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That's his bitch, bro. She probably has a tattoo in her ass that says "Trump Property".
That broad seems like a freak in bed. Them skinny bitches will surprise you.
Yeah, some Vietnam vets have told me about the options back then...
Did you get drafted into the Army?
This is sort of why the U.S. didn't go into China during the Korean War. The Soviets would of used it as an excuse to march.
WordAnton LaVey was a pimp.
That's a cute picture. I wonder if they were still "normal" then.
Why? Because it's so blatantly myopic, and because incest, molestation, and rape is still swept under carpet to this day within many communities?
Damn. I guess it's okay to sexually assault bitches as long you're on the right side of history.
A hoe turning down a $10,000 trick? Yeah, right. That's probably what she wanted, but Trump ain't no Saudi Prince.
New Posts  All Forums: