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Just find a corner in a library.
If it's a mouse with the ball on the bottom just open it and remove all the crap that has accumulated inside. Never mind.
I am definitely the family fuck up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Try the experiment and see for yourself. OK
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Shoes can actually make the problem worse by promoting heel striking. For snicks you can test this by running with shoes for X and then go barefoot for the same distance. Most people will notice the difference in shock to the knee joint instantly. So ASICS wouldn't help runners?
Don't they make running shoes for this kind of thing?
Kinda looks like a shark to me. Her eyes, and the shape of her skull are trippy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Henry Fonda Jr.III The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism The hack job Naomi Klein does on Milton Friedman is truly despicable. Conveniently for her she released this book after he passed away and couldn't tear her argument against him to shreds.
If Gasol doesn't play well, the Lakers are going to be in a world of shit.
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