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Fuck. Warriors might break the Lakers, and Bulls records.
Reminds me of when I was a kid working in a garage, and would replace Drum brakes. I would blow that shit all over the place with an air gun, and just hold my breath. Pretty sure I'm fucked.
Guess Ronda's mom was right about her coach. He comes from a Muay Thai background, and that was the gameplan?
Not gonna happen. Most people will tell you when you are months into the relationship. I worked with this guy that didn't tell anyone he was seeing he had HIV. You should always wear a condom, or mess with young chicks you haven't been ran through yet.
Always thought it was a kid's show. I mean young adults are usually partying around that time, and adults know the show ain't funny, so don't bother. The adults that I know who rarely watch it, do it because they are gen x-ers that stayed up late watching with their parents when their wasn't much options on network television, and they had no cable. It's like a nostalgia thing.
I saw that movie in the theater when I was kid. Still think that Cop is a simp. The OST is great.
That was Jon Ronson, and his great book "The Psychopath Test."
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