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It would be awful. I remember watching Bond movies for fun solely. He would just run around killing dudes, and fucking their bitches in a ridiculous manner. I think that was the whole point. Not to be taken seriously.
They should send those kids to North Carolina, so they can work on the tobacco farms, or Watsonville. I bet those kids are just as lazy as American kids. Fuck those trolls.
A healthy Rose prior to the Heat championships was still pretty young. 22, 23? A more healthy, and mature Rose would do a lot better now. Bulls, and Melo do not need each other.
With a healthy Rose, they don't need Melo. Chemistry wise, that don't seem like a good fit.Melo would win a ring in Houston. Harden isn't enough.
This one time my door was open, and I was watching TV in the living room... and these cops appeared out of nowhere. Cops just calmly walked in, and searched every room, and left. None of us said a word. It was all so nonchalant. Like they were shopping at Target.
To justify their funding. Sort of like the mob, and the war on drugs.
Vietnam era vets are in their 60's and 70's. No way Vietnam would want to take care of them. Hell, even the American government doesn't want them.
Hasn't earth's temperature been the same for the last 20 years?
LOL I remember that movie from school when the young skanks would say they thought he was cute. Movie is trippy when you're faded.
Who is funding ISIS? The Jews?
New Posts  All Forums: