communicating with them. Please pm your email so i could send you the email exchanges between your staff and me. Thank you Yours Sincerely, Mark
Shipping costs 40USD and would take 10-12 days by SpeedPost or you could select FedEx 60USD, taking 2-4 days to reach the US. Going for a Charcoal grey suit instead, that's why i am selling this cheaply!!! Please PM/reply to this thread if you guys need any more info! Thank you!!!
Navy blue Twill Loro Piana "Four Seasons" S130s Merino wool (8 Oz) Slevedge reads: *****Super 130's Extrafine Merino Wool- Cloth By Lanificio Inc. Loro Piana & C. Made in Italy*****
Hi othertravel, sorry but do you mean this?
Hi guys,Firstly I would like to apologize for the poor picture quality, and the lack of a frontal shot.But any advice/comments at all on this fitting would be greatly greatly appreciatedI do know that the pants length have to be taken in. And i think the sleeves of the jacket is the right length, justthat my brother's shirt sleeves were too long.Thanks in advance [[SPOILER]]
Hi guys! Could someone please tell me where to find Paisley Bemberg Suit Linings online!! Thanks in advance!!
Hi Guys, Here are some shirting fabrics that i have collected. 1) Monti 140s poplin and Monti 200 2) Close up of Monti 200s 3) 200s 4)From bottom up, Alumo 120s Sea-island, Sic Tess 120s Expo Twill,G&R 170s Luna and Sic Tess 170s Imeraldo
Hi Guys, I have been eyeing these few fabrics. Zegna Trofeo, Loro piana Four Seasons, VBC Revenge IV, Fintes S150s. I was wondering what are your 2 top choices and why! I am leaning towards LP and VBC, cos of the price/quality ratio. Thanks!
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