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Eddie Jones!!
I still own a PS3, but only keep it to entertain some guests. People around my age have zero interest in it, and women are turned off by it. They will ask if I still play video games, and I tell them I keep it for my nephews, and nieces. Which is true. At this point a nice sound system is way more interesting, and attractive to women.
Last game I heavily played was Fallout 3. Come to think of it... I have barely been watching movies too. Mostly stick with documentaries, or certain podcasts, and books. I guess you reach a certain age, and invest your energy on things you can get more out of. I been gaming since the Sega Master System, and the interest just isn't there anymore. Maybe the internet has something to do with it.
Morgan Freeman Every Christopher Nolan movie.
Doesn't the whole monkey thing really boil down to religion? Did he mention religion?
Just saw a pic of Phil from the news conference. He looked miserable. Guess they called his bluff. I think Phil is only banging Jeanie to own a piece of the Lakers. Probably why Dr. Buss picked MDA. The entire situation is strange.
Thought about just shaving? I know guys who have gotten hair treatment, and regret not shaving from the start. Shave before you start considering treatment, or even surgery. You might really like it.
Larry Brown was a major reason why guys like Iverson, and the Pistons went to the Finals. With a great coach, and a bunch of good players, I suppose Melo can win.
My only gripe with this show is sometimes, I cannot understand what Hannibal is saying.
Phil had elite players. Melo is not. No team will win with him as the franchise player, and focal point of the team. Kobe won with Smush Parker. Think about how insane that is. Melo would need a bunch of equally good players to win. If some of you think Melo is great, that's fine.
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