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Kobe won them the Pacific title:
I thought that movie was a cult classic in Australia? A while ago I sold Blurays on Ebay, and they went very quickly. So the movie does have some popularity. If I knew what it was about I would of kept one. Sounds interesting.
Only pulling for GS, because it was a Bulls record they were breaking. Wanted to stab that ingrate Luke when they were getting close to 33. Still would prefer GS winning than the Cavs.
Damn. I get not watching most of the franchise, but not even watching Aliens? Pretty pretentious.
Wasn't he playing with Melo? I am sure that helped his efficiency a bit.
He had a terrible shooting percentage, and he played in the HORRIBLE Eastern conference. His stats would of been less in the West. Not to mention he had one of the greatest coaches of all time, and if the great Bruin Bill Walton stayed as healthy as Iverson, it wouldn't even be debatable.
He was good I suppose. I just remember him being an awful jackass, and a ball hog. His career shooting % was pretty bad, and even worse in the playoffs. Still don't think he's a HOF.
Don't think Iverson belongs in the HOF. Larry Brown did a great job with that team. For some strange reason Iverson was very popular back then, so I guess in that aspect him bringing a bunch of attention the NBA makes him a hall of famer. Iverson was okay, but I never viewed him as a great player.
Fucking losers. I was pulling for them to avenge the Lakers, but now fuck them. I hope they lose at least 11.
Didn't like the one he did with the White separatists. He came off as such a tool.
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