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Yeah. Been getting bombarded with them on youtube. Looks so fucking awesome.
Seriously. Who gives a fuck? You think those hook nosed bastards don't know everyone hates them?Some of my former bosses were American Jews who chose to go to Israel, and work on a kibbutz. The most kindest bosses I ever had.
They went over the top trying to out do the hood shoot out. That scene was seriously intense. And yes Vaughn is unwatchable. Pretty much every scene involves him reneging on a deal.
Even the shoot out was gay. Just can't watch this season anymore. What a disappointment.
Ex Machina is good. The simp kind of ruins it for me though. So annoying.
Just finished Mad Max Fury Road... movie was so fucking lame. It wasn't a feminist movie like I thought it was going to be (I was wrong). Max basically told those bitches to fuck off throughout. The movie was a giant chase scene with a bunch of boring characters, and a ridiculous story line . Who gave Max 550 cord? And how the fuck is Pfizer still around?
So glad the Lakers didn't get him. What a chump.
Not even close so far. At this point it's like 100 - 50 at half time. Have no idea how season 2 bounces back. Gonna give it one more week.
Don't think Vaugh is the psycho. The real deal is the Colin character. Anyways... show really isn't improving. I love the Mayor though...
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