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Again it's associated with family, and the whole La Raza thing goes back decades when no wanted to be seen, or associated with beaners, so they had to try involve their own people for community building groups, so they used Raza, because it's a word they been hearing since they were kids. I wouldn't compare those Raza groups to an organization like Mecha for example.And what is a mestizo? It's a half-breed. Half Native American, and Half White. Most of these Raza...
Raza means family in Mexican lingo too. For instance when I was a kid my dad would tell my mom "Ay que llevar la raza al parque, para que jueguen." Which translate to let's take the kids (family) to the park, so they can run around. Of course raza also means race, but Mexicans in particular use it a lot to identify with family.
Wonder how much of their drug problem is being caused by the Chinese (Triads.)
Kinda reminds me of that Philip Roth book: The Plot Against America
Can't wait to see Lebron, and Cleveland weep after the sweep!
True, but how many of those descendants are serving, and served in the American armed forces? Chicanos have been fighting Uncle sam's wars for a while now. They not good enough for, Murica?
That had something to do with DD-214 papers. Anyways, in the book he never boasts about them, and has them hidden in a drawer. His wife wanted him to display them at some point. Chris Kyle wasn't a saint, but he saved the lives of a bunch of U.S. servicemen. I guess that makes him a flawed "hero."
Not sure about that, but he wasn't the only one who has questioned "war heroes." A couple of years ago a book came out about a very controversial Special Forces soldier, and he also agreed with Chris Kyle, and took it a step further. Not gonna mention what he said about Arlington. What do I know? I didn't do a tour, so I have no idea what goes on during war. Sorry, if I offended any vets.
Even Chris Kyle said that Medals were mostly given to asskissers (not "heroes"), and that's why he was ashamed to display them.
Kinda glad GS won. I think they stand a better chance against Lebron. He must be defeated.
New Posts  All Forums: