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Superior Groceries keeps trying to give me unsolicited alcohol. Every time I buy produce from them, I end up with at least one item that has somehow fermented on the inside without any exterior defects. Buying groceries is some sort of horrible adventure involving me picking through rotting vegetation and fighting over slightly less rotten produce with equally desperate students. On a side note, I'm sick of eating ground turkey and eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner....
Has East Palo Alto been nominated yet? Truly terrible neighborhood.
You guys are breakin' my balls. They're in pieces. MORE DROPS!
No bumps without a 5% drop. Please read the rules.
Please check your PMs!
I would see a licensed physician regarding both of those conditions. It would be bad if you end up with a prolapsed rectum from hokey medicine (horrible story behind this). If you have to go to a shaman, demand genealogical records. Don't let charlatans without PURE SHAMAN BLOOD FLOWING THROUGH THEIR VEINS take your hard earned money.
More drops. The peacoat is sold, sorry for the those of you that have slow trigger fingers! GET IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN. GREAT DEALS ALL AROUND. COME ONE COME ALL I DON'T WANT THIS STUFF IN MY CLOSET.
Drops. To the top!
Drops! Buy them before they're gone, gents.
Alfalfa as fwonk. Seriously though, he reminds me of Alfalfa from the Little Rascals for some reason. Don't know why. Just does. On a side note, I used to be a giant brand whore. I'm just glad I discovered SF. Thanks guys.
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