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Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta I have to quit my job. MY dissatisfaction has exponentially increased daily for about a month, I've been shaking for about three hours i'm too fucking angry, everything I've suggested has been shot down for about three months, I don't want to do the work i can't even think about spending five minutes longer here today. Go chill somewhere. Emotions won't help you make a good decision right now.
Fuck no. Those guys would still make mince meat out of me. No way is 6 months and cheap shots enough against decades of fighting professionally. In my case at least.
Just ignore him. I thought he was close to you.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji I'm now getting threatening messages from crazy girls drug dealer dad. Not gonna answer them, if he gets serious I'll probably just go to the police. You got problems, dude. I'd probably look for him and ask him what's up? I'd explain the situation and then decide by his body language and tone what to do next. I've dealt with girls with gangbanger/dealer relatives and have received threats too (mostly from...
Samba Pa Ti by Carlos Santana
That's fucking creepy, dude. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Doesn't someone like Jet Li have groupies?
Quote: Originally Posted by tomgirl I'd ideally want a taller boyfriend, but mostly get attention from shorties. Tall men need to STOP DATING MIDGETS. (I'm 5'11, btw) That's pretty tall for a chick. I had an ex that was your height and I felt a bit awkward when we went out and I'm 6 feet.
I guess it could depend if they are "old money."
I'm building a decent library for not very much. When I have nothing to do I go to thrift shops and buy books. Feels good to find books like War and Peace for like a buck.
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