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I know. Truth to be told you got a bunch of Mexicans working in NYC restaurants, and in North Carolina tobacco fields. Not gonna pretend Mexicans have just stayed in the Southwest.
The whole Mexican thing is ridiculous. A bunch of browns aren't even Mexican Nationals. Between the 70's, and 80's you had a huge influx of Central Americans, and you still to do. Go to Koreatown in Los Angeles, and it's mostly Central American. Hell, go to Tijuana and you'll hear "Mexicans" with thick Central American accents. FYI, Mexicans don't use words like "voz", "hijo de puta" or love pupusas.
I am surprised fatso is still alive. He must have the best physicians money can buy.
In 1930 they deported a million Mexican Americans in Los Angeles. That was way before Eisenhower.
Notice Asians aren't making much noise, and staying under the radar. Sneaky fucks.
No good, bitch. Sold out to the gentiles.
Clinton's VP seems fruity. Pence looks like the only normal one. What a freak show.
WordAnd The International Jew is an awesome read.
Easiest way to tell if someone is a psycho is eye contact. If they stare at you, and they don't break eye contact. Why? Because they are narcissists, and the thought that they might be mean mugging a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt doesn't matter as long as they get the petty satisfaction of trying to intimidate someone. Have no idea why people are so scared of psychos to begin with. A punch to the nose works well with them too. Also "psychopaths" for the most part are...
I like Yiannopoulos, but he's one of those annoying queers that think all good looking men are gay. He made some ridiculous remarks about the Canadian prime minister on the Joe Rogan podcast, and basically called him a closeted homo.
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