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Didn't expect an action flick at all from the trailer. Either way, glad to see Mr. Bachelor Party is back at work.
Damn. Had no idea. Cancer is a motherfucker.
I think people who already invested in them will be grandfathered in. Honestly though, I see a Roth IRA as backup. The very, very, very last backup. I don't even really think about it. I knows it's there, but I focus most my money on things the government isn't so heavily depended on.
I think Gen X is safe with Roth IRA's, but eventually they are going to start taxing them. If I was a millennial I would invest $5500 on something else.
Well looks like Lamar Odom will soon be dead. I remember him in college literally carrying the team all by himself, and thinking how great he was going to be in the NBA. Shame.
Never heard of him having these issues at UCLA. I guess they did a great job keeping him out of trouble, or they swept a bunch of shit under the rug.
Woman was a decent album. Can't believe it's a dude.
Not the only one who thinks she was fine back in the day. She makes an appearance in Fight Club.
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