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They should get rid of Kobe, and start rebuilding. Have no idea who would want him though. Wish Pau the best. No way Lakers win without him.
Melo is probably the only one out of that bunch that is never going to win.Charles Barkley is probably the greatest player without a ring. He was a freak of nature in his prime years.The West is gonna be dominant this decade too.
Damn. She is probably sucking on one his nuts right now, and you are nowhere in her thoughts. Move on, because she obviously has.Did you actually have a life when you were with her? Or did your whole life revolve around her? Were you passionate about anything besides her? Sounds like you invested way too much emotion on one thing. Some human relationships are great, but they ain't everything.
Del wasn't that bad. Sorry.
Duncan would of won with Del Harris, and Smush.
You really think if Mike Brown was still coaching, and they didn't have all those top 5 picks he'd be homesick? Yeah, right. Fucking chump!I remember Duncan at one point was close to bolting to Orlando to play with Grant Hill, and Tracy McGrady, and decided to stay in the West.Tim Duncan is a fucking warrior!! That motherfucker puts Lebron to shame.
Sorry. Phone battery was dying.Anyways Lebron is a chump, because he chooses to look for the exit when things get tough. He is not a real competitor like his idol Jordan, and has always been very self-serving. I know that "the decision" happened years ago, but he's still that same person. Have no problem with him choosing the Cavs. He can do whatever he wants. Just don't think he is a great competitor.
Lebron is great for the NBA, but he really is a chump. He basically ditches his "home" to get a ring via a much easier route, and now that he has won he returns. Of course now he doesn't have the pressure to win a championship like he did before, so whatever happens... he got his. Probably worse is that he will be playing for a bigger jackass than Donald Sterling. What a loser. Miami should not hate this guy though. 4 Finals in 4 years is in incredible achievement....
It would be awful. I remember watching Bond movies for fun solely. He would just run around killing dudes, and fucking their bitches in a ridiculous manner. I think that was the whole point. Not to be taken seriously.
New Posts  All Forums: