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Don't go see it. They were selfish cunts. That POS Suge Knight did more for the community.
That was a very manly movie. Could've easily seen Clint Eastwood in the lead. Didn't talk much, but slapped that shit out of people when he had to.
These UFC fighters need to seriously shut the fuck up about Mayweather. Not his fault you guys make chump change. And if Miyamoto Musashi was still alive he would make mincemeat out of you MMA fighters in a duel. How is that relevant? It's not. Focus on your own crummy paying job.
Colin was good. Liked him since Tigerland.
Can't taking a bunch of aspirin thin the blood out again?
Just gonna start to watch it.
Not really a fan, and really don't know much about this character. However I will watch this in the theater. Tired of all that PG-13 shit.
Wow. That's embarrassing.They did get knives right, though. I've seen benchmade's, emerson's, and spyderco's throughout.
Way too many characters. Season 1 was pretty bare bones, and minimalist.
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