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Not really a fan, and really don't know much about this character. However I will watch this in the theater. Tired of all that PG-13 shit.
Wow. That's embarrassing.They did get knives right, though. I've seen benchmade's, emerson's, and spyderco's throughout.
Way too many characters. Season 1 was pretty bare bones, and minimalist.
True. I think most American men don't give a fuck about what someone is wearing. Unless their killer boots.
Yes!!Those orphans have been plotting their revenge since foster care, and figuring out exactly who killed their parents. Makes perfect sense.Those kids are "true detectives."
Why didn't he go back for the brotha? I would of gotten more info, and probably capped his ass.
Foxcatcher was very inaccurate according to Dan Gable, Kurt Angle, and other wrestlers who were close to the situation. That's why I haven't bothered seeing it.Great movie. I love how there is no clear cut bad guy, or good guy.
Carlito's Way is a very touching film. Saw it like a year ago. Wish I would of seen it when I was younger.
Gonna get really drunk, and watch They Live to honor Roddy Piper.
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