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Abnormal? He was doing normal thuggish behavior. The projects are flooded with kids like Michael Brown. And guess what? Black cops are HATED even more so than white cops. By your theory, all white trash should be saints, because whites are policing them. Most poor people will commit crimes regardless who is policing them. Although I don't remember the last time large numbers of white trash rioted. I think they only riot on Black Friday.
You trippin
And be uncle tom ass niggas?
I guess back in 2002, when they were saying removing Saddam would destabilize the region.. this is what they meant. Maybe these oppressive regimes in that part of the world aren't so bad.
Does that clown get invited, or does he invite himself with promises of help, and justice? Nice shtick.
Even the Taliban aren't that stupid. These guys are some real creeps.
I wonder if the Cops even want this to end. The overtime money might be too good, and they know those amateurs can't really hurt them.
I thought about that... but who knows how the Cops would act if there wasn't any cameras around.
Because they are busy all day in school, work, or both. Duh!
There is probably way more incriminating photos out there taken by the media, and people participating in the peaceful protests. For the most part you are just getting the police state, and The Green Mile versions of the story.
New Posts  All Forums: