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The "The Picture of Dorian Gray" is a great book. Being young rules!!
He can't even acknowledge the existence of La Cosa Nostra. Doubt he's out of the life.
Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon Why's that? Who doesn't want to "maintain their lifestyle?" Even if I was to point out flaws at this point you wouldn't listen.
Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon Way too late for that. My rent at college is $1150 a month. I have DirecTV and spend more than a decent amount of money on food and going out. So part of it is, yeah, I want to maintain my lifestyle. I'm not like the first overall NBA draft pick, I just want to continue living the way I've lived the past 22 years. For your sake you better hope you don't think that way in 5 years.
Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon Also, you guys keep talking about bad unforeseen events, but what about good ones (at least economically)? Morbid as it is, I will very likely inherit a decent amount of money, if not while I work, then by the time I retire...I can marry into money. I can invest in the right stocks and earn 50% returns in a year. Stuff like that. You shouldn't think like that. Life has a weird sense of humor... But...
Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon That leaves me with $900. What else am I spending money on? Does saving $500-900/month and then saving $10-20k of bonus seem like enough? You spend way too much money. I survive only $900 a month. My rent is less then $800, and food and utilities less then a hundred. Learn to to survive on less now rather then wait for something bad to happen.
It depends on the Chef. Many restaurants aren't giving overtime anymore, and I doubt that most Chefs will leave the computer to just cook for anybody. I've seen line cooks telling the waiters to go fuck themselves when they ask if they can fire another table. I've also seen managers forcing the cooks to make dishes for late arrivals. Lotta bitching goes on in kitchen locker rooms when it comes to the subjects of customers, and management.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll Of all the guys in the world... He's probably gluing her eyes shut right now, man.
About a Son had PLENTY of insight of how odd Kurt was. Not gonna watch this Kurt biopic. You learn more about Kurt's life, and why ended the way it did just by listening to Kurt himself in About a Son. Great documentary.
That hoe Kelly Choi oddly resembles Scottie Pippen.
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