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Wear them asap, and break them in. Walk around with them in your house for a couple of weeks. I made the mistake of not wearing them for a couple of months, and they developed creasing that wasn't there when I purchased them. I also put some RW Natural Boot oil, because I was worried about the creasing, and it just darkened them up.Wish I would of worn them from the start, and kept the awesome original color. Still look great though.
Rose should seriously consider retirement. Don't know he could recover mentally from this. Really sad.
I like their remake of Wicked Game.
Being a tailor is fucking brutal. You have any idea how many motherfuckers bring you soiled pants for alterations? Tailors don't get the credit they deserve. Good luck with that.
Had no idea it was that bad. The announcers really didn't get into it. The NBC telecast did a great job of keeping that very low profile. I guess the NFL told the networks to hide as much as the violence as they possibly could.
Cannot believe Wilson didn't just hand the ball to Lynch, and call off the play. Gonna regret that for the rest of his life.
I hate both teams. Wish they could both lose.
Unless you have a family... you really should not stay at a place you loathe working for unless you have another job lined up. You bring that shit home with you. I've worked in a bunch of fields, and the shitty people outnumber the decent folks by a lot. I think most jobs are mostly about social skills. Actual technical skills are overrated. It's nice to think that you will be so much happier if you just found the right job. The truth is you will still have to work with...
Who knows? What was even more odd was the treatment he received from his family at the end. They acted like aloof hipster assholes towards him. No respect.
The ending is odd, because how can the people not know there is someone still out there? Even the daughter knew. Was it a suicide mission, or something?
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