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Or "Jesus" like the most famous Jew.
Word'I have a gift, Harry.'"? How the fuck is that not egotistical, and the complete opposite of humility? Fucking creeps.
They gonna send them motherfuckers to a dentist.
You mean the American citizens that are of Mexican, Rican, and Black heritage? Those former gang members? If that's the case, that shit goes back to WWII, and Korea when Blacks were allowed to serve in the infantry.
He's not a racist. Only a separatist.
Interesting...Wonder what his thoughts are on Morocco, and the "mutation" that went on there.
Right... like they don't get any cash donations. I am sure their financial officer is completely honest with the IRS about all it's donations. Also how many of these foreign workers are being paid U.S. salaries?
Foundation employees? You mean a bunch of volunteers, and interns? How many actual employees? Even if they had 1000 employees, and they made like 50k which is what a grant writer makes... that's still nowhere near a million.
Some Spanish. Mostly Chichimeca, and Mayan.
Not to mention their lovely thoughts on terrorists... whoops, I mean Muslims. Some have told me they want mass deportations, but to their credit they always say "except you."
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