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Hmm...with 28 games left, I don't see the Warriors losing 5 more games unless Curry goes down. That Bulls team is probably watching every game now like the Miami Dolphins do when anyone gets close to their record. Trippy how Kerr has a front row seat.
That's good. Interesting how Hubbard was such a hack writer, and would write shit, because they payed him a penny per letter. Or when he would sail away when the IRS was closing in on him. What a POS.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Way to go. You now ruined the first movie for a bunch of metrosexuals.
That movie has so much replay value. I love it.
He was a kid when that happened. How many of us did some deplorable shit when we were under 20?
Jason Kidd was better all around. He belongs there. Bill, and Bird ain't top 10.
Damn! Phil is gangsta as fuck! Can't believe he got rid of Derek that quickly. Lest we forget all those charging calls...
Pau Gasol didn't really mind playing with him. Kobe will get you at least 1 championship. He's totally worth the headaches.
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