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What book are you looking for?
If you really love her it shouldn't bother you this much. You're just insecure with yourself. What's driving you nuts is the fact that she can easily fuck around you.
Quote: Originally Posted by spb_lady i had near death experience myself. in a terrible car accident. i realized that there is nothing. just darkness. though i'll be glad to find out that i was mistaking You actually died and came back?
Quote: Originally Posted by spb_lady just have never heard about anybody who managed to meet one of the dead People who have had near death experiences claim otherwise.
Quote: Originally Posted by spb_lady I was thinking what is the most sad thing about it for me. And i realized that i see death as parting. A forever one. People meet each other, people love each other, people hate each other, people don't care about each other, people disappear... but as long as we are all alive, we all have a chance to meet one day. Death takes this chance away. Forever parting. It's a parting for longer one can even imagine....
I notice many gay men are "pretty." By that I mean they look very feminine. I think gay people in general just appreciate and recognize beauty more.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Momofuku.. sounds like "peach luck."
I'll trade you them beauties (Soho) for some new Black AE size 10 Byron's. Or the two pairs for some new Black size 10 EE wingtip Tramezzas.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube And that would be a violation of several federal (and probably state) laws. What kind of laws would you be breaking? And how bad is it?
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