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Well most of those grunts in those fields have two jobs already. I lived a spartan lifestyle, so I was able to easily get by doing one of those jobs, but if I had a wife, and kids... I would of had to get a second job.I guess I was looking it through the eyes of a minimalist single guy. Depends on someone's circumstances. Still unless it was a union job, those jobs have always been low paying for the most part.
You can make a living here doing those jobs, but that doesn't mean it's going to pay good, or not suck doing those jobs. For the most part you will stay poor in those kind of fields unless you become an Executive Chef, Contractor... etc.
Right... because kitchen slaves, and construction dudes digging ditches, and setting up rebar have always made good dough, and had a blast doing it.
You could say the same about most of the poor whites, and many blacks that have descendants that have been here for hundreds of years, and still haven't amounted to dog shit. I don't know how you would be able to get them to return to all those shitty jobs they once did, and replace the browns.
Damn. I get not watching most of the franchise, but not even watching Aliens? Pretty pretentious.
C'mon, most of these metrosexuals would never listen to Outlaw country.
I've seen a lamer version of Trump in the Atwater/Glendale area near the railroad tracks. It's been there for a while. Surprised no one has crossed it out.
She won't get kicked out, because she's Black, and a woman. The Jews over there should get together, and stick up for this Goldstein character.
Wasn't he playing with Melo? I am sure that helped his efficiency a bit.
The chicks I know voting for Trump range from like 20 - 60. Mostly poor whites (some blacks and browns) who don't want illegals in California. Hillary's book really tanked though. I know it isn't a a real indicator, but you would think it would of sold more given her "career."And Obama released a book 26 years ago that almost no one bought like Hillary's:
New Posts  All Forums: