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When was the first lady great to begin with? The last one I can think of who did a lot was Eleanor Roosevelt. Laura was okay looking, and obviously Nancy was cute when she was younger. It's the mistresses we should rate, and focus on.
I really hope they leak them close to the election. I doubt China, and Israel would ever release them.
Didn't Jumbo help JFK in the South?
Why are you guys counting out Trump? If he picks the right VP, it could make a huge difference. He needs someone that will take a shit load of focus from his ludicrous comments, and the average American can actually take seriously.
He didn't even notice. His old lady immediately went to help, but stopped when some guy got to her first. Total non-issue, but of course Trump was going to make a ridiculous comment about it.
Culeros means assholes in Mexican slang, and those protesters are major culeros. What an embarrassment.
Them ese's are outta control.
Steph would probably be out at least a month if this was the regular season. He'll be back, but will probably be at 50% at most. He won't be healthy enough to get past the Spurs. Even if by some miracle the Warriors get past the Spurs... Steph is gonna go even more banged up against the Cavs,
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