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Saw that movie when I was a kid, and loved it. I saw it again recently, and it felt like propaganda. Didn't really like it the second time around.
He's awful. He couldn't even do a Texas accent for Lone Survivor. The last good thing he did was probably Boogie Nights, and even that was mostly due to PTA.
Yeah, I don't think most people are looking for authenticity with Revenant. Gonna see it, because of the acting, directing, and revenge/survivor plot.
DJango was okay. Didn't really like Bastards. One thing I noticed with this movie, is that Quentin REALLY likes to degrade white people. I know he uses the word nigger a bunch, but he always finds different ways to humiliate them on screen. Don't know if it's a self-hate thing, but his fascination with it is kind of weird.
Hateful Eight was a decent movie. The Kurt, and Jennifer Jason Leigh were great. The movie is kind of long, but you don't really notice it. Liked it better than Quentin's previous movies. Doubt I will ever watch it again though.
I know Mayans from Guatemala, and Mexico that still speak that language. I am glad he chose to not use English, or Spanish in the movie. Aside from that... the movie wasn't very authentic.
Sicario wasn't very good. The Emily Blunt character was annoying. [[SPOILER]]
Gonna see it next week. Trying to decide what theater to see it in though... Kind of bummed there's no imax version.
I heard is was great. Seems like one of those movies were Weed will really enhance the experience.
Don't think Goodell would get the green light from the owners to go after Peyton.
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