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Damn, the hoe is on some Metal Gear Solid shit. Gangsta.
They will just become Chefs!Seriously police have stopped me while carrying a 5 inch Global utility knife in my pocket, and I would just say I am going to work (I wasn't)!
Yeah, Sheehan is kind of a bad example. My point was grieving parents using their loss politically will always be attacked by the military community publically. or amongst themselves privately.
Khan is being treated with kid gloves. I remember seeing Cindy Sheehan being eviscerated by veterans, and their family members.
I would put on my Sony walkman until the batteries ran out.
Well some kids.
How would you go by preventing internet porn? Do you need to register to go on sites like Xhamster? This could lead to a lot private info being out there. Sort of like that Ashley Madison shit. Fuck that. Most kids hear, and have watched their parents fucking anyway. Don't know what is more disturbing to the brain than that shit.
Eventually the Barbarian side of Germans will resurface once again. Poor Muslims.
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