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Yeah, I think his current setup is kinda weird, and corny. If he had a cabinet, or an entire room dedicated to weapons... it would be a different story. Blades are cool as fuck.
Fuck, man!! First women, and now kids? Who can't you discipline?
Had no idea. I just went to the Kohls site, and can see you are onto something... Always thought Kohls was a broad's place, because of all the clothes, and lamps.
Always thought about that shooting concept for a movie, but you never know what can happen with people during all those years. Glad to see everything turned out okay.
Roger Goodell was just trying to protect the Ravens. Isn't his job to protect teams? The Ravens were on their knees begging him to give Rice a lenient sentence. Why isn't their more of an outrage with the Ravens? They probably saw the video first.
You seriously believe the Patriots did not know about Aaron's questionable character? Please. Of course the Patriots would never admit they noticed things during practice, or in the locker room that would tell you Aaron had problems. I bet privately Brady would tell you he was scared shitless of him. NFL teams go through an extensive background check, and will let some guys slide depending on the upside.
Agree. Not to mention that ridiculous line that Nucky says after he kills him.Season 1, and 2 were great. I tuned out after 3.
I just saw them recently. Had them for a while, and one evening I just decided to see what the big deal was. Decent movies, but nothing special IMO.I also recently saw the Indiana Jones trilogy, and thought it was great. I don't know what else to say. I guess Star Wars is a movie that does better with young people. As I am getting older I really I am starting to avoid movies like Avatar, and Batman. Just do not peak my interest anymore. Although I still love Tim Burton's...
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