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When he's on his deathbed lying on his own shit, he will finally regret investing the little time he had with things like that.
Hmm...with 28 games left, I don't see the Warriors losing 5 more games unless Curry goes down. That Bulls team is probably watching every game now like the Miami Dolphins do when anyone gets close to their record. Trippy how Kerr has a front row seat.
It's either Cantonese, or Mandarin. One of those is mostly used by the poors.
Never heard him speak it. I've seen Rubio talking in Spanish interviews plenty of times. Honestly I would vote for Rubio, but don't think he would even win against Bernie.
Cruz is from Texas with a large amount of Spanish speaking people too. You would think he try to learn some Spanish to pander, or at the very least, because of his culture. Why didn't he bother to learn? Because of arrogance, and probably some self-hatred. Either way, I think that's a flaw. I am kind of ashamed of speaking Spanish, because it was basically forced upon my people by Ted Cruz's ancestors (Conquistadors), but I would rather know two languages instead of one....
That's good. Interesting how Hubbard was such a hack writer, and would write shit, because they payed him a penny per letter. Or when he would sail away when the IRS was closing in on him. What a POS.
I know a bunch of Salvi's, and legalizing drugs won't help much. The place is a shithole with lots of corruption, and extortion. I know some homeowners who have to give money to gang members to be "protected." In Los Angeles you have a free clinic called Clinica Monsenor Oscar A Romero. It was named like that to honor Salvi Archbishop Oscar Romero. He spoke up against the violence, and the government decided to punch his ticket. Only way to stop the violence there is to...
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Way to go. You now ruined the first movie for a bunch of metrosexuals.
That movie has so much replay value. I love it.
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