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Damn, dude. I thought they were American. You know too much already in that particular subject.
How many of those victims were shot by Cops?
Congrats, Cavs. Well deserved.
I believe you. You would be surprised how connected the 1% gangs are with the military. More so than the typical street gang. Well I guess you shouldn't be surprised. A bunch of those clubs were started by veterans.
Woah, Curry got a head shot. I'm impressed.
2nd Generation anchor babies
Eventually guns will become more, and more a thing of the past as technology advances. Even wars will be fought with machines like drones. I guess guns will make a huge comeback when skynet goes live.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Real talk
But they sure will use it to tell us how evil guns are.Oh, and the shooter himself was probably gay. Anyways... this is fucked up shit.
WTF? Who's dick did she suck?I know CIA Chefs, and one of them finally landed a teaching job... in Singapore.
New Posts  All Forums: