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Just finished Mad Max Fury Road... movie was so fucking lame. It wasn't a feminist movie like I thought it was going to be (I was wrong). Max basically told those bitches to fuck off throughout. The movie was a giant chase scene with a bunch of boring characters, and a ridiculous story line . Who gave Max 550 cord? And how the fuck is Pfizer still around?
So glad the Lakers didn't get him. What a chump.
Not even close so far. At this point it's like 100 - 50 at half time. Have no idea how season 2 bounces back. Gonna give it one more week.
Don't think Vaugh is the psycho. The real deal is the Colin character. Anyways... show really isn't improving. I love the Mayor though...
So far the show is just okay. Way behind season 1. Hopefully it really starts picking up as the story unfolds. No stand out character like Rust, but I think this season will just focus on plot more. And the Leonard Cohen intro is horrible. I like Cohen, but fuck that's awful. Also we probably saw, or will see the killer soon like in season 1.
Arnie kills people using ESEE knives in that movie Sabotage. Gonna check that one out.
Lakers are screwed until Kobe retires. Glad Love, and LMA aren't coming to LA. Lakers should focus on DeAndre Jordan. Three years from now a line up of DeAndre, Randle, and Russell could be special.
I love that bitch. Should of been a way bigger star.
The whole Terminator John Connor thing is a bore. They should start over the franchise following the demise of Connor. With Skynet coming back, and doing the right thing by killing all humans.
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