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Nice short read.
Clearly at a disadvantage on the looks department and "size", and he still pulls chicks like Kendra? That dude has game.
Quote: Originally Posted by swaggerisaliability I'm currently reading this and: I've read some of Snowball, but I don't know why I stopped reading it. Really fascinating look into Buffet's psyche. I guess it was just the size of the book. LOL
Once I heard he was on life support I pretty much knew it was only a matter of time.
I am surprised no one has mentioned a baseball bat. A truly essential item.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas What, are we now up to a dozen guys taking responsibility for Hoffa? whatever happened to Omerta? Richard could never be made because he had Irish, and Polish blood. To become a "made man" you have to be 100 percent Italian so they could trace your relatives back to the old country.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy ^ I read it somewhere that they realized the sequel they made sucked balls and they want to "redeem" themselves... then again, michael bay will forever be a suckfest movie director. It's a fucking Transformers film! We all know it's crap going into it.
Take your mother's car. She is the most trust worthy car seller you will find.
He's full of shit. He actually takes responsibility for Jimmy Hoffa.
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