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I wouldn't have mind, that loveable socialist on my yard. If it was a Hillary sign however... I'd want revenge.
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Spurs BETTER beat Lebron, and not choke again.
His parents were Creoles? A Brotha from Louisiana told me Creole folks were very self-hating. So Prince trying to make himself look lighter wouldn't surprise me. Also he mostly dated white women, or very light skinned Black chicks. Who knows what was up with him.
I think it's more of a legal thing. Sort of like handicap spaces, where it's part of the building code that you have to install shitters in places with a lot of foot traffic to prevent human waste in public areas, and lawsuits.
When I was younger I had a full time minimum wage for a year, and only made like 18k, and got close to 2k back from my refund. At most I think only paid like 10% to the tax man as a single with no dependants. At the time I thought they were taxing me a lot, but now I think it was fair.These people are just being negative and looking to blame someone which in this case is the evil monster IRS. Looking at the actual numbers would be too difficult for them, because of the...
This whole tax thing, and poor people is bullshit. If you worked in any of these blue collar jobs, you know damn well people are doing side jobs and not reporting it to the IRS. Happens all the time in construction. automotive repair... etc.
Ripley was huge in the movie, but her baggage wasn't really the main focus . Unlike Interstellar where the movie opens, and ends with the daughter, and father. The whole space thing, and saving humanity was the subplot.
Wish they would do something similar to this with our dollars: U.S. dollars look so lame in general.
James Cameron had to BEG the studios to bring back Ripley for Aliens. The movie itself was always gonna be a science-fiction action film with, or without a "disturbed woman" with inner demons.
The movie wasn't really about "Space," It's about a father's promise to his young daughter.
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