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Well some kids.
How would you go by preventing internet porn? Do you need to register to go on sites like Xhamster? This could lead to a lot private info being out there. Sort of like that Ashley Madison shit. Fuck that. Most kids hear, and have watched their parents fucking anyway. Don't know what is more disturbing to the brain than that shit.
Eventually the Barbarian side of Germans will resurface once again. Poor Muslims.
Don't worry guys. Once Yellowstone gets ready to erupt, all the foreigners will flee to the shitholes they came from. Us "Natives" will have America (what's left) all to ourselves once again.
So? Them niggas can buy fun...
That wasn't so bad.
Mexico is way more strict with deporting than the United States. One of the problems is that a place like Guatemala doesn't have the resources to deport other Central Americans, and doesn't have the jobs to keep their own people. Blame Mexico all you want, but they are also feeling the repercussions of people chasing the "American Dream". Mexico has to deport, arrest, house, hospitalize, bury, and feed a shitload of non-Mexicans too.
That's only half the story. They would like them to at least send money back to their countries for as long as they can.
The belittling of poor whites goes way back.Appalachian poet Jim Wayne Miller says that “”white trash” was originally a term devised by Northern abolitionists to describe slavery’s creation of a class of useless whites.To blacks, they were a living repudiation of white supremacy. To slave-owning whites they were an embarrassment that had to be explained away – their low qualities blamed on inbreeding, which diluted white’s naturally superior...
New Posts  All Forums: