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Well she is R&B.The transition from Robert Johnson to Beyonce is weird.
Never planned to watch it, because I am sick of seeing Morgan Freeman play the same old wise black man role.
Anderson Silva had a similar injury, and he will be back. Paul is young, and is going to have the best medical staff. He will be okay. I've always liked Paul. Don't care that he's from Palmdale either. Hope for a speedy recovery!!
I see this book in every thrift shop. I initially think it's Middlemarch at first glance.
I hate the 49'ers, but they will win this year. I hope gator bait gets a ring, but I doubt it.
I guess the Kobe-ster's last couple of years will be to chase down "the mexican assassin" Karl Malone.
That bitch is ugly. Anyways is this high-fence hunting? If so... that is lame. If she is just out there in the wild blasting fools like the Predator, then she's hardcore.
Jordan, and Kobe are small compared to those guys you mentioned. How many championships team did not have a HOF center, or power forward? It is way tougher for guards to carry teams.
Fuck, Kobe.The whole loyalty thing is bullshit. Kobe was willing to ditch the Lakers for the Bulls, or Clippers at one point. Both parties would just be better off in different situations. The Lakers know they aren't going to win with him, but he makes them so much money with merchandise, and ticket sales.Kobe is underpaid for all the revenue he generates. As a California tax payer he totally gets screwed.
New Posts  All Forums: