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Kinda glad GS won. I think they stand a better chance against Lebron. He must be defeated.
That's when I knew he was going to get the nomination. Almost no criticism. Hell, he got more heat for attacking Mexicans.
All that would of been solved early if his father, uncle, or friend would of hooked him up with a hooker, or skank. Guessing he's always been an oddball, and not too many boys his age that were getting some wanted to be seen with him (especially girls.) He's too morose, and women can pick that up easier in person than online. If he just smiled a bit (not look miserable), and said hello... women wouldn't see him as unapproachable. He probably does gets hit on, and is too...
That reminds me... gotta finish listening to that Rogan podcast.
They tan, okay?
It's mostly brown though, because of the sheer numbers here. Muslims, and those pesky Chinaman slip under the radar on the national level.
Word.I got savage blood, and have no problem her using my "heritage" to go to school. The government gave me a full ride, and I didn't do dog shit with it.
Sanders is 75. His years in the political arena are very close to the end. Might as well go down in a blaze of glory, and burn all his bridges.
Come to think of it.... maybe they shouldn't debate. Some shit is gonna go down when those groups clash. Property damage, and broken jaws is a guarantee.
That's so fucking cool. Say what you want about them, but at least they are interesting.
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