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Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Anyone who has read Kitchen Confidential and thinks that it is in any way representative of the food industry should try to never form an opinion on the food industry. The book did give a peek into the crazy world of the restaurant industry. The kitchens I've worked in so far have been fill of the misfits he wrote about, and he was pretty honest about the culture, and the family environment.
Cook's Knife & Steel Kitchen scale (To weigh food, drugs or packages being mailed) Cutting Board Leatherman Gun Decent MP3 player Automatic watch Quality bookcase Quality coffee table Quality wallet
I'd jump on the boost mobile bandwagon if the fucking phones didn't cost so much.
They need to lower seller fees, so sellers can lower prices onto us.
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy my, what a big shiny knife you have (no homo).
Quote: Originally Posted by hopkins_student I think it's ridiculous to suggest that a kitchen is some sort of unique, intense pressure cooker environment with stresses so profound that nobody could be reasonably expected to behave like a civilized human being. Easily any neurosurgical OR, particularly one in which cranial neurosurgery is taking place (and even more specifically vascular neurosurgery), is a more intense environment with drastically...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube See "digital music downloads". I was surprised than anyone would pay money for mp3s, but several quite profitable enterprises prove me wrong. Unless these text books cost around what an mp3 album does... they aren't going to sell that many copies. Someone will upload these books, and many will download them. You will be hearing publishers crying about all the illegal downloads soon enough.
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy i get what you mean, but i also think that's more indicative of the cavs being a young inexperienced team that may well have blown itself out in the regular season. notice the way the celtics, lakers, suns, and even orlando, who have been through it before, seem to be peaking now, rather than april. Lebron has been to the Finals before, and Shaq is there now. The Cavs shouldn't be struggling this badly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brothersport ? A 60 win regular season is 2nd only to the Cavs who had 61. What you emphasized was me asking whether you thought they could be approximately the best regular season team, soooooooo... No, what I was trying to emphasize was that just because the Cavs have a 60 win season didn't mean much because the Celtics were a deceptive team with only 50 wins on paper. Shaq missed a lot of games so the Cavs could...
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