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They would have to take the outsole off, add more leather, and resole it. You are looking at least $75 dollars for one shoe. How much are Park Avenues like $200? I wouldn't bother unless you are getting them really cheap.
Fuck, man. Wish I would've saw that post earlier. Ran across it recently for 25 cents, and passed it up.
Saw Legend, Bad Boys, Ali, Independence Day, and thought they were okay. He's like whatever.
Been hesitant, because of Will Smith. I enjoyed Fresh Prince, but not a fan of his movies in general.
Not sure. Have no seen that one...She's lying in bed exposing her hairy cookie.
Raging Bull was good, but it's one of those movies that has zero replay value. Speaking of which... I recently found a Playboy pic of Vicki Lamotta when she posed at 50. Holy shit! That broad was bad.
Matt acts like a bitch in that role. Always crying, and complaining. Renner is stoic. Like a true warrior.One thing I thought was weird was the relationship between him, and that fine ass scientist. Should of smashed.
New Posts  All Forums: