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Arnie kills people using ESEE knives in that movie Sabotage. Gonna check that one out.
Lakers are screwed until Kobe retires. Glad Love, and LMA aren't coming to LA. Lakers should focus on DeAndre Jordan. Three years from now a line up of DeAndre, Randle, and Russell could be special.
I love that bitch. Should of been a way bigger star.
The whole Terminator John Connor thing is a bore. They should start over the franchise following the demise of Connor. With Skynet coming back, and doing the right thing by killing all humans.
Crazy how good in shape KS looked, and still got his ass kicked. I guess it doesn't matter how good you look at 50 when it comes to fighting. George Foreman, and B Hop really are freaks.
Even Snake Eyes?
Was invited to see this, but declined. Glad I did. Though I was hoping it turned out really good.
The first time I saw the movie I was so stoned... the scenery is so beautiful. Also the movie is stacked with hall of famers. Never seen a movie with that many.
New Posts  All Forums: