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Thought about just shaving? I know guys who have gotten hair treatment, and regret not shaving from the start. Shave before you start considering treatment, or even surgery. You might really like it.
Larry Brown was a major reason why guys like Iverson, and the Pistons went to the Finals. With a great coach, and a bunch of good players, I suppose Melo can win.
My only gripe with this show is sometimes, I cannot understand what Hannibal is saying.
Phil had elite players. Melo is not. No team will win with him as the franchise player, and focal point of the team. Kobe won with Smush Parker. Think about how insane that is. Melo would need a bunch of equally good players to win. If some of you think Melo is great, that's fine.
Melo is not a great player. He is good though. Melo is the franchise player right now. Wade has not been the franchise player in years. Doubt Melo would of won like Wade did without Lebron. A healthy Wade would of done more with this current Knicks team. Wade was a great player.
I think it is gonna be a failure, but it will give the team some respect, and hope for a little while. Do not think anyone will be able to win with Melo. Phil has no great player.
12 mil for Phil. Think Phil knows this will be his last fat paycheck, so might as well get it while he still can. Do not think he likes NY very much though. I still remember the excitement I felt when the Lakers first signed him. He has this special aura.
Lakers are gonna be horrible for years. When Shaq left they had a young Kobe. Things are different now. A decent draft, and top free agent will bring them back in a couple of years. Crazy to think how many championships the Spurs and Lakers won. End of an era. Trippy to be seeing those two warriors leaving soon.
Cannot wait for the 4K 3D reboot. Already have the original. Unless it's a major upgrade... gonna pass. I saw a clip of Tyson being engulfed by the universe, and it looked so cheesy. The Brits seem to do much better jobs with a series.
New Posts  All Forums: