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Michael Douglas is awesome. Check out The Game by Fincher.
I loved Aliens. Screw it. Even Eve Ensler said it was a feminist movie. Gonna skip it.
Gonna watch it in 3D next week. Though I hear it is feminist propaganda.
JCC LOL Probably the most overrated boxer of all time. He would of pose no threat to Floyd.
The desperation to see Floyd look bad is getting pitiful now? LOLTake it easy, dude. At 154 might be too much for Floyd. Even though he did fight DLH at that weight.
McCallum would of had Mayweather questioning his own manhood. Floyd would of dogged him.
Swank is a bad ass.Gonna check that one out.
What are they going to do with thank you notes? For the most part they will just read it once, and end up throwing it away. Unless you knock it out of the park, they will keep it to show it to people. Probably would mean more if you gave them a gift involving some goofball hobby they have. At least that will show you were paying attention to a genuine interest of theirs that doesn't involve work.
Saw Ex Machina... That one dude is a simp. The broads in that movie were fine as fuck. I bet they will show orgies in the directors cut. Decent movie. Nothing special.
\That's how Filipinos are.
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