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The movie wasn't really about "Space," It's about a father's promise to his young daughter.
Never planned on watching The Martian, because I can't stand Matt Damon. I loved Interstellar, and what made it even sweeter was seeing a Martian get blown up.
I wonder if America would vote Obama another 4 years if they could with these current crop of candidates. Bloomberg, and Romney are probably regretting not running right now.
Kobe won them the Pacific title:
I thought that movie was a cult classic in Australia? A while ago I sold Blurays on Ebay, and they went very quickly. So the movie does have some popularity. If I knew what it was about I would of kept one. Sounds interesting.
That's trippy. For the longest time I thought that was the legitimate photo of one of the SF members (wouldn't have surprised me.) I guess it's from a Starbucks commercial? Only just recently I saw a commercial debunking that avatar.
Only pulling for GS, because it was a Bulls record they were breaking. Wanted to stab that ingrate Luke when they were getting close to 33. Still would prefer GS winning than the Cavs.
I've seen tranny dudes being escorted out of women's bathrooms, and then start throwing tantrums. So fucking annoying. I guess only solution would be to build a separate tranny shitter. I guarantee you, they will still make a big deal about it. I seriously believe a lot of this shit is just attention seeking on their part.
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