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You trippin, Naomi Klein. Don't try, and mess with my cash flow.
Scary times. This election is bringing out the worse in some people. I wish Trump was in office already, and we got this over with. Who knows what will happen, but at least some people will just accept it, and just keep on being unproductive citizens as usual.
u trippin broRocky 4, and Rambo 3 are classics. Cold War wasn't all bad.
Syria is prime location in being able to muscle around the Middle East. Why the hell would you want the Russians there?
I hope not. I wouldn't wish that fate on any "man".
For the longest time I thought that was genuine SF poster. Well... he looks like he would post here.
Of course he wasn't going to deport all the illegals. How many of them work in the housekeeping departments, and kitchen departments in his Hotels? Trump can start to make America great by firing all those people, and hiring Americans to do those jobs. Let's see him put his money where his mouth is. Yeah, right. Not a chance in hell.
And you still an "acquaintance"?I noticed the whole race thing is really emerging right now. You got a bunch of white trash here in Los Angeles gloating, and letting us beaners know about it. You also got a bunch of darkies looking at Whites in general sideways. The atmosphere here in L.A. is a bit ominous, and I could only imagine what it is like in less melanin friendly areas.
Is she fat?
New Posts  All Forums: