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What do you use to store all those files?
I know so many chicks that love to hike (Don't know why). I am banning potential wife from mountains now.
I understand he wanted more for his kid, but the player clearly wanted the other kid to have it. What a dick.
I live in LA, so I would pick Tulsa.
Get a Sansa Fuze. Unbelievable player for the money. You can add more storage with an SD card. Only problem I got with it is the installing which is annoying if you don't have the latest WMP running.
I seriously hope in S3 they focus a lot less on Snookie and Bill.
The world lost an incredibly wise man.
I bought a pack yesterday after quitting for like 3 months (Bored). Fuck! I am having trouble finishing the pack. I literally felt like vomiting after smoking one. My lungs and body are not handling them well. Last pack for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara My mom called and left a voicemail because she knows I am just despondent right now. I seriously hope you're joking.
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