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Blacks are treated differently by society. A White person, or even a Brown person has a way different life experience living in America. John Howard Griffin wrote about this decades ago.
That's gonna be interesting to watch. I bet a bunch of those homeowners are in the tech industry, and with California not being so company friendly... some of those businesses just might head to places like Utah.
Depends... shitholes like Palmdale, and Compton will probably never become gentrified. Dudes who bought houses in Echo Park, Atwater, Boyle Heights is a different story.
Yeah, I know a bunch of busboys. cooks, and construction workers who rent out one of their other homes. Although, they own in really shitty neighborhoods.
Good Ol' Mary Roach. She's like the female version of Jon Ronson.
That's a pretty beat up copy. You could find Viking First Editions for cheap on Ebay.
Wasn't that bitch always rich? Pretty sure her father was a very well connected guy from Chicago.
It's her dick sucking skills. She must have mad game.
Yeah, a manual job where you burn a bunch of calories is acceptable for 2400 calories a day, and even that is too much. I ate less than 1000 calories working in fast paced kitchens, and construction with zero problems. Hell, I remember not even eating whole shifts and just smoking, and drinking water.
Them Thai's are agents on the China payroll. I'd trust a Viet Cong more than one of those fuckers.
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