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About a month and a half ago I landed a job I look forward to go to in the morning and I have been out every night this week with some great people. Fucking lovin how things are going right now. All I really need now is a steady gf and I'll be happier than a pig in shit.
I just read this whole thread. Hilarious and I really hope something comes out of this. The suspense is killing me.
Because he is a douche.I have never had a problem with my HE washer. I always use the right soap and no matter how much shit I pile in, it always comes out clean.Edit: I like how I quoted someone and it kept the quote he had too. But I dislike the standard avatar they gave me.
Went and saw an AWESOME Black Keys concert tonight. There was a douchebag 2 rows in front of us and at the end of the show when we were leaving him and some friends were fighting security. Pretty awesome, but some random dude got knocked out and busted his head open on the concrete. Went to a rooftop bar after all that and drank a bunch of $3 Coronas. Best Tuesday night in a long time.
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy What's transmod? Also, FWIW, I surf from a netbook with like a 10" screen. These ads make the content of the page only about 5" wide. :P I'm on my iPhone. I have 4" of screen cut in half. Do not want.
Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho Okay, 3000th hit, $10,000 + HR for 3000th hit $10,000 (being generous here) + First New York Yankee to have all 3000 hits in a Yankee Uniform $50,000 + Jeter being Jeter $35,000 - Sports Memorbilia market being down $15,000 = $90,000 Where are you getting these numbers? Maybe to you the ball isn't worth a lot, but I'd have to side with ter and think there is some moron out there will to plop down a shit ton...
I just watched the newest ep. Definitely one of my all time favourites. They talk about how the cheapest car in Britain, a Nissan for 6995 (pounds) and then talk about used cars going for the same money. It was very interesting as well as hilarious (Manlove was back)
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Pull out your dick and then point at it with an open palm and raised eyebrows. I've only tried this twice, but it worked splendidly at getting the person to GTFO both times.
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi Came in here to recommend Fiat 500....too late Me too! Such a slick little car. Wicked gas mileage too.
My mattress and pillow fucking suck, I wish my house would burn down so insurance would buy me a new one.
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