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The Pesci character in Casino was based on a real guy. And he really was that crazy. What was Pesci suppose to do? Perhaps he should of not taken the roll, but I am guessing he took it, because of Martin.
Well he definitely dehumanized plenty of his kills. The way he talked about killing the guys with beach balls, and his longest shot was kind of disturbing. He spoke so nonchalantly about it. Who knows though? He did do a bunch of tours.
Yeah. Only a Admiral, or General would of been able to get that big of a fuck up into the military.
Fearless by Eric Blehm is really good.
What was wrong about the book?I think what came out in court about the Kyle's pocketing most of the money from the book was way worse. All of the proceeds were suppose to go to military families.
Should of quit after 30. Fucking movie is almost 3 hours. After the first hour I decided to take the full ride. Big mistake.
Fucking awful. Don't bother.
Memories of George Noory
New Posts  All Forums: