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Duncan was the best. He, and the Lakers cost each other some championships. I love how he, and Kobe retired at the same time. End of a great era.
By the time he showed up to Afghanistan the war was already winding down. He was a punk even before he enlisted.
Aha!!Proof you blue eyed white devils are no good.
Yeah, that is weird. All the Cops that have ever pulled me over have asked me for licence, and registration first.
Yeah, fatties come in handy sometimes.
He obviously wants to shift focus from his hair to some fatso.
Golden State Warriors = Lords of the Rings
Did you really expect him to say Oklahoma sucks? He was there for almost 10 years. Oklahoma should feel grateful they even got an NBA team.
Best place for Durant to win now. I bet Oklahoma itself was one of the reasons he left too. I mean he was originally a Sonic, and then just moved to Oklahoma.... he owes them nothing.
Oooooooooooooooo.... where is the beaner poll? Can't wait for the results!
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