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Don't plan on watching it, but Bale was awful as Batman. It's not like Ben was following Keaton.
This Teddy character always has looked like a mannequin to me. Trippy face.
I don't use any. I guess SF knows this, and is placing that add, and Huckberry ads every time I am on SF. Kind of creepy.
That's a tough question. You could blame the parents for their upbringing, or lack of. Or the kid could legitimately have some mental issues (psychopath.) I guess it depends on the kid. Some kids steal to get attention from their parents, and other need crystal, or crack money. Yeah, what the kid did was wrong, but none of us know how much shit that woman had to deal with. I ain't gonna justify his behavior by saying he was just a "kid." For all I know that kid could of...
I think that kid saw her as an easy mark, and routinely used her home as a cash dispenser. Granny just had enough of that punk, and that was that. Who knows how many unwanted visits she received, and the kid's family, and Police did almost nothing about it.
Fuck, man. This is bringing up a bunch of trippy childhood memories...
Where did I say burglary was a bad habit? Pretty sure I mentioned drug habit, and I ain't too sure how kleptomania has a roll in this.
When I was young crackhead, I would routinely break into people's homes, and got guns pulled on me a couple of times. I ran like a motherfucker when I was confronted, but was never shot at. Not sure about a 13, or 14 year old being blasted for looking to steal some jewelry. Some people do change their bad habits.
Fuck, man. Have the Lakers forgotten 1991?
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