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sorry-meant for the Harris Tweed!
beautiful HT-if it needs a wash, I can recommend my method.
Wow-that is a stunner. If it needs a wash, I can give you some tips.
If you have been to Southern California in the winter, the climate is perfect for an unlined Harris Tweed. It takes the chill off without the bulk. Somehow, a lined jacket or sport coat here seems like overkill except on the really coldest days. When the tweed is unlined, it also breathes better, and in my experience, the Harris does not seem heavy at all.
HI- i have a pretty varied assortment of new and used HT, with some really interesting pieces. One short coat made in Europe has a contrast quilted poly/nylon lining which for the winter is really great. If you go with Moleskin, I would only do it in the body, because the sleeves would bind.
I have just had the worst experience I have ever had with a retailer, almost defies belief in my opinion. Having been looking at Cabourn Wide Lapel jackets on its web site for some time, I saw a new color appear last week, what appeared to be a one-off at a significantly lower price than the colors that had been on the site for some time. I purchased the jacket, received confirmation, and shortly thereafter received notice of FedEx tracking and shipping info. While...
Apologies, but coat just sold.
Classic Filson style #60XL mens size 40 purchased from the Stronghold Venice two years ago. Never worn. This was given an industrial bath by Stronghold, softening the fabric--almost a sueded feel--and lightening the color to a yellow/tan. It also probably shrunk it a bit from the usual Filson 40, approaching a modern fit. Really cool, dense coat that has a great look. Dropped to $150 shipped,
Heavy Moleskin NWOT FSC Bullet jacket with a gagillion pockets. Exceptionally well made and heavy travel jacket. True size medium/40 and roomy enough for a light layer underneath. 20" across shoulders/31.5" from collar to bottom.
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