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That's fucking creepy, dude. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Doesn't someone like Jet Li have groupies?
Quote: Originally Posted by tomgirl I'd ideally want a taller boyfriend, but mostly get attention from shorties. Tall men need to STOP DATING MIDGETS. (I'm 5'11, btw) That's pretty tall for a chick. I had an ex that was your height and I felt a bit awkward when we went out and I'm 6 feet.
I guess it could depend if they are "old money."
I'm building a decent library for not very much. When I have nothing to do I go to thrift shops and buy books. Feels good to find books like War and Peace for like a buck.
Will probably watch, but really stoned. Seems like one of those comedies that gets really enhanced with weed.
Quote: Originally Posted by MarkI Everything is going really well, better than I had ever imagined actually. I mentioned earlier how she said she feels like shes falling in love with me all over again. Anyway, i'm really happy, but I cant help but have a nagging feeling in the back of my head...how can I trust her this time around? I dont want to talk to her about, for fear of looking insecure and not confident in what we have, and I dont want to...
Man, I even pick up pennies on the street. That's capital!
Clint Eastwood is from Cali! Close thread.
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