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Just finished Source Code. I really liked it, but just wished it would of ended with the moment frozen in time... The scene was so touching.
Almost fell asleep half way through Zero Dark Thirty. Movie is way too long and the female lead is so dislikeable.
Those goddamn Nolan/Batman movies are so overrated... Also saw Savages... which is fucking horrible. Ted was okay.
Ravenous Rogue Trader Welcome to the Dollhouse Before Sunrise But I'm a Cheerleader Clockwatchers L.I.E Booty Call Bravo Two Zero Retroactive
Goddamn whiners. I will give you a better list next year... lol. Happy New Year guys.
Layer Cake Gattaca Kingpin Tigerland El Norte Dead Presidents American Me The Salton Sea Brokeback Mountain The Descent Natural Born Killers Swordfish Kalifornia Y Tu Mama Tambien Twelve Monkeys Freeway Election High Fidelity
The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt Notes From Underground The Lost City of Z Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass And a good movie about Hannibal.
I love Aliens! The Ripley character did it for me. She┬┤s such a strong character and the way she is portrayed is just perfect. What a badass woman. And the woman lead in Prometheus was so fucking horrible. I was pulling for white Shaq to pull her fucking head off when she started whining to him and asking all those questions.
Some kind of Monster is great if you want to study sociopath behavior.
Why all that time off? Can you please explain how they get away with the crap?
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