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No. I heard he fucked plenty of the female staff when he was in NYC. Would not surprise me though, because of the way he accused Magic. Trying to shift focus I suppose.
If that was the case... the Bad Boy Pistons would be gay. Don't think being super aggressive is a sign of being gay. Some dudes are just mean, or too competitive.
Wouldn't surprise me if he was queer. Plenty of downlow brothas out there. I know Black dudes who fuck trannies, and don't think they are "gay." The Black, and Brown communities seem to be way less open about being gay for some reason. He looked happy with that pretty white bitch though, for what it's worth.
The only Tarantino movies I have liked are: 1. Reservoir Dogs 2. Pulp Fiction 3. The Hateful Eight His other stuff has been like like whateva. Don't get the praise he gets.
Can you blame them? Almost none of those dudes thought they would get that far with this current Manning.
Never had a doubt! Hope Gator bait goes out with a win. Great game.
I guess, because it's Bradley Cooper, and he's rich... women don't make a big deal of the 20 year difference between them.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ u trippin bro he and luke walton are champs!
Orion is one of my favorite songs. Love Metallica's early albums. After Justice, Metallica went with Bob Rock, and decided to take their music in a different direction, and were unfairly crucified for it. Thought Load, and Reload were okay. Don't understand how people expect a band not to evolve a bit after some years, and just keep pumping out the same shit decade after decade. Assholes will claim that they were being selfish for "selling out", but yet they ain't selfish...
Saw it again, and liked it even more than the first time. The movie is hilarious, and locking up all those assholes in the same room was genius.
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