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Wasn't that bitch always rich? Pretty sure her father was a very well connected guy from Chicago.
It's her dick sucking skills. She must have mad game.
Yeah, a manual job where you burn a bunch of calories is acceptable for 2400 calories a day, and even that is too much. I ate less than 1000 calories working in fast paced kitchens, and construction with zero problems. Hell, I remember not even eating whole shifts and just smoking, and drinking water.
Them Thai's are agents on the China payroll. I'd trust a Viet Cong more than one of those fuckers.
Damn, the hoe is on some Metal Gear Solid shit. Gangsta.
They will just become Chefs!Seriously police have stopped me while carrying a 5 inch Global utility knife in my pocket, and I would just say I am going to work (I wasn't)!
Yeah, Sheehan is kind of a bad example. My point was grieving parents using their loss politically will always be attacked by the military community publically. or amongst themselves privately.
Khan is being treated with kid gloves. I remember seeing Cindy Sheehan being eviscerated by veterans, and their family members.
I would put on my Sony walkman until the batteries ran out.
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