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Saw the first three seasons, but I stopped watching after that. Thought it was a pretentious, and the Don character was too sad of a character for me to keep watching.
Jerry West had it way worse. He lost 8 times in the Finals.
Glad I saw it in the theater. The music in the docking scene was fucking awesome.
Gonna look for some booze, and watch shortly. Thank you.
It's all speculation on your part. We understand. I will watch this Hell Comes to Frogtown instead of Mad Charlize.
Michael Douglas is awesome. Check out The Game by Fincher.
I loved Aliens. Screw it. Even Eve Ensler said it was a feminist movie. Gonna skip it.
Gonna watch it in 3D next week. Though I hear it is feminist propaganda.
JCC LOL Probably the most overrated boxer of all time. He would of pose no threat to Floyd.
New Posts  All Forums: