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Goddamn whiners. I will give you a better list next year... lol. Happy New Year guys.
Layer Cake Gattaca Kingpin Tigerland El Norte Dead Presidents American Me The Salton Sea Brokeback Mountain The Descent Natural Born Killers Swordfish Kalifornia Y Tu Mama Tambien Twelve Monkeys Freeway Election High Fidelity
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt Notes From Underground The Lost City of Z Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass And a good movie about Hannibal.
I love Aliens! The Ripley character did it for me. She┬┤s such a strong character and the way she is portrayed is just perfect. What a badass woman. And the woman lead in Prometheus was so fucking horrible. I was pulling for white Shaq to pull her fucking head off when she started whining to him and asking all those questions.
Some kind of Monster is great if you want to study sociopath behavior.
Why all that time off? Can you please explain how they get away with the crap?
Question for the teachers: Do you think being around kids all the time has slowed down your maturity? Or has it made you more responsible and mature? Do you see yourself acting different compared to adult similar to your age? Being around such young minds all the time must have some kind of an affect on adult brains.
I remember this. You were having a really hard time with the distance and I made an incredibly classless and insensitive post about it. Happy to hear that you will finally be home. Hopefully for good this time.
You want to give your child HGH? I heard some doctor giving a lecture about this... and he said it was a terrible idea. The body needs to stop growing first, and HGH can stop growth in a still developing body.
Notes from Underground. The start is a bit tough and gets way more fucked up as you go along. Ultimate loner book!
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