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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ u trippin bro he and luke walton are champs!
Orion is one of my favorite songs. Love Metallica's early albums. After Justice, Metallica went with Bob Rock, and decided to take their music in a different direction, and were unfairly crucified for it. Thought Load, and Reload were okay. Don't understand how people expect a band not to evolve a bit after some years, and just keep pumping out the same shit decade after decade. Assholes will claim that they were being selfish for "selling out", but yet they ain't selfish...
Saw it again, and liked it even more than the first time. The movie is hilarious, and locking up all those assholes in the same room was genius.
That team is a mess. This is great.
Our very own Hannibal Lecter
Pneumonia? His immune system must of been to shit to die like that all of sudden.
Sounds interesting. Thanks.
This Chip character is a hustler.
I used to love watching him when he was a Bruin. Goddamn could he dunk.
Just very left leaning, and anti-corporation. The Ben Affleck character seemed to be the only one with real brains.
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