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Too pretty for his own good.
I cannot believe he expected females to want to be fucked by a guy who looked him. Maybe to go shopping with...
His parents are totally to blame for this. Whatever little contact he had with them... his personality was a reflection of them. No way the help was this shallow, and detached from reality.
What an idiot. Does he know how much Arabs hate Blacks in North Africa? It isn't just crackers that discriminate against them. Blacks have it the worst. Jews are more slick when dealing with the gentiles.
You reach it a certain income, and it can become extremely difficult to raise kids. I guess that is why people like Warren Buffet only gives his young family members school money, and then cuts them off.
Nice bone structure. Good looking, kid. A little too feminine looking though. I think that is one of the reasons girls did not find him sexually appealing. Plus his entitled personality made him seem needy, and weird. Can see why he wasn't getting any pussy. Total creep.
Goddamn those packs are hideous. Looks like a Kelty. Better off with Tom Bihn or Goruck. 5.11 is way too tactical looking. Fucking molle.
Any stats on men and women signing up? It seems like young men are less likely to sign up. Young men seem to think they are bullet proof. You reach your 30's and start to notice the chinks in the armor. I think a lot of young guys are going to wait it out, and by the time they decide to get insurance they are going to see how really fucked up they were. Of course their is going to be some really healthy motherfuckers out there, but even they ain't safe from accidents that...
You charge tax to ship to California?
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