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God forbid anyone bashes Kobe, or the Lakers. Some of these fools are just as bad as the trolls on lakersground.
I saw in the theater on Tuesday at 11pm. Only a few of us there. Highly recommend you see this movie in the theater. The screen, and the acoustics make the movie a very intense experience. The docking scene was so fucking awesome. Lost some faith in Nolan with the Batman movies, but this was good. If you can still find it at a theater... go watch it. I must say the performances were great. Especially the black spaceman. He was such a freaking likeable geek. Trippy how he...
Same here.The Interview is decent. Franco did a great job playing a complete idiot, and Kim was awesome.
Anyone who thinks they have it bad... should watch this movie.
Killing them Softly Regret watching it. The Pitt character was awful. Most annoying hitman ever. Some other character was bad too (may he R.I.P.) Their lines were so corny. The first 20 minutes prior to Pitt were cool though.
Gonna be a rough Christmas this year at the Phil, and Jeanie household.
He's okay. The one he did about White supremacists was kinda lame. Tom Metzger made him look completely clueless.
Byron Scott is doing an outstanding job. Number 1# pick is a lock.
Eleven Rings was good. Wonder how many Knicks the Zen master will throw under the bus in his next book.
Very human moment. Cool.
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