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Crack pipes have white resin, and that pipe is useless for crack unless you add a modification to that particular pipe.
Nice short read.
Clearly at a disadvantage on the looks department and "size", and he still pulls chicks like Kendra? That dude has game.
Quote: Originally Posted by swaggerisaliability I'm currently reading this and: I've read some of Snowball, but I don't know why I stopped reading it. Really fascinating look into Buffet's psyche. I guess it was just the size of the book. LOL
Once I heard he was on life support I pretty much knew it was only a matter of time.
I am surprised no one has mentioned a baseball bat. A truly essential item.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas What, are we now up to a dozen guys taking responsibility for Hoffa? whatever happened to Omerta? Richard could never be made because he had Irish, and Polish blood. To become a "made man" you have to be 100 percent Italian so they could trace your relatives back to the old country.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy ^ I read it somewhere that they realized the sequel they made sucked balls and they want to "redeem" themselves... then again, michael bay will forever be a suckfest movie director. It's a fucking Transformers film! We all know it's crap going into it.
Take your mother's car. She is the most trust worthy car seller you will find.
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