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Jason Kidd was better all around. He belongs there. Bill, and Bird ain't top 10.
Damn! Phil is gangsta as fuck! Can't believe he got rid of Derek that quickly. Lest we forget all those charging calls...
How many were kids, housewifes, and people past 60? Still a low number though.
Pau Gasol didn't really mind playing with him. Kobe will get you at least 1 championship. He's totally worth the headaches.
Kobe? U trippin
Was expecting more. Something like Thirteen Days. Glad you enjoyed it.
Saw it too, but it felt like a made for TV movie. Just okay for me.
I loved it. It's pure sadistic comedy, and all the performances except for Madsen were good. Also doesn't have that much of the typical Tarantino dialogue.
Don't use USPS for heavy packages. Use FedEx like USPS does. My experience with USPS has been great. Less than 1% of my packages go missing, and the broads at the front desk are really nice. The shipping prices did jump on Ebay, but I mostly use flat rate envelopes, and medial mail, so it doesn't affect me that much. USPS raises prices every year, so I ain't surprised. Whateva.
Just a badge and vocational course.
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