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Didn't you see Rudy? Vaughn has always been an asshole.
Underrated for sure.The Adam character was interesting.
The Armos she trains with are meaner.
She knocked Michael Phelps for being aloof. She just likes to start shit. Just the way she is. I know dudes who have rolled with her. Very cool person.
Yeah. Been getting bombarded with them on youtube. Looks so fucking awesome.
Seriously. Who gives a fuck? You think those hook nosed bastards don't know everyone hates them?Some of my former bosses were American Jews who chose to go to Israel, and work on a kibbutz. The most kindest bosses I ever had.
They went over the top trying to out do the hood shoot out. That scene was seriously intense. And yes Vaughn is unwatchable. Pretty much every scene involves him reneging on a deal.
Even the shoot out was gay. Just can't watch this season anymore. What a disappointment.
New Posts  All Forums: