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Best place for Durant to win now. I bet Oklahoma itself was one of the reasons he left too. I mean he was originally a Sonic, and then just moved to Oklahoma.... he owes them nothing.
Oooooooooooooooo.... where is the beaner poll? Can't wait for the results!
Some of these Admirals, and Generals are just as crooked as Hillary. That's one of the reasons the top dogs in the military will always back her.
Where is the Dan Gable cover? Oh, right... he isn't a Olympic Gold winning crossdressing queer.
WordThose trolls will be giving a future their youth doesn't want either in 40 years.
Goddamn, dude... he just resigned.
Damn, dude. I thought they were American. You know too much already in that particular subject.
How many of those victims were shot by Cops?
Congrats, Cavs. Well deserved.
I believe you. You would be surprised how connected the 1% gangs are with the military. More so than the typical street gang. Well I guess you shouldn't be surprised. A bunch of those clubs were started by veterans.
New Posts  All Forums: