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Malone is nowhere near Duncan. Duncan surpassed Kobe with this championship, but who knows what would of happened without the whole Kobe rape trial. That Shaq, Kobe, Payton, and Malone team had way too much drama going on. Malone wanted to fuck Kobe's wife, Payton hated the triangle, Shaq wanted more money, and Kobe was possibly going to prison. Kobe could of had 7 championships. The Spurs have just been more consistent with Duncan.
Why do you feel you should be reading more "classics"? Is it, because you really believe you would get some great knowledge about life in them? Or just to seem "refined" and "cool" to certain people? I read everything from Dostoevsky to Jon Ronson. Read whatever you think is interesting. Try this book out:
LOL Van Gundy saying the real finals were the Western conference finals.
He is only 32.That fool broke down early.
Sad to watch Wade now. He was once a really bad motherfucker.
Hope Duncan gets another ring. Probably the greatest champion since Jordan. Kobe, and Duncan are the baddest motherfuckers of the last 15 years. Those fools probably would of had 8 rings if it wasn't for each other.
Page is outta out of his fucking mind if he thinks I am going to give him more money. Will stick with Bob Ludwig's 80's remasters.
Remember when they got Bynum, and they said he would be a good backup. Healthy Bynum was so much better then this bum. Even despite the attitude.
Not sure if the Army still has this program... but at one point you could jump right into SF selection. You could become a green beret without having to go through Army boot camp. The 18x program. I've heard that X-Rays have a HORRIBLE success rate though. I think it's like 90% failure rate. Regret not trying out.
Goddamn those packs are hideous. Looks like a Kelty. Better off with Tom Bihn or Goruck. 5.11 is way too tactical looking. Fucking molle.
New Posts  All Forums: