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Bump and drop. This is a steal.
Bump and drop.
Bump and price dropped.
Bump and drop. Help me out please.
Bump and drop.
This is a leather wallet, brown. Gucci. I'm only asking for $110 => $105 => $100 => $95 shipped CONUS OBO. Thanks, Scott.
Size 52. Vintage, from when Burberry was still made in England. I think the sleeves are raglan(?). It has a wool Burberry check liner. This is way too big for me; I was planning to get it tailored, but I cannot find a decent one near Compton. Selling because I need money for a plane ticket pretty badly and I'm short about $200. Willing to let this go for $150 => $143 => $136=>$130 => $125 =>SOLDshipped CONUS OBO. This is probably the best price you'll get anywhere, as...
I bought this pair of jeans from Darkknight on the forums about 2 weeks ago in this thread. I wore them for about 2 days around campus and then sold them, however the person decided to buy new jeans from a Dior boutique and returned them to me. Looking to sell them for what I got them for: $300. Pictures and measurements soon. Prices are negotiable. SOLD
Price drop and bump.
Price drop on the Odyn Vovk piece down to $220.
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