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This Chip character is a hustler.
Didn't even know he was in Harry Potter, and don't care. All I know is he was that guy.
I know Christian Armenians, and many of them go back, because they say life is better over there. I have never heard a Persian Armenian bash Iran.
Can't believe he is being remembered for Harry Potter... Die Hard R.I.P.
I used to love watching him when he was a Bruin. Goddamn could he dunk.
Just very left leaning, and anti-corporation. The Ben Affleck character seemed to be the only one with real brains.
Saw that movie when I was a kid, and loved it. I saw it again recently, and it felt like propaganda. Didn't really like it the second time around.
He's awful. He couldn't even do a Texas accent for Lone Survivor. The last good thing he did was probably Boogie Nights, and even that was mostly due to PTA.
To this day my feet start tapping when I hear Rebel Rebel. R.I.P.
Beginning to think being creepy is a Police work requirement.
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