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I am sure some of that Syrian oil that Turkey is getting from ISIS is going to Israel.
Yeah, I am not sure because I haven't seen it... but I think the Ashton movie already covered that. I loved the ending too, and I know it was kinda of cheesy, but I've seen Steve Jobs kinda have a similar moment with Bill Gates, so it wasn't much of a stretch to portray that side of Jobs personality.
I liked the movie. Don't get why Apple, and his wife hate the movie. I know a bunch of stuff was made up, but I thought they portrayed him in a good way.
That dude had major problems besides the SFPD. He could of done more alive by suing the city with all the lawyers he could afford, and forced some kind of department change I guess.
Yeah, right. Some dudes still remember being circumcised.
I know people that have been attacked by dogs when they were kids, and it's a horrific experience. That kid is going to have emotional problems for a very long time. 13k ain't shit for how fucked that child is going to be.
Even if he did use HGH, it was to recover faster from all those neck surgeries. Who gives a fuck?
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