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WordThose trolls will be giving a future their youth doesn't want either in 40 years.
Goddamn, dude... he just resigned.
Damn, dude. I thought they were American. You know too much already in that particular subject.
How many of those victims were shot by Cops?
Congrats, Cavs. Well deserved.
I believe you. You would be surprised how connected the 1% gangs are with the military. More so than the typical street gang. Well I guess you shouldn't be surprised. A bunch of those clubs were started by veterans.
Woah, Curry got a head shot. I'm impressed.
2nd Generation anchor babies
Eventually guns will become more, and more a thing of the past as technology advances. Even wars will be fought with machines like drones. I guess guns will make a huge comeback when skynet goes live.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Real talk
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