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Swank is a bad ass.Gonna check that one out.
What are they going to do with thank you notes? For the most part they will just read it once, and end up throwing it away. Unless you knock it out of the park, they will keep it to show it to people. Probably would mean more if you gave them a gift involving some goofball hobby they have. At least that will show you were paying attention to a genuine interest of theirs that doesn't involve work.
Saw Ex Machina... That one dude is a simp. The broads in that movie were fine as fuck. I bet they will show orgies in the directors cut. Decent movie. Nothing special.
\That's how Filipinos are.
I was going to post something like this.95% of the people who watch boxing have no clue about cutting weight, glove sizes... etc. The average person just wants to see people try to knock their heads off. Many old school boxers also would prefer more exciting (violent) fights too. Whatever.
Mayweather is a boring professor, but boxing enthusiasts got an education. Money is a master.
I love how the black man Floyd fights only on Mexican holidays, and Mexican fighters have to adjust their fight schedules because of him. He even uses the Mexican flag on his shirts to make money! Money is gangsta as fuck.
His Batman voice is better than Bale's. I also like the suit. It looks like the one they used in Batman Arkham Asylum. When I first heard they were making this, I had zero interest. Might check this out in IMAX next year.
Saw Furios 7 opening night... Couldn't wait for the movie to finish. The first couple of minutes with the transporter in the hospital gave you an accurate glimpse of what was coming. The movie was beyond ridiculous.
Wear them asap, and break them in. Walk around with them in your house for a couple of weeks. I made the mistake of not wearing them for a couple of months, and they developed creasing that wasn't there when I purchased them. I also put some RW Natural Boot oil, because I was worried about the creasing, and it just darkened them up.Wish I would of worn them from the start, and kept the awesome original color. Still look great though.
New Posts  All Forums: