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Great. Now we are forever judging someone by what they did in their youth. That guy on twitter is still that retarded kid he was back in college.
Shaq was there during that romance... could only imagine his locker room jokes. LOL
That Lebron is a sneaky fuck. Just look at what he did to that poor Delonte West.
Why is he hated so much? Arrogant? Snob? Aloof?
When in Rome... Fucking embarrassing.
The Rothchilds marry their cousins, and seem perfectly normal.
Doesn't surprise me. Clippers have always been a classless organization. So glad, they have never won.
Reminds me of LBJ, and him peeing next to other heads of state, and showing off "Jumbo" to get a leg up so to speak.
Yeah, I am sure America had nothing to do with that little Soviet experiment failing.
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