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A year older... Duncan is gonna be 39 in April. Who knows if he can stay healthy enough.
In your dreams. The East is gonna fucked for another decade.
Who?The Spurs have always been killers. The Clips, and Thunder just got a bit more experience, and younger legs. I do hope I am wrong. Fuck them teams.
Spurs probably won't even make the WCF. Probably be the Clippers, and Thunder. I hope the Thunder sweep them.
My only hope is those two old decrepit bastards Kobe, and Duncan meet one last time in the WCF. Would love to see one of them get number 6. The last showdown.
Bynum didn't even play in the first Finals against the Celtics. Lakers should of had a 3peat. Who knows how many Finals the Lakers would of reached if it wasn't for Mr. Glass. Shame.
Crazy how insecure people are.I use to think it was a young thing, but as I am getting older I see it more, and more from people of all ages. Hard to avoid all those people.
Watched it with the commentary track by Hunter... LOL.
It does look really bad though. I mean Tony hit him twice. If he would of gotten hit by another driver, it would probably look more like an accident. Tony was probably trying to scare him, and got too close. I don't think he would intentionally try to kill another driver. Either way, it just looks really bad.
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