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I missed that one. Gonna have to watch to see how much they clown on Black people.
No wonder that white bitch was fucking that brotha... he's a beast!
Not going to bother listening to it, but I'll take Eric Hoffer's theory on why people join "movements."
Romney would have crushed that bitch. Despite the 47%.I can't believe that despised mutant is going to be our next president.
Does he have a daughter too? They can both now serve in SEAL Team Six.
1% doesn't care about white trash either.
You go to work, and you see whites hangin with whites, browns with browns, and blacks with blacks. That's normal tribal shit. I get that. I do however think you got some social engineering going on where they want a certain group to be separate, and not to thrive to compete with jobs, or them fucking their women.
Yeah, America is even more segregated now.
Blacks are treated differently by society. A White person, or even a Brown person has a way different life experience living in America. John Howard Griffin wrote about this decades ago.
That's gonna be interesting to watch. I bet a bunch of those homeowners are in the tech industry, and with California not being so company friendly... some of those businesses just might head to places like Utah.
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