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I think D'Angelo Russell was already suspect by some of the guys, and this just confirmed it. He's only 19, so that might somewhat explain him going full retard. The motherfcuker better be the next Curry to ever recover from this shit though.
As I have gotten older, I think they really are a waste of time for the most part. Only way I would watch one is with my kids (if I decide to have any.) Last Superhero movie I watched was the Dark Knight, and the only thing I liked about the movie was Heath's performance.I must say I LOVED Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, but that Bruce Wayne was an old jaded asshole, so he was way more interesting to me.
Don't plan on watching it, but Bale was awful as Batman. It's not like Ben was following Keaton.
I don't use any. I guess SF knows this, and is placing that add, and Huckberry ads every time I am on SF. Kind of creepy.
Fuck, man. Have the Lakers forgotten 1991?
Read that weeks ago. The part of him not wanting to roll with the Blacks against Whites, and Southsiders... and paying the consequences for it doesn't surprise me. In California at least, if you don't stick with your "own" things could get really ugly for you. The thing I don't understand if he was in PC, why did they bunk him with a known gang member? It's almost like the prison officials were ordered by whoever the Black rep there is to give him a "buddy." He seemed...
GS got Bulls shook.
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