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Drive, Bronson, and Only God Forgives were okay. Rising has been my favorite. Not a film for everyone. I noticed most of his main characters seem to be the strong silent type. I like that. His movies are a bit weird, and totally get why many people seem to not like them.
You did not know Francis and his wife were freaks? Show pretty much tells you Francis is at least bi on the episode where they name a library after him. He fucked, and loved one of his military academy homies.Honestly, I like that subplot. More sex please. Gonna miss the deviant Chinaman.
This show is so overrated. What a ridiculous show. Average at best. And how the fuck does this show not have one likeable character?
Groundhog Day was such a beautiful movie. His commentary in the movie was just as great. Thank you
Omaha was the difference.
This reminds me of Peyton's Volunteer days when he was gator bait. Shame to see him go out like this.
Damn. Philly really got screwed with Bynum. I have not met anyone here in LA that really cares that Howard left... It was no where near like when Shaq and Mike Piazza left. That shit was crazy. I do wish the Lakers would of gotten at least something in return, but oh well.
Ware took it like a man. Just saw a HQ close up and that shit was really,really bad. Tough motherfucker. Hope you recover very fast Mr. Ware.
That was awesome. Someone had to say it... They really are an easy team to hate.
Just finished Source Code. I really liked it, but just wished it would of ended with the moment frozen in time... The scene was so touching.
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