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Trump probably thinks disaffected people in general are "losers". He probably only respects people that know how to make lots of money. I remember reading Buffet's book "The Snowball", and you had a quote of him saying that honest menial labor was for the "birds". Pretty sure Trump feels the same way.
Can't wait until Hillary uploads a sex tape of Ivanka Trump on Xhamster.
Jeb Bush is gonna high five Billy at the next family gathering. That dude is set for life.
That Bezos is really slick. FBA is great way to make money, so I am not gonna bad mouth my overlord.
I'd rather have El Chapo put a hit on me, than have the Bush and Clinton's coming after me.
The Man Show with Donald Trump & Adam Carolla
Alex Jones doesn't make much money. At least not Trump money.
That's if he's lucky. The Clinton, and Bush family are probably going after his family too. I bet he is seriously regretting this now. He fucked with some seriously powerful people.
How? Books? Who owns the publishers? Network television won't go anywhere near him for fear of boycotts, and I am pretty sure his shitty clothing line doesn't bring in much money. As far as Real Estate... he's gonna have a harder time getting sweetheart building permit deals from the same people. He's gonna have to find new ways to hustle.
Trump is done after the election. He's really exposed himself too much, and he has burned way too many bridges (financially, and politically). Don't see his reputation ever recovering from this. Even Vince McMahon wouldn't want to use him in a promo at this point. He doesn't have the wealth, or connections to bounce back from this debacle. Not to mention he pissed off the Bush family. Game over.
New Posts  All Forums: