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Kinda looks like a shark to me. Her eyes, and the shape of her skull are trippy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Henry Fonda Jr.III The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism The hack job Naomi Klein does on Milton Friedman is truly despicable. Conveniently for her she released this book after he passed away and couldn't tear her argument against him to shreds.
If Gasol doesn't play well, the Lakers are going to be in a world of shit.
Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ You read "usually nothing more than" as "the only form"? Guess you've been smoking too much soap off the brillo otherwise you'd realize that it is a screen, filter, what have you. No, it's a brillo/filter, and not a "screen." Nobody calls it a fucking screen! When these base heads can't find an electric cord to strip, they don't go to smoke shops asking if they have "screens." Instead they head to any store...
Quote: Originally Posted by clockwise Is this a collection of some of Kafka's short stories or just that one story? It is a great one, loaded with almost too much content, well deserving of its classic status. Just the one story.
Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ Crack resin is dark. Crack pipes are usually nothing more than a glass tube with a screen so this would work. Zero street cred points for you. You think glass pipes are the only forms for smoking crack? All you need is aluminum foil, electric cord (To make a brillo) and an rightly adjusted lighter. Crack resin is white. You can't get a good blast from scraping off "dark resin." And using a...
Crack pipes have white resin, and that pipe is useless for crack unless you add a modification to that particular pipe.
Nice short read.
Clearly at a disadvantage on the looks department and "size", and he still pulls chicks like Kendra? That dude has game.
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