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Agree. Not to mention that ridiculous line that Nucky says after he kills him.Season 1, and 2 were great. I tuned out after 3.
I just saw them recently. Had them for a while, and one evening I just decided to see what the big deal was. Decent movies, but nothing special IMO.I also recently saw the Indiana Jones trilogy, and thought it was great. I don't know what else to say. I guess Star Wars is a movie that does better with young people. As I am getting older I really I am starting to avoid movies like Avatar, and Batman. Just do not peak my interest anymore. Although I still love Tim Burton's...
Lika a year ago, I saw the original Star Wars movies unedited versions, and they were okay. Do not get the hype.
Tell them you didn't want to waste your prime years in a position that was going nowhere. Or tell them you fucked someone, and she has made the environment very hostile. Who knows? You might get a hiring manager that is on the way out, and doesn't give a fuck who gets hired.
Really surprised Duncan has not broken down by now. His playoff career alone is like 3 extra season to his career. 20 seasons.
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