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For someone with a M.A. you aren't very intelligent. But then again, a degree isn't indicative of intellect. I think this thread is proof enough of that. All I have is half of a B.S. in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention from the Keck School of Medicine. What's your M.A. in?
Quote: Originally Posted by landoeffincalrissian How about I answer it this way, I don't need to have my opinions validated on an internet forum. Now, let me ask you a question. How does it feel to know that you barely meet the average height requirements of an American woman? Feels good, man. Not really into American women. I like ones from Europe and Asia. How does it feel to know that you'll never meet the intelligence requirement to be a...
Quote: Originally Posted by landoeffincalrissian It's hard to take the manlet seriously. So how does it feel to know that people take me more seriously than they take you? Also your BMI clocks in at 25.1, making you officially overweight. While the BMI scale doesn't necessarily accurately reflect your physique, for all intents and purposes I can call you fat. Fatty. This is by CDC standards:
Quote: Originally Posted by landoeffincalrissian I bet acoustik needs help just getting up onto the bar. That makes him less of a man and a woman. I've always wondered: does it sting or burn? The butthurt, I mean. As previously stated, I can do thousands of pullups with my perfect body. Your 25 clearly amounts to nothing. Quote: Originally Posted by Kajak He's still better than your sister HA.
Quote: Originally Posted by landoeffincalrissian Nice edit. You originally said "I've seen stick thin girls do 100+ pullups easily." Lmao, no you haven't. You have not seen thin girls do obscene amounts of pull ups either. There's a reason they allowed girls to do the "bar hang" instead of doing actual pull ups in middle school. They simply don't have the upper body strength-whether they are fat or skinny. My sister is in great shape...can't do a...
I enjoy rearranging faces. Plastic surgeon or deranged serial killer. Leaning towards the second as medical school is awfully expensive.
Quote: Originally Posted by landoeffincalrissian And for some people a six pack is never achieved because of the way their abdominal muscles are situated. Ab muscles are positioned the same in almost all disease free, physically able people. Significant variance in abdominal muscle placement would make that person very prone to hernias. Genetics primarily determines fat distribution, which determines ab visibility.
Quote: Originally Posted by landoeffincalrissian And before you use the whole "well, a calorie is a calorie" argument, that is simply untrue. 50 calories of Vegetables and 50 calories worth of sugar filled donuts are very different. Years of biology and physiology courses beg to differ. The caloric content of vegetables is usually from starch which is pretty much what you consider to be sugar. The only reason why health experts say sugars like...
I grew up in a family of programmers. Both of my parents were CS majors. My uncles were all CS majors. Their children are also all CS majors. Its common consensus in the family that employers don't give two shits about GPA in college. Just do what you have to do to get started in the real world so you can demonstrate that you're worth something to future employers. What you've worked on matters a lot more than grades. I say just graduate with mediocre grades.
The Mac Coat is GONE LIKE THE WIND, gents. MORE DROPS!? Breakin' my balls folks. All 7 of them are cracked.
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