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I know Mayans from Guatemala, and Mexico that still speak that language. I am glad he chose to not use English, or Spanish in the movie. Aside from that... the movie wasn't very authentic.
Sicario wasn't very good. The Emily Blunt character was annoying. [[SPOILER]]
Gonna see it next week. Trying to decide what theater to see it in though... Kind of bummed there's no imax version.
Cincinnatus was great.
Didn't he know this would be a hard sell prior to being elected? Or was he was just pandering, and bullshitting to get marks to vote for him?
What a fucking idiot. I know waiters who own ATM's all over L.A. Most ATM's are owned by small business owners, or regular guys who just want a bit of cash flow. You could get a machine for less than two grand.
I heard is was great. Seems like one of those movies were Weed will really enhance the experience.
I felt embarrassed for the great White race after watching that.
Obama is crying, because of all the parents who cried in front of him for losing a child. Don't think their crocodile tears. He's just remembering those parents. Don't agree with him, but I get why he got emotional talking about those kids.
Don't think Goodell would get the green light from the owners to go after Peyton.
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