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I just saw them recently. Had them for a while, and one evening I just decided to see what the big deal was. Decent movies, but nothing special IMO.I also recently saw the Indiana Jones trilogy, and thought it was great. I don't know what else to say. I guess Star Wars is a movie that does better with young people. As I am getting older I really I am starting to avoid movies like Avatar, and Batman. Just do not peak my interest anymore. Although I still love Tim Burton's...
Lika a year ago, I saw the original Star Wars movies unedited versions, and they were okay. Do not get the hype.
Tell them you didn't want to waste your prime years in a position that was going nowhere. Or tell them you fucked someone, and she has made the environment very hostile. Who knows? You might get a hiring manager that is on the way out, and doesn't give a fuck who gets hired.
Really surprised Duncan has not broken down by now. His playoff career alone is like 3 extra season to his career. 20 seasons.
A year older... Duncan is gonna be 39 in April. Who knows if he can stay healthy enough.
In your dreams. The East is gonna fucked for another decade.
Who?The Spurs have always been killers. The Clips, and Thunder just got a bit more experience, and younger legs. I do hope I am wrong. Fuck them teams.
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