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Damn. China is on the sneak tip.
Yo, Kirk Douglas really is a tough motherfucker. Happy 100th Birthday, Spartacus!
The rate will go up with junk food becoming more "healthy", and less people smoking.
Coming from a Mexican background that seems so unlikely. So Paisa parents from Mexico along with their kids never spoke Spanish to each other all those years together? They communicated on the phone in English when speaking to Abuelita back in Mexico? Chicanos do have a habit of not teaching their kids Spanish, but for the most part Paisa parents do speak Spanish with their kids.
Some of biggest degenerates have been Presidents. I think most people know they are "human". Sure, they got a job with huge responsibility, but it's not like we are talking about some mystical Emperor of Japan that allegedly isn't one of us. I have no problem with his internet trolling. Probably 80% of what comes out of a President's mouth is bullshit anyways.
Never thought about that. It must cost billions for an 8-year term, and even after they leave the White House.
How many of those votes are from California, and New York? Doesn't seem that impressive if most of those votes came from highly populated blue states.
Letter seems real. I've heard some White people say those kinds of things about Muslims in general, and they ain't rednecks. It's not only certain White people that believe Muslims should stop wearing scarves, and just assimilate to "American culture" (whatever the fuck that means). I've heard other groups say similar things. Personally I couldn't care less, and don't pay much attention to women wearing scarves/veils. Too busy to really notice, or care about someone's...
I know. He's a fucking bitch. I guess because he was daddy's boy (everyone kissed his ass), and has always payed people to do his fighting for him (lawyers) he can't take it when someone calls him out, and he can't go crying to somebody. Hillary has more balls than this jackass.
New Posts  All Forums: