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I got a family member who works for one the biggest LGBT non-profits, and she was telling me Election night was pure devastation in the office. Everybody was getting shitfaced, and crying. Even the Mexicans aren't taking it this hard.
Because those square bitches are the biggest freaks, and pussy grabbing is no big deal to them.
Yeah, she has great bone structure. Very striking.
Yeah. It's not the end of the world. Are they trying to incite riots or something?
I said Trump was gonna get the nomination very early on. Even mentioned something about Hillary's book sales being garbage, and nobody cared about that bitch. Thought for sure the Illuminati was going to get her into the White House. Even the mighty NWO can't get people to like Hillary.
This is beautiful. Sort of like what happened to the Blacks with Obama.
LOL A bunch of losers crying all over Los Angeles. Even with all the help Clinton still couldn't win. Bernie would of put up a better fight than that bum.
That's his bitch, bro. She probably has a tattoo in her ass that says "Trump Property".
That broad seems like a freak in bed. Them skinny bitches will surprise you.
Yeah, some Vietnam vets have told me about the options back then...
New Posts  All Forums: