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Page is outta out of his fucking mind if he thinks I am going to give him more money. Will stick with Bob Ludwig's 80's remasters.
Remember when they got Bynum, and they said he would be a good backup. Healthy Bynum was so much better then this bum. Even despite the attitude.
Not sure if the Army still has this program... but at one point you could jump right into SF selection. You could become a green beret without having to go through Army boot camp. The 18x program. I've heard that X-Rays have a HORRIBLE success rate though. I think it's like 90% failure rate. Regret not trying out.
Goddamn those packs are hideous. Looks like a Kelty. Better off with Tom Bihn or Goruck. 5.11 is way too tactical looking. Fucking molle.
You charge tax to ship to California?
I love Van Gundy.Underrated coach.
Sweet set up.Gonna wait for prices to drop and tech to improve. No way I can afford that set up right now.Thanks for the pic.
Can you post a pic of that set up? I have been thinking of investing on a system like that. Want to wait for better 3D technology though. I would start gaming again with the right system. Do not see myself buying a console though.
Girls in their early 20's really enjoy gaming, but women in their late 20's and 30's have no use for it in my experience. I rarely mess with young girls nowadays, and have noticed the differences with age. Totally different vibe. It is true that almost no female would find a guy who played a lot of video games appealing. Females see that is lack of ambition, and poor social skills.
I actually do like Mememto and Insomnia. Decent movies. Not a fan of the rest of his work.
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