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Robin was really great. He can go from playing a flaming homo to playing a serial killer with no problem. His range was really impressive. What a fucking animal. Will be missed.
There goes his career...Gonna be relegated to a shitty desk job now.
Really surprised Duncan has not broken down by now. His playoff career alone is like 3 extra season to his career. 20 seasons.
Why would anyone be skeptical about that? Pretty normal for 1 Green Beret to lead DOZENS of Afghan fighters against the Taliban. I know they say "advisors." And a most of those guys as SF, SEAL's, or CAG (or whatever they call themselves), but wouldn't DA missions be handled better by the 75th Ranger Regiment? Are they even there? Just unleash those fools on ISIS.
Honestly did not know much about this Michael Brown character. All I knew about him was this innocent looking picture of him smiling that every news channel shows. I just saw the video of him robbing the convenience store... What a piece of shit. The punk bullied some poor man that was easily half his size. Had zero idea that Michael Brown looked like a goddamn NFL all pro. That turd was the final straw? The Cop who shot him did Ferguson a huge favor. That troll would of...
A year older... Duncan is gonna be 39 in April. Who knows if he can stay healthy enough.
In your dreams. The East is gonna fucked for another decade.
Who?The Spurs have always been killers. The Clips, and Thunder just got a bit more experience, and younger legs. I do hope I am wrong. Fuck them teams.
Spurs probably won't even make the WCF. Probably be the Clippers, and Thunder. I hope the Thunder sweep them.
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