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Killing them Softly Regret watching it. The Pitt character was awful. Most annoying hitman ever. Some other character was bad too (may he R.I.P.) Their lines were so corny. The first 20 minutes prior to Pitt were cool though.
Gonna be a rough Christmas this year at the Phil, and Jeanie household.
He's okay. The one he did about White supremacists was kinda lame. Tom Metzger made him look completely clueless.
Byron Scott is doing an outstanding job. Number 1# pick is a lock.
Eleven Rings was good. Wonder how many Knicks the Zen master will throw under the bus in his next book.
Very human moment. Cool.
Hi, I got the Amber Rangers a couple of months ago, and have wore them like twice. Awesome looking boots, but I noticed the leather seems to be cracking. Is that normal? Should I use trees since I do not wear them often? Or add some kind of oil? Thanks
Yeah, I get that he lives in a small place. For now I would just keep them in my closet. Eventually a woman will snoop in there, and will be curious why he has swords. He can make up a real cool story about the swords background, and will seem more interesting to women. Displaying just a few swords seems like your trying too hard. The cabinet the Marine dad had in American Beauty wasn't bad.
Yeah, I think his current setup is kinda weird, and corny. If he had a cabinet, or an entire room dedicated to weapons... it would be a different story. Blades are cool as fuck.
Fuck, man!! First women, and now kids? Who can't you discipline?
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